How To Explain Maternity Leave On A Resume

Women are often conflicted on whether to disclose a Maternity Leave on their resume. This is because it can leave a significant unemployment gap in their “Work Experience” section. It is not uncommon for resumes to have gaps. However, if the period on unemployment is more than 3 months, it can raise a red flag […]

How To Write A Follow Up Email After An Interview

write a follow up email after a job interview

Getting the interview means you did a great job polishing your resume. If you left the interview grinning ear-to-ear that must mean you prepared well and aced all of the questions. You’re thinking, “Now, the waiting begins.” Meanwhile, the candidate who was interviewed before you is busy preparing a follow-up email that he plans to […]

The Best Font Size And Styles For Your Resume

best resume font and styles

When writing a resume, you have to cover all the bases. Every section can influence the recruiter’s decision to invite you to a job interview. All key information must be provided and written in complete detail. You have to run a spelling and grammar check because these types of mistakes are unforgivable with recruiters. If […]

How To Put An Internship On A Resume

how to put internship in a resume

An internship is a program that is offered by a company to potential employees. It can also be viewed as an opportunity that is presented by a employer to individuals who plan to work for their company. In most cases, an internship does not involve remuneration for services rendered by the intern. However, many employers […]

How To Answer: Do You Have Any Questions About The Job Position?

Do You Have Any Questions About The Job Position

When Human Resources pens a job post, it makes sure all the requirements for the position are clearly stated. It is part of their pre-screening procedure. This is why before writing your resume, you should always review the job post. Highlighting the relevant skills in your resume will help you get the interview. Thus, if […]

How To Quit A Job You Just Started

quit a job you just started

When you are on the unemployment line – the handshake and the contract that comes along with it – are all you want. However, the grass is not always greener on the other side. The job you set your sights on may not turn out to be what you expected. Your moment of clarity can […]

How To Answer: Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

why do you want to work for us

The job interview has been going on for 20 minutes. You’ve been asked questions that focused on your background, technical skill, and situational ones to test your ability to solve problems. In your honest assessment and based on feedback from the interviewer, you’ve hurdled the toughest questions with flying colors. You can’t help but smile […]

How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview

How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview

Landing that job can be very competitive. You need every advantage you can get. Many candidates think the process is over after the job interview. The ones who get hired take it one step further. While the rest are waiting on the phone, they are writing a thank you letter to the recruiter. What Is […]

How To List References On A Resume

How To List References On A Resume

Human Resources may want to validate the information in your resume. To do this, they may request for references. The list of references includes the names of people HR may contact to verify your skills and accomplishments. They may contact only one person or everyone on the list. Therefore, it is important that the people […]

How To Write The Summary Of Qualifications For A Resume

resume summary of qualifications

Hiring managers don’t spend a lot of time reviewing resumes. They receive hundreds of applications every day. They go through as many candidates as possible. Recruiters will look for skills and experiences that are needed for the job. Therefore if you want to get noticed right away, you should include a summary of qualifications on […]

Good Resume Objective – How To Write one and Why it’s Important

good resume objective

To put one foot inside the interview door, you need a solid resume, and more importantly a good resume objective. A frequent questions recruiters ask is: “Why should we hire you?” To answer that question, you need to know how to write an objective statement that can sum up all the strongest points of your […]

5 ways to attract a potential employer with your resume

get employer attention

A resume is the portrait of the job applicant’s work and academic profile. If we consider 2 job applicants: it should be noted that both follow different career ambition & growth paths, even when they are applying for the same job. One of the essential things is to build a resume that is unique and one […]

Duties and Responsibilities In The Resume

work experience resume

The work experience section is the meat and potatoes of your resume. It can make or break your application. A well-written, informative and expertly organized summary of your work history will generate interest and compel the Hiring Manager to get you that all-important job interview. But writing a solid resume work experience can be a […]

List Of The Best Skills To Put On A Resume


The standard format of a resume normally includes the following headings: “Personal Information”, “Work Experience”, “Educational Attainment” and “Hobbies and Interests”. If you don’t have a section dedicated to skills for a resume, you will have difficulty selling your value proposition to the Hiring Manager. A “Skills” section would definitely push your resume further than […]

Resume Objectives and Summary Examples – 50 Ideas

50 Resume Summary And Objective Examples For Any Job

If you are in the process of writing your resume, start with creating a good objective and career summary. In this article, we have prepared more than 50 resume objectives and summaries for some of the most popular job positions, and you can use them for free for inspiration. The resume serves the purpose of […]

How to negotiate your salary

negotiate salary

There are numerous reasons why we work. Some of us do it as a passion, while others just try to make a difference in the community. What we all have in common is the necessity to sustain ourselves and our families. After all, money is what pays the bills. Everybody wants a job, but our […]

How to get a job

get a job

Whether you are looking to get your first job, or just trying to get a better one, finding a job is not always an easy task. In this article, I will show you some tips on how to write a professional resume and how to approach the job interview. As you have already chosen your […]

Best Resume Formats – Chronological, Functional or Combo

resume format guide

A resume is not just a document that chronicles your work experience, educational history, skill sets and accomplishments. It is a tool that when undertaken with strategy and a sense of purpose will best present your qualifications to match those required of the job opening. To increase your chances of your job application to be […]

What Is The Difference Between resume And Resume

What Is The Difference Between CV And Resume

Have you ever wondered why some job posts require a resume and others a CV? If not, then like most people you may have assumed the resume and resume are one and the same. Thus it may come as a surprise to you that each document has a distinct purpose and specific characteristics that differentiate […]

The Pros And Cons Of A Long Resume

The Pros And Cons Of A Long Resume

The resume is a marketing tool that could determine your next career. The decision of the recruiter to bring you further along the process and invite you for the all- important interview hinges on the information contained in the resume. Job applicants often find themselves in a quandary; should they opt for a short resume […]

Resume Writing Tips And Advice

Resume Writing Tips And Advice

Writing a resume can seem like a daunting task. Your career could hinge on how you craft and compose the most important pages of your life. But like all challenges, all you need is a plan. Here are valuable tips and tricks to consider when writing your resume: 1. Find Your Resume Format The type […]

How To Write A Resume

How To Write A Resume

Landing the job you’ve had your sights on is a step- by- step process. The first step in finding a job is to get noticed, evaluated and scheduled for the all- important job interview. All of this could take place 10 to 30 seconds from the time the recruiter opens your resume. If you know […]

30+ Words To Avoid Writing In A Resume And Why

30+ Words To Avoid Writing In A Resume And Why

“Why should we hire you?” This is the underlying question recruiters are asking themselves when they review your resume. If your resume uses some power words and responds with: “I’m responsible.” “I’m capable.” “I’m confident.” It is not answering the question; rather it provides a subjective description of who you think you are. Recruiting and […]

Questions to ask yourself before submitting a resume

Your resume remains to be the most crucial weapon in your job-hunting arsenal.  Sending an intelligently-crafted one can give you the best edge over your competitors.  So before you send out your resume, make sure it is comprehensive and well thought out.  Here is a checklist of the questions you need to ask yourself to […]

How To Get Your Resume Noticed By Using Power Words

How To Get Your Resume Noticed

People make subjective opinions on what they see initially. Nothing wrong with that; it’s simply human nature to formulate conclusions based on visual content. When you walk inside a recruiter’s office, the hiring manager’s mind would immediately run through a series of generalizations based on what he or she sees. However before you worry about […]

Resume Length – How Long Should A Resume Be?

When writing your resume, content should be of paramount importance. After all, the resume is your career marketing tool. Its purpose is to draw the interest of the recruiting officer and move your application further along the hiring process. But recruitment officers go through hundreds of resumes every day. They do not have the time […]

The Reasons Why Most Resumes Are Rejected

The Reasons Why Most Resumes Are Rejected

It may not seem like it when you are preparing your resume from the safe confines of your room. But the job market can be a harsh, cruel place. Every day millions of job seekers worldwide send out their resumes through the Internet or on foot. And every day, millions of job seekers’ resumes are […]

When Should You Send A Cover Letter With Your Resume

When Should You Send A Cover Letter With Your Resume

To attach or not to attach a cover letter, that is the question. If you are not yet familiar with cover letters, check our previous article on what is a cover letter. Cover letters used to be a mainstay among the list of job application requirements. But over the years it has lost its luster and […]

How To Structure Your Resume To Tell A Story

How To Structure Your Resume To Tell A Story

Do you want to learn how to structure your resume and make it tell a story that attracts the attention of the employer? In this post I’ll show you how to make your resume easy to read and help you get invited to the job interview. “Tell me something about yourself.” The hiring manager usually […]

Tips on How to Sustain a Good and Productive Career

Career productive

In a quest to make our long-term career more competitive and productive, we are faced with various issues that stop us from sustaining our dream job. These issues include a shift in the department, getting master degree at 50, or even the thought of having a baby. The key here is to learn how to […]

The Best Places To Submit Your Resume Online

The Best Places To Submit Your Resume Online

You’ve taken the time to write your resume; edited it countless times and had it evaluated by reputable resource persons. You’ve cross-checked it against the lists we presented on common mistakes and causes of rejection. You are confident with its content and aesthetics. Now if you want to find a job fast, your attention shifts to […]

When do you know it’s time for a new job

new job

 Are you like most people who are faced with a seemingly overwhelming thought of venturing into a new job? You try to imagine yourself in an entirely different work setting, slaving away to get your new duties done, and basically having a totally novel experience. If you’re exactly like these people, then you’re probably hesitating and […]

How to write the perfect references for any job position

write career references

There is no such thing as a well-drafted resume until you include a good list of references. Many job applicants make the mistake of submitting sloppily done references without realizing that it may also potentially ruin their chances of getting hired.  Here are some great tips on preparing your references: 1.) Choose wisely from your prospects […]

How to stay motivated at work

Motivated at work

You feel ecstatic every time you receive your paycheck, but that’s about it. The first few months might have been different because you were all excited about the opportunity you found yourself in, but now you just can’t seem to focus on your work anymore because you find it boring, meaningless, or even frustrating. The […]

How to Go About Filling the Resume Gap

resume gap

A resume gap is an extended period (or gap) of time unaccounted for on your resume.  And post Great Recession, resume gaps are a common occurrence as many people do actually go years without being gainfully employed.  But just because they are a common occurrence does not mean that they can be left unexplained.  If you have a […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Work on Weekends

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Work On Weekends

If there’s one thing pop culture has taught us is that work is boring, and the only thing you can look forward to is the weekend. But if you wake up on Monday morning, already dreaming of Friday, you might end up missing out on both. Your Job Can Be Fun If You Let It […]

Why others are getting a job easier than you

Get a job easier

A witty, hilarious joke graduates commonly hear during their ceremonial rite is, “Welcome to the world of depression and unemployment.” Like many other jokes, a percentage of it is based on truth. As a person embarks the tedious process of job seeking, he discovers a wide array of things including questioning oneself why the job was […]

How To Answer Though Interview Questions


“Could you repeat the question?” We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling. The interview was going well, you thought every answer was exactly what they wanted to hear and then came the curveball. That tough question that you didn’t prepare for and don’t have an answer to. Tricky opening questions are a common occurrence in […]

Resume Writing: 9 Steps To Creating A Resume That Will Get You the Job

Resume Writing: 9 Steps To Creating A Resume That Will Get You the Job

Creating the perfect resume for a particular job you want to get can be difficult. It requires knowledge of everything that could be of importance to the job provider or firm, and you’ll need to know how to arrange all the information so it appeals to the interviewer. In most cases, people simply mention things […]

The main reasons why you are still looking for a job

Looking for a job

Searching for a job can be a tedious and disheartening undertaking, and having to do it for a long period of time can be even more so. There are plenty of reasons why you may still be looking for a job right now despite submitting numerous applications and going on countless interviews. It could be […]