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Are you an advertising manager currently on the look for a better job? Then you have to start your job seeking process by writing a solid resume that will attract the attention of the recruiter. List the most relevant skills and make sure to highlight the achievements that helped you reach your goals. Below, you’ll find an advertising manager resume example that can be used as inspiration.

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Advertising Manager Resume Sample


Ricky Martinez

Address:           152 West 23th, New York, NY
Phone:               (212) 630-0319
Email:               [email protected]
Current job:      Senior Advertising Manager at PetSmart, Inc.


My objective is to make good use of my talent in working with people and technology to increase your brand’s awareness through all the mediums of advertisement and marketing.


  • Experience working in large groups
  • Professional experience in advertisement
  • Knowledge of video advertising on the internet
  • Experience working with Fortune 500 Companies
  • Deep knowledge of social media
  • A large network of executives in all the biggest television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS)
  • Educational experience in advertisement and knowing what catches the eye of a viewer
  • Splendid communication skills
  • Up to date knowledge of the latest trends
  • Quality leadership ability
  • Flexible hours and willingness to put in the hours necessary to finish a project
  • I am able to push people to their limit in order to draw the best from them
  • Time management
  • Ability to work better when there is competition
  • Ability to maintain emotional control under pressure experience

Work Experience

PetSmart Advertising Manager, 2020-Present
632 Broadway, New York, NY

Duties and Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with the heads of staff to discuss workers and contracts as well as what types of products to advertise
  • Planned campaigns to advertise with limited information
  • Inspected advertisement plans
  • Met with clients regularly to see if we could use their products in our advertisements
  • Oversaw the hiring of workers in our branch
  • Led efforts to expand to online video advertising
  • Developed a planned pricing strategy in order to maximize the profits while keeping the customers churn low

Geico Lead Advertisement Manager, 2017 to 2020
750 Woodbury Rd, Woodbury, NY 

Duties and Duties and Responsibilities

  • Brainstormed advertisement ideas to associate customers with the brand (caveman, pig, or gecko)
  • Pitched group collaborated ideas to the higher up in management
  • Worked with team in order to ensure promptness in every advertisement profile
  • Oversaw and trained new advertising executives
  • Implemented new training program that streamlined training for new employees
  • Interviewed new employees

Aflac Advertisement Manager, 2015 to 2017
199 Water Street, New York, NY

Duties and Duties and Responsibilities

  • Worked with a team to find current trends in humor
  • Helped develop ideas for advertisement campaigns
  • Tracked Nielsen ratings to modify ad rates
  • Negotiated prices with television networks


College, New York University, New York NY
Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing
2011 to 2015, (3.5 GPA)

Regis High School, New York, NY
High School Diploma
2007 to 2011, (4.0 GPA)


  1. Business Law
  2. Management
  3. Accounting
  4. Finance
  5. Statistics
  6. Consumer Behavior
  7. Economics
  8. Market Sales
  9. Communication Methods and Technology
  10. Marketing

How to get hired as an Advertising Manager

Have A Great Resume 

Having a great resume is what gets you in the door.  If you don’t know how your resume should look, be sure to check out our collection of advertising manager resume examples.  Use those examples to formulate your own advertising manager resume so that it fits your situation.  The resume needs to show your expertise in advertising.

Do Your Research

Is the company you are applying for one you can see yourself working at?  Do you really think you can advertise their products and work together with them in order to think of clever, sellable ideas?  If your answer is yes, then your passion is probably similar to theirs, and because of that you should be able to interview more comfortably knowing that you would be fit for this job.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before going into an interview, people often psych themselves out by thinking about bad outcomes.  “What if I mess it up?”  “What if they don’t like me?” “What if I’m underdressed?” In order to prevent this, you have to think positively so you can assure yourself success.  If you tell yourself “I will do great” and “they’re going to love me” your confidence will be boosted and begin to shine for the interviewers to see you at your best.  This is especially the case with the Advertisement Manager job because you may have to interview in front of all your soon-to-be coworkers, which may bring about nerves to some people.  Just remember to think positive, be positive, and in the end you will have a positive outcome.

Practice The Interview Questions:

As an Advertisement manager you need to be good at mathematics as well as understanding current trends.  You can expect the questions to be a mixture of both, such as:

  • According to current market trends, which object do you think would be most efficiently advertised in the next 6 months?
  • What kinds of people are buying this product and why do you think that is the case?
  • If a survey of a city told you that 10 in 25 people liked a product, and there were 10000 people in the city total, around what number could you expect to actually like the product?

After that, you can expect to answer more general questions about the field, such as:

  • Why did you choose to go into Advertising?
  • What makes you think you are fit to be an advertising manager?
  • What about our company do you find most fits your personality?
  • Who is your role model and why?
  • Is there one advertisement in general that really stuck out to you?

After you are done with answering their interview questions you are given the opportunity to ask a few question of your own.  Take this chance to show the interviewer that you are really interested in their company.  Show them that you have a deep train of thought and aren’t just looking for a job, but an experience to grow on:

  • What is this company’s goal?
  • What products have you advertised that you are really proud of?
  • How many people will I generally be working with?
  • What is a typical day in my job position like?

Make sure you ask questions that make you seem like you are interested, but not egotistical.  You want to let them know that you want the job, not that you think you already have it.  It’s a hard thing to balance, but it’s important to keep that idea in mind when you ask your share of questions.

Follow Up:

After your interview, it is important to follow up with an email or postcard as a “Thank You”.  It will keep you fresh in the mind of the interviewer and it will also show that you really care about the job.  Keep it simple and you’ll do great.

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