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Are you working as a credit manager, but you’ve decided to change jobs? It means it’s time to write your resume and bring all the sections up to date. Ensure you are explaining the recruiter what sets you apart from other candidates. Below we’ll show you a credit manager resume example that you can use as a reference when writing yours. It will give you ideas on what to put in the skills, objective, duties and responsibilities sections.

You will learn how to behave, what are the most common questions your employer can ask you, and what are the questions you can ask.

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credit manager resume example

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Credit Manager Resume Sample


Barbara Baxley

Address:                4175 Lindell Blvd., Saint Louis MO 63108
Phone:                     (314) 315-1900
Email:                       [email protected]
Current job:           Credit Manager at Accounting Pripals


To use the experience I have gained in financial analysis, managing financial tasks and coming up with cost-saving measures to enhance customer experience and build customer trust in a growing firm.


  1. Exceptional attention to detail
  2. Prior experience conducting cost-benefit analysis
  3. Extensive experience in performing financial tasks
  4. Skilled in financial analysis
  5. Able to monitor portfolio for trends and warning signs
  6. Knowledgeable in cost-saving measures
  7. Good at delivering high level of customer satisfaction
  8. Able to interpret financial laws and maintain accurate documents
  9. Good analytical skills in problem-solving
  10. Able to aptly apply sound judgments to varying issues
  11. Able to meet deadlines
  12. Can work under pressure and with little or no supervision
  13. Experience in credit administration and loan approval procedures


Credit Manager, 2017-Present
Accounting Pripals, Houston, TX 


  • Directing several credit and collections department staff
  • Managing various global corporate accounts
  • Serving as a liaison between the collection department and credit office
  • Reducing the risk of loss by implementing varying credit control measures especially for small retain accounts
  • Reviewing and approving letters of credit
  • Completing daily reviews of customer reconciliations and cash applications

Zonal Credit Manager, 2015-2017
AkzoNobel US, Houston, TX


  • Played a leading role in streamlining all personal loans in the whole zone
  • Developed products and filters which were market-specific in a bid to reduce delinquency
  • Was awarded as best performer in the car loans department
  • Augmented numerous processing channels in order to boost speed and increase reach

Credit Manager, 2013-2015
Tyco Thermal Control, Houston, TX


  • Planned and implemented new initiative to bring buyers into the market
  • Maintained a very low delinquency portfolio compared to other regions in the country
  • Expertly designed several market-specific products in the car loans market
  • Took part in launching and modifying the auto loans policy


DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, Kansas, Missouri
Masters in Business Administration
2009-2013, 3.2 GPA 

Berkeley College, Berkeley, Missouri
Bachelors of Business Administration
2005-2009, 3.4 GPA

Affton High School, St. Louis, Missouri
High School Diploma
2001-2005, 3.3 GPA


  1. Management of services and concepts key to customers
  2. Management of people performance
  3. Preparation of budgets and financial plans
  4. Recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  5. Risk management
  6. Change and innovation
  7. Human resource consultancy services
  8. Performance management systems


Advice for Your Credit Manager Job Interview

A winning presentation is not won by luck; you have to prepare for it. Before going to the interview, you need to have prepared yourself fully if you are to have a chance at getting that job. These tips will get you started, but they are only as good as your efforts to take action on your part. It is only by thorough preparation that you will be able to surmount the difficulties in the interview and emerge the winner.

Be Ready With Your Credit Manager Resume

One of the factors that are going to determine whether you get that job or not will be your resume. Depending on how well or badly you have prepared your resume; you will either increase your chances of getting the job or wipe them off completely. Before you go ahead and prepare your own custom-made resume, you will do well to browse through our credit manager resume examples on this site to find out what to include in yours. Don’t make the mistake of copying the best resume template word for word; rather, only use it as a guide for making yours. A good resume should showcase your experience, qualifications, skills and any skill that will stand you in good stead in the job that you are applying. Always prepare your resume in regard to the job description. For example, in case they have asked for someone proficient in a foreign language, you should make sure to indicate that language course you took recently.

Do Your Research

You would be surprised at the number of people who show up at interviews without the tiniest clue about the company that they applied to. You can imagine the look on their faces when they are asked something to do with the firm. Make sure to carry out a research on what the company does and mode of operation. In fact, you should go a step further and find out about the interviewer as well. A good tip is to befriend an insider in the company and get all this information. Once you know what the interviewer likes or dislikes, you will know the kind of answers to give and the ones to avoid.

Common Questions You Might Be Asked

The following questions are among the most likely that you might face when you are being interviewed for the credit manager job. You need to prepare your answers for them, making sure that you display your achievements and skills. Brainstorm in advance to find the best answers for them.

  • What were your expectations in your former job as a credit manager? Were they met?
  • What were your responsibilities as a credit manager in your previous company?
  • What challenges did you encounter in your past job? How did you handle them?
  • What have you learned of value from the mistakes you have committed as a credit manager?
  • What was your major failure on the job? What was the biggest accomplishment?

Formulate Your Own Questions

Many people do everything they can when preparing for the interview but forget to formulate questions that they themselves would like answered. When deciding on what questions to ask your prospective employer, avoid asking about such issues as pay raise or when your vacation will be. Instead, focus on being relevant. Some of the questions you might ask are:

  • What is the typical work week of a credit manager like?
  • Do you have aggressive standards for your sales team and credit team?
  • What kinds of incentives are available for your employees?
  • Do you give out loans to those with poor credit?
  • Is there a possibility of relocation in this job?
  • Is this a new position that you are trying to fill?

Dress Professionally

The first thing that your prospective employer is going to see when you first enter the room is your appearance. You should, therefore, capitalize on dressing professionally if you want to get that job that you wanted for so long. In case you are going to wear a suit, have it dry-cleaned by a professional and well-ironed. For a dress outfit, ensure that you don’t wear anything that is too revealing or flashy. As a tip, find out how other people in the same position that you are applying, dress to work.

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