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Ready to apply for a new job as a janitor? Before you do that, make sure your resume it’s up to date and it reflects your most important skills. It should also highlight the recent work experience and accomplishments that are relevant for the new employer. In this article we’ll inspire you with a good janitor resume example and help you understand what to write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections.

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Janitor Resume Sample

Joseph Taylor

Address:               1897 N Hwy Cc, Nixa MO 65714
Phone:                    (417) 716-4234
Email:                     [email protected]
Current job:         Janitor at The Milliard Group Inc 


To seek a challenging job at a reputed firm where I will be able to serve and make use of my gained experience in cleaning, sanitizing, and vacuuming in order to enhance the living conditions of those residing there.


  1. Experienced in cleaning and sanitizing various surfaces
  2. Exceptional communication skills
  3. Wide knowledge of working with various types of cleaning machines
  4. Proven ability to interact and work harmoniously with other coworkers
  5. Able to follow directions from the supervisor
  6. Can perform all the demanding tasks of a janitorial job
  7. Can be both a manager and a team member as well
  8. Can easily clean 3500 square feet in one hour
  9. Ability to follow all safety standards and other given rules and regulations
  10. High physical stamina to handle even the most strenuous tasks
  11. Can handle multiple cleaning assignments at once


Janitor, 2016-Present
The Milliard Group Inc, St. Louis, MO 


  • Designing and coming up with new methods of cleaning and vacuuming
  • Emptying and cleaning all the waste containers
  • Removing garbage and any waste papers lying around
  • Vacuuming all rugs and other carpeted areas e.g. corridors, offices and lobbies
  • Washing, cleaning and disinfecting water coolers
  • Cleaning entry doors and glass windows both inside and outside

Janitor, 2016-2016
Medline Industries, Kansas City, MO


  • Wiped all office fixtures and furniture
  • Polished glass furniture tops and damped them clean
  • Sanitized the restroom facilities e.g. toilets, basins and urinals.
  • Vacuumed the curtains, floors and carpets

Janitor, 1998-2016
CBSG Inc, Cape Girardeau, MO


  • Thoroughly cleaned and polished all the windows, walls and mirrors
  • Dusted and polished woodwork and furniture
  • Maintained constant supplies in all restrooms
  • Mopped and polished all floors
  • Managed cleaning supplies as well as those of maintenance without any wastage


Bell City High School, Bell City, Missouri
High School Diploma
1993-1997, 3.1 GPA


  1. Cleaning training
  2. Vacuuming training
  3. Dusting and polishing surfaces
  4. Use of cleaning supplies
  5. Sanitising techniques

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, with one child
  • Date of Birth: February 3, 1978
  • Hobbies:  bike riding, mountain climbing, hiking and snorkeling

Advice for Your Janitor Job Interview

No matter how many times you have attended an interview, you still need to prepare for one. There is nothing that turns off an interviewer than to meet an interviewee who is not fully prepared. A person who is not prepared will appear at the venue dressed casually and provide irrelevant answers. To avoid making that mistake the following tips should be used.

Have a Great Janitor Resume

The secret to a successful job application is a great resume that reflects your strengths, experience and qualifications in regard to the job you are applying.  After learning what to include in your resume, you should then go through the job description so as to find out what the company is looking for in an individual. Only then should you make your resume, addressing each important point that the company has indicated. This will make your resume relevant to the job description and improve your chances of getting the position. Ensure that you go through the resume after you are through writing it to double check whether there are any grammatical or spelling errors in it.

Do Your Homework

An area that you should never neglect when preparing for the interview is to find out what you can about the company you want to hire you. Find out everything you can about its history and all the major achievements it has made over the years. Also, know what products the firm sells and the latest trends in that industry. You should even go through the recent news articles to discover whether they were in the news lately. Finally, learn about their competitors and what they do differently. Never forget to find out what you can about your interviewer as well. By talking to an employee who works there, you will learn his style of interviewing and what the company is looking for in the interviewees.

Interview Questions That You Might Face

The following list of common questions does not in any way mean that they are the only ones you should prepare for; these are just a sample of what you should expect. Therefore, when preparing for the answers, you should have broad answers rather than cramming the exact questions. These are some of the questions to expect:

  • Why did you choose to resign as a janitor in your former job?
  • What activities have you been engaged in since you quit your last job?
  • What cleaning methods do you know about? Tell us a little about the perfect way to vacuum a carpet.
  • What is your experience with sanitizing? How many methods of sanitizing do you know?
  • What is your biggest weakness? How do you intend to overcome this weakness as a janitor in this organization?

Decide What You Would Like To Know About the Firm

There is a high possibility that you will get a chance to question the interviewer about the job and the company at large. When deciding on what information you would like to know, only stick to asking relevant questions instead of aimless questions which only go to show your confusion or selfish interests. Some relevant questions you can ask are:

  • How many people are in this department?
  • Have your janitors been accused of theft often by those who you have contracts with?
  • Are the cleaning supplies often updated or upgraded?
  • How does a person advance in this organization?
  • Would you like me to provide you with a list of references?

Spice Up Your Appearance

Work on your professional image several days before the interview. This will help you to plan meticulously on what to wear during that day. Only go for the very best outfit when considering how to present yourself at the interview. It is a wise idea to have a backup in case something happens to your planned dress. When deciding on the perfect outfit, picture the job that you are applying to and dress accordingly.

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