How To Write A Professional Resignation Letter

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Writing a resignation letter will often be a bittersweet process. No doubt if you are leaving your job, it will be for good reason. Perhaps you have found a better job prospect somewhere that will offer a better salary and be closer to what you always envisioned doing. Or maybe you’ve just had enough of working where you currently are and need to move on for your own sanity?

Either way, something must have motivated you to move on with your life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t still have some kind of sentimental attachment to your old place of work. And nor does it mean that you should recklessly burn bridges and cut all ties.

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8 Common Mistakes Employee Make When Asking For A Promotion

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It does not matter how good or uncertain the economy is, asking for a promotion at work has always been the toughest talk with the employers. You feel constantly stressed over the thought of being turned down any moment during the discussion. Needless to say, your reputation at the workplace is at stake too. But, there always comes a time when an employee must have this talk with their employer. After all, both personal and professional growth is his ultimate right!

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How To Write A Great Cover Letter Introduction

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write a great cover letter

Starting a cover letter can be the most challenging part of the whole writing process. The pressure is on to appear competent, daring, intelligent and creative – in other words, the ideal candidate.

In today’s sluggish job market, employers can pick and choose their candidates. And it’s no secret that the majority of cover letters get a scant glance-over before being judged worthy or unworthy of a serious look.

How do you ensure that your cover letter gets an honest read-through? The introduction is a key. Grabbing their attention with your opening sentence might make the difference between a call for an interview and waiting by the phone for a call that never comes.

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