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jobs replaced by AIs

27 Jobs At Risk of Being Replaced by AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and become more advanced, many industries and occupations are at risk of being disrupted or even replaced by automated technologies. From manufacturing to healthcare to customer service, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and conduct business. According to Goldman Sachs, over 300 million jobs

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Science Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Science Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers Once you have made the necessary tweaks and modifications to our science teacher resume examples, it is time for you to get down to the business of preparing for a great job interview. No matter how many interviews you have gone on in the past, there will always

How To Answer What Areas Need Improvement

Getting invited to a job interview is a big deal because it gives you an opportunity to sell your strengths to the Hiring Manager – in person. You’re one-on-one with the person tasked to find the best candidate for the position you applied to. These strengths that you want to highlight in the interview include

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How To Answer What Makes You Unique

Maybe you’re someone who can brush your teeth and comb your hair at the same time. But that’s not what the Hiring Manager wants to hear when he asks you “What makes you unique?” This question is an opportunity for you to stake your claim for the job and share the unique skills, abilities, and

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How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

Getting a phone call or an email notifying you of an interview schedule is a big moment. It means that of the resumes sent by hundreds of job applicants, the recruiter found yours impressive enough to qualify for an interview with the Hiring Manager. A job interview isn’t an in-person validation of the information shared

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How To Answer What Are Your Strengths

If someone asked you about your strengths at a party, you can confidently sit back and casually talk about your strong points – maybe with a tad bit more mustard in your descriptions. But such won’t be – or can’t be the case – when a Hiring Manager asks you “What are your strengths” during

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How To Answer What Is Your Greatest Weakness

The job interview is an opportunity for you to present the details that weren’t available in the resume. This time to the person tasked to streamline the number of qualified candidates or select the new hire outright – the Hiring Manager. You want to impress the Hiring Manager and convince him that choosing you is

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How To Answer Why Are You Interested In This Position

The resume gives Human Resources an idea of what you can do; if you have the necessary skills to qualify for the open position in the company. Job applicants who fit the bill move on to become job candidates and are invited to an interview by the Hiring Manager. The interview is a big step

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How To Answer Why Should We Hire You

The funny thing about job interviews is that you know what questions the Hiring Manager will ask you, yet the answer you give might be a career life or death situation. The truth is, there’s no one way to answer each of these questions. Because each company has different needs and expectations of its ideal

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How To Answer Salary Expectations

Your interview could be going well and you’re starting to feel confident about next Monday being your first day on the job. Then, comes the question that makes every job interviewee squirm: “What are your salary expectations for the job?” It’s a question that’s been asked for decades by Hiring Managers. Most likely, you were

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How To Answer Why Do You Want To Work Here

If you’ve been practicing your answers to “Tell me about yourself” and “What are your weaknesses”, add “Why do you want to work here” to the list of possible interview questions. In fact, you might want to spend a bit more time working on the best response to this question because it might be the

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How To Answer What Are Your Weaknesses

Getting invited to an interview is exciting because you know you’ve moved one step closer to landing the job you’ve had your eye on. The recruiter must have been impressed with your resume enough to put it on the “for interview” pile. But you know you’re not the only one. An interview is a process

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How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself

In a job interview, you can almost always expect the Hiring Manager to ask you the question “Tell me about yourself”. The answer seems easy enough as it is. After all, who knows more about you – than you, right? But this is a job interview. You’re not talking to a stranger you’ve just met

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Senior Assistant Sous Chef Resume Examples

Senior Assistant Sous Chef Resume Sample Name: Holden Escobar Address: Lexington, NC 27292 Phone: (375) 844-9425 Email: [email protected] Current job: Senior Assistant Sous Chef at Texas de Brazil Objective This senior assistant sous chef position is a fast paced kitchen environment, with a high volume of complex tasks and responsibilities. The successful candidate will be

Search Demand for Remote Jobs In the UK Soars To All Time High In October 2022

Search Demand for Remote Jobs in the UK soars to all time high

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been huge shifts in the job markets. One of the most important ones is that remote work has gone mainstream. More than two years later, after both business owners and employees have experienced the benefits of working remotely, the trend of remote work seems to be unstoppable.


Banquet Server Resume Skills List

Banquet Server Resume Skills  The job of a Banquet Server is physically demanding. In addition to having the frame of mind to be attentive to the needs and concerns of guests, you are constantly on the move. Your Banquet Server skills list must provide evidence that you are mentally and physically capable of managing the

Banquet Server Job Interview Questions and Answers

Job interview questions for Banquet Servers with answers How to answer “How would you handle a situation where a customer is dissatisfied with their food”? Possible answers: I always try to find a solution to make the customer happy. I would offer them a free drink and a new dish, and if they are still

Covid-19 Impact For Job Seekers In The United States – 2020 Survey Results

A ResumeOK survey reveals the impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had for job seekers in the United States of America.  Between July 1st and August 5th, we asked 2,891 job seekers located in the United States how they think the epidemic crisis will impact their career.  These are the most interesting findings: 1. 55.4%


Helper Resume Examples

Helper Resume Sample Name: Kenley Burch Address: Lawrence, MA 01841 Phone: (748) 2037978 Email: [email protected] Current job: Helper at Gap Objective I am a hardworking and organized individual who loves to help people. I am looking for a job as a helper because I enjoy working with people and want to make a difference in their lives. I am currently

How Many Previous Jobs Should You Mention On A Resume?

When it comes to listing the number of jobs you’ve had in your resume, more isn’t necessarily better and less might not be enough. The right number comes down to one thing: relevance. How relevant is your previous job to the position you’re applying for? With that mind, deciding on how many jobs should be

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How To List Self-Employment On A Resume

It used to be the case that when a recruiter would see “Self-Employed” on a resume, the thought balloon might read “Couldn’t get a job”. Such might not be the case anymore. Becoming self-employed can be perceived as having “initiative”, “entrepreneurial”, “confident”, “resourceful”, and having leadership qualities. All of these are many sought-after soft skills

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action verbs for resume

Action Verbs For Resume

Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes every day. While they only scan and not read them through, the job can be tiring and cumbersome if recruiters come across the same words and phrases all the time. “Handle.” “Responsible.” “Led.” “Manage.” “Assist.” Seeing these verbs on a resume day in and day out makes work feel

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Military to Civilian Resume – Guide for Veterans

We’ve written this guide to help you prepare a resume that will get recruiters interested in what you can do for the company. What can you expect to learn from our resume guide? The Key Sections of a Civilian Resume How To Put All Of The Sections Together Top 5 Tips On How to Write

College Graduate Resume Examples

College Graduate Resume Samples – The Ultimate Guide We’ve created this guide to help you write a college graduate resume that will give your prospects of landing your first job a big boost. In this guide, you will learn about: How to write the key sections of your resume – Contact Information, Objective Statement, Skills,

Personal Care Assistant ( PCA ) Resume Examples

Personal Care Assistant ( PCA ) Resume Sample Karen G. Gilmore Address: 14578 Garrett Lane, Victorville, CA Phone: (760 984 6785 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Personal Care Assistant; Lauren Heights Community Center, Victorville, CA Objective Personal Care Assistant with more than 2 years of work experience and certified as a Caregiver is interested in joining

Filmmaker Resume Examples

Filmmaker Resume Sample Jacob M. Andrews, MFA Address: 99 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA Phone: (404) 908 4567 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Filmmaker, LightHouse Media, Atlanta, GA Objective Passionate filmmaker with 8+ years of work experience seeks the full-length film director position and the opportunity to bring to life artistic vision through cost-efficient techniques at Warner

Freelance Photographer Resume Examples

Freelance Photographer Resume Sample Justine S. Miller Address: 440 Wyman Rd, Boston, MA Phone: (857) 987 6543 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Business Owner/Photographer, Boston, MA Objective A highly skilled photographer with 6 years of work experience seeks the Freelance Photographer position at Phillips Auctions. Proficient with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC, and Photomatix Pro. Proven ability

Underwriter Resume Examples

Underwriter Resume Sample Grace S. Davis Address: 4123 Oak Street, Chicago, IL Phone: (312) 261 9876 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Underwriter-Commercial Lines, Hartford Co, Los Angeles, CA Objective Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter with 7 years of work experience is keen on working as a Senior Underwriter for Capital One Co. I am also an Associate

Branch Manager Resume Examples

Branch Manager Resume Sample Steven J. Miller Address: 543 Woodlane Rd, New Jersey, NY. Phone: (609) 978 6347 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Branch Manager, ONYX Corp., Madison Ave, NY Objective A Branch Manager with more than 8 years of work experience seeks the Branch Operations Manager position at Smart Enterprise. Proven track record in leading

Dental Office Manager Resume Examples

Dental Office Manager Resume Sample Elaine S. Connor Address: 678 Crest Lane, Sacramento, CA. Phone: (916) 879 7654 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Dental Office Manager; Anderson Dental, Sacramento, CA Objective A dedicated Dental Office Manager with 8 years in the industry seeks to become the new Dental Office Manager of Zest Dental Inc. I am

Tailor Resume Examples

Tailor Resume Sample Jacob M. Sheldon Address: 7654 Olive St., San Francisco, CA Phone: (415) 987 6543 Email: [email protected] Website: Social Media: Current Job: Tailor, Smart Suits, San Francisco, CA Objective Certified Bespoke Tailor with 8 years of work experience seeks the Master Tailor position at Louis Tailoring Co. and the opportunity to

Farmer Resume Examples

Farmer Resume Sample James M. Herman Address: 5678 Cottage Ave, Rose Hill, Kansas, TX Phone: (870) 778 4321 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Farm Manager; Bounty Harvest, Kansas, TX Objective Accredited Farm Manager with 9 years of responsible work experience in crop, animal, and dairy production, seeks the Farm Supervisor position at Kelloggs Farms. I am

Bank Manager Resume Examples

Bank Manager Resume Sample Nathan O. Lloyds Address: 543 Neptune Ave, New Rochelle, NY. Phone: (914) 978 6347 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Bank Manager, Chase Bank, Madison Ave, NY Objective A Bank Manager with 10 years of work experience seeks the Bank Manager-Assistant Vice President position at Wells Fargo and the opportunity to act as

Professional Engineer Resume Examples

Professional Engineer Resume Sample Anthony H. Thompkins Address: 8910 Travis Street, Dallas, TX Phone: (469) 961 4578 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Lead Mechanical Engineer; Axis Systems, Dallas, TX Objective Professional Engineer with more than 10 years of work experience and credentialed as a CEM with the AEE, Professional Project Manager with the PMP, and Six

Maintenance Mechanic Resume Examples

Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample James O. Simon Address: 1369 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122 Phone: (415) 227 8741 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Maintenance Mechanic; Quaker Mills, San Francisco, CA. Objective CMRT certified Maintenance Mechanic with 10 years of experience is intent on joining your workforce at PepsiCo as the new Plant Maintenance Manager. Proficient

Game Designer Resume Examples

Game Designer Resume Sample Paul D. Johnson Address: 890, McKinley Ave, Los Angeles, CA Phone: (323) 333 5478 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Game Designer; ARC Games, Inc., Los Angeles, CA Objective A Game Designer with 8 years of experience and a solid understanding of RPG games seeks to join your talented team at Vision Inc.

Surgical Technologist Resume Examples

Surgical Technologist Resume Sample Joey S. Wilson Address: 7678 Sandner Drive, Sarasota, FL Phone: (941) 894 6797 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Surgical Technologist; Holy Cross Hospital, Sarasota, FL Objective NBSTSA-Certified Surgical Technologist with 7 years of experience in the field seeks to fill in the open position for Surgical Technologist at Holy Light Medical Center.

Cable Technician Resume Examples

Cable Technician Resume Sample Irwin H. Parker Address: 2341 Cambrain Drive, Memphis, TN.. Phone: (901) 225 4178 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Cable Technician; Sygnal Cable Corporation, Memphis, TN Objective Cable Technician with 5 years of work experience and CNCI certification wants to join DelTech Cable’s team of cable technicians. I am experienced in upgrading coaxial

School Nurse Resume Examples

School Nurse Resume Sample Laura B. Sanders Address: 567 Creek Dr, San Jose, CA Phone: (408) 7890123 Email: [email protected] Current Job: School Nurse, Sacramento Public School System, Sacramento, CA Objective A School Nurse with 8 years of work experience is keen on joining your team of school healthcare providers at Oakland Unified School District. I

Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Examples

Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Sample Maria Eleonor Y. Cruz Address: 22178 Yarnell Street, Sylmar, CA. Phone: (818) 574 9647 Email: [email protected] Current Job: Housekeeping Supervisor; Pacific Star Hotel and Resort, Los Angeles, CA. Objective Certified by the IEHA as a CEH, I have 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry working in the housekeeping department