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Most businesses have a need for a good secretary, so if that’s your job position you have some good chances of finding a job fast. Before you start applying for new positions, write your resume and highlight all the relevant skills and achievements you’ve had in the last years. Here’s a good secretary resume example that will inspire you with some ideas on what to write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Also check our job interview tips and learn how to pass the job interview as a secretary.

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Secretary Resume Sample

Heather Waverly  

Address:               4900 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone:                   (520) 327-8955
Email:                     [email protected]
Current job:         Secretary at Avalon Health Care Group


To secure a position as a secretary in an established, professional company that boasts a dynamic work environment and an outstanding reputation.


  1. Highly skilled with Microsoft Word, Excel
  2. Experience working in a wide array of working environments
  3. Excellent organizational and time management skills
  4. Fast and accurate typing skills (80 wpm)
  5. Quick learner, proficient with various databases
  6. Experience writing invoices and agendas
  7. Ability to provide bilingual (English and Spanish) administrative, secretarial and customer service
  8. Excellent public relations, written and verbal skills
  9. Superb communication and interpersonal skills
  10. Flexibility and adaptability to change
  11. Ability to work independently or in a team environment
  12. Committed to cultivating relationships with clients and customers


Secretary, 2020-present
Avalon Health Care Group, Tucson, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide bilingual customer service
  • Write memos, invoice reports, and agendas
  •  Fax, scan, photocopy and organize company documents
  • Attend meetings and write meeting minutes

Secretary, 2017-2020
Canyon Ranch Inc., Tucson, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provided executive-level assistance
  • Made travel arrangements and prepared agendas for company executives
  • Customer relations
  • Organized and handled complex administrative and project assignments
  • Responsible for answering and handling incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Wrote invoices

Secretary, 2015 – 2017
Natural Capsules Ltd., Tucson, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organized and arranged appointments and interview and training schedules
  • Provided administrative assistance
  • Maintained manual filing system
  • Prepared agendas
  • Faxing, archiving, photocopying, filing and scanning documents
  • Answering incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Provided bilingual administrative, secretarial and customer service


College, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Associates in Business Administration, 2011-2015

Tucson High, Tucson, Arizona
High School Diploma
2007-2011, 3.8 GPA


  1. Principles of Business Financing
  2. Introduction to Marketing
  3. Report Writing
  4. Introduction to Accounting
  5. Fundamentals of Business

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, no children
  • Date of Birth: 07/26/1976
  • Hobbies: knitting, flying kites, and doing the New York Times Crosswords 

Advice for Your Secretary Job Interview

Here are some of the other steps you must take as you go after your ideal secretarial job:

Review and Finalize your Secretary resume

Before you apply for any jobs or head into any interviews, make sure that your resume is up to date and free of any grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors. Double check all your information to make sure that the main points are there — your strengths and qualifications, work history, experiences, and education. Avoid making it too long or sloppy. Remember, this is your professional resume, so aim to make the best impression!

Do Some Background Research

Thoroughly research the company you would ideally like to work at and be a part of. Not only will researching and thinking this through help prepare you for the interview, but it will also show your employer that you did your part. It may be helpful to draft a list of questions that you can later ask your employer and get clarification on.

Get Caught Up In Technology

To be a useful secretary, you must be efficient with both your resources and your time.  One way to show your potential employers that you are efficient is to get caught up on the latest technology to do your job.  Being tech-savvy will help you get in front of the many other applicants applying for the same job.  Technology enables us to do everything faster and more efficiently—so being able to showcase some knowledge of technical knowledge will help you quite a bit in your job interview.  As a secretary, you should know your Microsoft Office Suite very well but you should ideally be able to use some comparable cloud platforms (such as Google Docs).

Rehearse for Your Interview

Draft up some of the questions you can imagine them asking you, and practice answering them. Your aim is to feel comfortable so that you answer smoothly when the time comes. Here is a list of the questions they are most likely going to ask:

  • What experience do you have writing invoices and organizing the financial paperwork of a business?
  • Give me an example of a time you resolved a conflict between you and a colleague? How did you resolve it?
  • What did you like best about your last secretarial job and what did you like least?
  • If hired, where do you see yourself in five years? In ten years?
  • What kind of software are you most familiar with?
  • Are you a fast learner and willing to work outside your comfort zone?
  • What kinds of documents have you been responsible for handling, typing, or archiving in previous positions?
  • In previous positions, how did you coordinate and handle your manager’s schedule of meetings and appointments?
  • How do you find the balance between productive multitasking and quality control?
  • What experience do you have with handling confidential information? How have you gone about handling it in the past?
  • What experience do you have with planning and attending meetings? Have you been responsible for writing meeting minutes?

When you are done answering their interview questions, you can politely ask the interview to give you the opportunity to raise any questions you may have. Here are some sample questions you can ask them at the end of the interview:

  • What sort of professional development training, seminars or courses are available through the company?
  • Do you use any proprietary software that I am expected to learn?
  • What are the main short-term goals for this company?
  • What is the typical work week like?
  • What are the principal filing and organizational system manual or digital?
  • What are the standard procedures and protocols for addressing employee concerns?
  • What is the typical management style like in the company?
  • How does this specific position fit into the company’s vision for growth?

Show Them That You Are Desirable with the Way You Dress

You should come to the interview looking your professional best. Try to go for a corporate blouse and a knee-length pencil skirt. Aim to make a good first impression that will show your employer you are well put together, professional, and organized.

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