The Employee Skills That Companies Are Crying Out For

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Put yourself in the shoes of big and small companies across the country. If you were them, what skills would you say sets one employee apart from another? There are some skills that are becoming a rarer and rarer commodity because they are in demand by so many companies that they are draining the talent pool. Here are some of those skills that companies are crying out for in their new employees.

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9 Resume Mistakes that Might Cost Your Job

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resume mistakes

One of the most important steps of the job seeking process is creating a resume. Unfortunately, many people make critical mistakes on their resumes that automatically disqualify them with employers. Thankfully, if you know how to properly draft a resume, you can avoid this. Below are nine common resume mistakes you need to avoid.

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5 ways to attract a potential employer with your resume

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get employer attention

A resume is the portrait of the job applicant’s work and academic profile. If we consider 2 job applicants: it should be noted that both follow different career ambition & growth paths, even when they are applying for the same job. One of the essential things is to build a resume that is unique and one that allows the employer to take a peek in your candidature. A resume cannot be unnecessarily lengthy but at the same time it should not lack insight.

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