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We inspire you with professionally written resume examples for over 500 different job positions. Discover what successful applicants write on their resumes, step by step.

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Learn how to write objective statements that make your resume a recruiter magnet.

How to write a resume

Discover what’s recommended to write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. We help you learn how to write a solid resume, no matter what your level of expertise is. We'll show you how to write an entry level, intern, volunteer, high school, student or stay at home mom resume. If you have plenty of experience, we got you covered.

Job Interview questions and answers

Writing a resume is just the first part. You then have to be prepared for the job interview. There, you'll be asked some basic and though questions. We'll teach you how to provide answers that the recruiters want to hear and increase your chances to get the job.

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I am so glad I found ResumeOK. After checking several resume examples I had the guidance that I needed to write my resume. It didn't took long until I started to get calls from several companies where I applied.
Amanda Gibson
Thanks for all the help you have provided. Your detailed instructions and examples helped me build a solid resume that got me a job in less than two weeks. I am very grateful for what you have provided to me.
Patrick Cunningham
Graphic Designer
I wanted to apply for a job after being on maternity leave, and I was simply out of ideas. I did not know how I can make my resume attractive, considering my situation. Thanks to you I got several calls and a great job.
Jennifer Mueller
Customer Success Manager