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Job interview tips

In the following article we will talk about the most common mistakes you should avoid, how to dress and how to behave during a job interview.

How To Dress And Behave At Your Interview

As the interview is your way of making a first impression, you probably do not want to wear anything that’s not impressionable.  The rule of thumb is to stick with dress pants and a button-up shirt.  If you are a woman, you can wear a skirt, but it has to be at least a knee length pencil skirt (or something similar to a pencil skirt).   If you are applying to a position in which you have to wear a suit every day, such as a lawyer, then dress as such.

In terms of behaviour, you want to be as friendly and congenial as possible, while still giving respect to the interviewers.  You should not treat them like a friend, but you should not act afraid or nervous of them either.  When you come in, greet them a firm handshake and a bright smile.  Afterward, take your seat.  When sitting, do not slouch.  Sit upright.  When answering questions posed to you, answer with authority and conviction.  Always try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer when talking or being talked to.  When talking, try not to stutter or use fillers such as “umm” and “uhh.  ”  The point is, when you are in the interviewing room, you need to show poise, have ability to articulate yourself, as well as exude a certain amount of confidence (short of cockiness).   The interview doesn’t have to be absolutely serious.  If you have a (clean) joke or something relevantly funny to say, say it.  It will help break the ice and will put both sides more at ease.  But always be respectful.

Most Common Mistakes During A Job Interview

Jobs are already hard to get as it is, don’t make it harder on yourself by making silly mistakes.  Remember, the interview is a very important first impression.  If you blow it, you might not get another chance.  So to help increase your chances of making a good impression, here are some mistakes to avoid during the interview.

  • Leaving your cellphone on.  This is probably one of the most annoying and embarrassing things that can happen during an interview.  But not only is it embarrassing, it is plain rude.  This can leave a lasting impression—but not the impression you want.  So before going into the interview, turn your phone off.
  • Wearing ripped or wrinkled clothing.  Although you may not think this is a big deal, people do judge a book by its cover.  So the day before, make sure you iron your clothes.
  • Being unprepared.  Being unprepared can mean a number of things.  It can mean being late to the interview.  It can mean not practicing the interview questions ahead of time.  It can also mean not doing research on the company you are interviewing for.  Employers want to hire people who are on top of things and know what they are doing.
  • Not introducing yourself.  This mistake is very easily made.  Not introducing yourself can come off as being rude and self-centered.
  • Bringing up salary, wage, or vacation time before the job offer.  Bringing this up can deter the company from hiring you.  Although we all want to get paid well, bringing up salary before the interviewer does can come off as being presumptuous.  It can potentially deter the company from hiring you because they will assume that you are only interested for money and time off.
  • Being stumped on a question.  Never ever say “I don’t know” or leave an interview question unanswered.  It is often better to answer it wrong than to not answer it at all.  That is why it is important to rehearse what you are going to say to popular interview questions.  Trust me, once you are stumped on a question, it will leave you flustered and ruin the rest of the interview for you.
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