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Ready to apply for a new job as a plumber? Then you should start by updating or writing a new resume and highlight all the relevant experience you have got lately. In this article, we’ll inspire you with a good plumber resume example and show what is recommended to write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Also check what are the most common job interview questions and how to quickly get the job.

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Plumber Resume Sample

David Miller  

Address:                1705 N Buckeye, Abilene KS 67410
Phone:                    (785) 214-7861
Email:                     [email protected]
Current job:         Plumber at American Residential Services LLC


To seek a job as a plumber with a reputable firm where I will apply my plumbing expertise and skills in both commercial and residential buildings while adhering to the laid down procedures and standards.


  1. Wide experience in the plumbing industry especially in engineering and maintenance
  2. Knowledgeable in the maintenance of plumbing systems both in commercial and residential buildings
  3. Able to read and interpret varying specifications of buildings
  4. Experience in installing and assembling metal and PVC pipes, fixtures and other plumbing equipment
  5. Experienced in all plumbing codes, equipment, and tools
  6. Able to operate and maintain run pumps, boilers, and heaters
  7. Able to install, repair and carry out preventative procedures on all plumbing systems
  8. Excellent communication skills
  9. Able to work even in harsh conditions and under pressure
  10. Can work with minimum or no supervision
  11. Knowledgeable in steam, natural gas, and water distribution systems
  12. Great leadership skills especially in emergency and troubleshooting scenarios
  13. Able to follow both written and oral instructions


Plumber, 2015-Present
American Residential Services LLC, San Diego, CA 


  • Reviewing blueprints so as to come up with the correct plumbing solutions
  • Identifying the right tools and procedures for every plumbing job
  • Implementing plumbing systems that follow the required procedure
  • Testing the system installed to find out whether there are any leakages.
  • Installing plumbing fixtures
  • Cutting and drilling openings that are required for plumbing pipes

Plumber, 2015-2017
Cassidy Turley, Overland Park, KS


  • Maintained and repaired various plumbing components e.g. faucets, toilets, drains etc
  • Installed and replaced commercial and residential water lines
  • Installed numerous pipe assemblies
  • Installed fixtures in water filters, sinks, pressure switches and faucets
  • Repaired and replaced both hot and steam water exchangers

Plumber, 2014-2015
Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO


  • Repaired and maintained those washers that were defected or worn out
  • Opened clogged water pipes and mended broken pipes
  • Installed prevention devices for backflow
  • Serviced calls and maintenance of HVAC


North Central Kansas Technical College, Hays, Kansas
Diploma in plumbing technology
1999-2016, 3.3 GPA 

Wichita Area Technical College, Wichita, Kansas
Certificate in plumbing technology
1998-1999, 3.2 GPA

Abilene High School, Abilene, Texas
High School Diploma
1994-1998, 3.5 GPA


  1. Introduction to plumbing
  2. Plumbing safety and tools
  3. Plumbing systems
  4. Designing and installing plumbing systems

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, with two children
  • Date of Birth: May 30, 1980
  • Hobbies:  cooking, swimming, playing chess, playing Sudoku.

Advice for Your Plumber Job Interview

Passing an interview with flying colors is no easy joke. A lot of preparation is needed if one is to make it through this difficult stage. A positive mindset might prove to be your most important ally during this time. Having a mindset of a loser will definitely get you nowhere. On the other hand, believing in yourself and what you have will stand you in good stead. In addition, the following tips will help you get prepared for your interview and show you that there is nothing to fear as long as you have prepared for the part.

Prepare a First-Class Plumber resume

A first-class resume will boost your chances of landing your dream job while one made sloppily will get you nowhere. To ensure that you get it right, it is recommended that you go through various plumber resume examples found on this site. You will definitely learn a lot by reading these resumes as you might be making simple mistakes that might cost you. Pick the best tips that you find in such resumes and then fill the rest with your own stuff. There is no need to copy-paste everything on someone’s resume; you need to add your own personal touch to it. After all, your skills, qualifications, and experience are unique and therefore your resume should be unique too. Finally, go through all the listed items on that job description so that you can capture any qualification or requirement that will make the company prefer you over your competitors.

Research the Company before the Interview 

Even before you have gone to the interview and received that job, you should make sure that you research the company. You might be intending to find out about them once you land the job only to find that the first question that greets you when you arrive at the interview is when the company was started. Failing to score on such a simple question will certainly have you feeling disappointed in yourself when you fail to get the job. Therefore, ensure that you find out all that you can about the company, what services or products they sell, the inception date and any major achievements that they have made.

Common Questions Related To Plumbing That You Should Be Ready For

One of the reasons why people fear interviews is because of the fiery atmosphere that abounds here. With questions firing in every direction, it certainly takes a person with strong character to face them all. The other thing that will help you deal with these questions is how well you are prepared for them. To help you get prepared as you wait for the big day to arrive, I have prepared common questions that are related to the plumbing job that you are looking for.

  • What do you know about this company?
  • How do plan to use your skills, expertise, and experience if given this job?
  • What kind of challenges do you expect in this job? How do you plan to handle them?
  • What plumbing techniques do you know?
  • What are the strategies for performing a plumbing job efficiently?

Ask Questions

Once the interview is through asking you questions, he might give you a chance to also ask some questions. Take this question to delve deep into the role and ask questions related to the job that you are applying for. This could be anything related to long-term prospects in the firm to questions about growth in the company and teamwork. Just make sure not to ask questions related to vacation time, pay hike and sick-offs.

  • What are the opportunities for growth in this position?
  • What challenges can I expect if I get hired for this job?
  • How is the culture in this organization?
  • What is your service radius?
  • Do you plan to increase your presence online to streamline your business?

Make a Professional Appearance

If you don’t know how to dress appropriately for an interview, you should get someone skilled to do it for you. You don’t want to appear unprofessional on your first date with your prospective boss. What the company sees on your first appearance will remain forever etched in their minds and you should, therefore, strive to make sure you appear at your best on that day.

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