Camp Counselor Resume Sample

Many parents send their children to summer camps because it is a safe place where kids can learn to be independent, make new friends and reconnect with nature through a variety of fun activities. It is the job of Camp Counselors to make sure that expectations of parents and children are met during their stay in the camp. If a job opening has caught your eye, we have prepared a Camp Counselor Resume Sample to serve as your compass. 

This job is not a walk in the park. It goes beyond building campfires and making s’mores. You have to be capable of leading, teaching and guiding children or teenagers. Camp counselors must be very passionate in what they do, in order to make every child’s summer camp experience unique and unforgettable.  

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Camp Counselor Resume Sample   

camp counselor resume

Joanne W. Smith   

Address:           3155 Carson St., Long Beach, CA  
Phone:              (562) 340-6327  
Email:              [email protected]    
Current job:  Senior Camp Counselor at Camp Wings, Long Beach, CA


A passionate Camp Counselor backed with three years of experience in supervising children and heading camp activities, seeks to join the team of Camp Wilderness in providing children a summer camp adventure that they will treasure forever.


  • Associate Degree in Early Child Education
  • Member of American Camp Association since 2017
  • Strong leadership and exceptional communication skills
  • Reliable team player
  • Highly adept in planning and executing team building activities for children and teenagers
  • Cheerful, energetic and trustworthy.
  • Engaging storyteller
  • Multitasker
  • Physically fit to engage in summer camp activities like hiking, swimming, and kayaking.

Work Experience

Senior Camp Counselor, 2015 and 2016
Camp Wings, Long Beach, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designed learning and recreational activities based on age groups of campers.
  • Prepared and implemented a weekly schedule of campers and staff involved in activities.
  • Created a fun but challenging team building indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Developed easy tracking system for campers and crew in case of emergency.
  • Organized welcoming and closing ceremonies, family night and sports events.
  • Conducted basic wilderness survival training for campers.
  • Mentored new camp counselors.
  • Assigned to handle social media marketing of Camp Wings.
  • Facilitated parents’ and children’s orientation on the summer camp program.
  • Communicated with parents regarding children’s experiences
  • Maintained and updated database of campers’ personal information, health records, incident reports, and behavior assessment.

Day Camp Counselor, 2017
Victory Camp, Long Beach, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planned and executed camp activities that centered on the personal and social growth of children.
  • Directed and supervised campers in their assigned living units.
  • Oriented campers on summer camp’s mission and vision, schedules, and planned activities.
  • Created Arts & Crafts activities and supervised art sessions in camp.
  • Guided the children on how to maintain cleanliness, be punctual, cheerfully complete chores, obediently follow rules at camp and practice sportsmanship.
  • Observed children’s behavior during camp activities and closely monitored participants who lagged behind.
  • Enforced summer camp’s safety and security guidelines
  • Taught the children all emergency procedures.

Camp Counselor, 2016
Happy Campers, Los Angeles, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervised a small group of young campers in their outdoor activities.
  • Assigned to handle Arts & Crafts sessions
  • Assisted campers with behavior issues and helped them open up and bond with new friends.
  • Administered first aid
  • Accompanied children to and fro their living units
  • Helped campers understand summer camp’s rules and regulations
  • Provided assistance to camp counselors and administrative leadership by supervising campers at all times to ensure safety and enjoyment.
  • Acted as a Lifeguard during children’s water activities.


Pacific Oaks College
Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
Long Beach, CA
2017-2016, 3.2 GPA

Oakwood Academy School
High School Diploma
Long Beach, CA
2017-2015, 3.5 GPA

  • Student Leader of Love Environment Organization Grade 12
  • Team Leader, Math Club Grade 12
  • President of Organizing Committee of  Outreach service Grade 12
  • Member Math Club Grade 9-11
  • Member, Swimming team Grade 8-1
  • Member Arts Club Grade 8-11


  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Adult, Child, and Infant
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Basic First Aid
  • Database Management & MS Office

Personal information

  • Single
  • Date of birth 01/08/82
  • Hobbies include Arts & Crafts, playing guitar, swimming, and volleyball.

Resume Writing Tips for Camp Counselors Job Positions

camp counselor resume writing tips

Camp counselors are in charge of supervising the children and teenagers in camp.  They are tasked to orient them on Camp rules and regulations.  It is also their duty to guide and teach campers how to execute activities included in the program. There are times when counselors would fill in the big brother or sister roles for campers needing emotional support.  These responsibilities require someone with good moral character, maturity, and patience.  

When you write your resume, list the qualities that will enable you to carry out your camping duties well. In our Camp Counselor Resume Sample, we focused on soft skills that show Joanne Smith is capable of relating well to people, young and old alike. You must emphasize your ability to lead and handle children well.  Showcase your experience in working with children to give the hiring manager an idea of how your duties have progressed over the years.

In our Camp Counselor resume sample we also used action words which are associated with the job:

  • Prepared
  • Created
  • Developed
  • Organized
  • Mentored
  • Directed
  • Assigned
  • Facilitated
  • Administered
  • Supervised

You also have to be physically fit to engage in outdoor activities and look after the children during camping trips. Are you creative when it comes to planning fun activities? List that down as well because hiring managers want to get people who can rejuvenate their summer programs.

The safety of the children is entrusted to camp counselors too. Your chances of getting hired will increase if you have certifications on CPR and First Aid. Do not forget to enumerate training or certifications you have acquired.

What to Write in a Camp Counselor Resume Objective

Your Camp Counselor resume objective should briefly state your key strengths and what you intend to contribute to the Camp. The nature of your job is fun and children oriented so lighten up a bit on your content.  It must have a youthful vibe. Keep it concise.  The resume objective is written to build interest or gain momentum.  

Word it carefully so as not to break your chance of getting interviewed.  In our Camp Counselor resume sample, we used the word passionate, to describe Joanne as a Camp Counselor. We also added her level of work experience to show that she is no stranger to camp activities. We followed it up with her desire to join the company and closed the statement with her intended contribution to Camp Wilderness.

Take note that we used just one word to define her as a camp counselor. You can use one or two strong adjectives that suit your job.

  • Versatile
  • Enthusiastic
  • Dedicated

What to Write in a Camp Counselor Resume Skills Section

Camp directors go over the skills section to check for information that will further qualify you for the post.  The interest that was generated by the introductory parts can wane when your skills are not illustrated or defined well in this section.  

  • Educational Attainment; in our Camp Counselor Resume sample, we opted to showcase Joanne’s involvement in High School organizations and activities to show that at a young age she displayed strong leadership skills.  This will further impress the camp recruiter.  The trick here is to give information that will substantiate the qualities you mentioned in your key strengths.
  • Certification; most camps provide in-house training for camp counselors so they do not require certifications prior to hiring.  However, it would be favorable if you’ve undergone pieces of training before you applied.  This indicates that you have the initiative to prepare well ahead for the job. List all your certifications to give you an edge over other applicants.
  • Additional Skills; are you good at archery?  Did you undergo basic wilderness survival training? What about Arts & Crafts or music?  List them all because Camp directors want to see how you can contribute to the program.
  • Associations; are you a member of any association or organization of Camp Counselors? It is important to name all the organizations you are signed up with. Your associations will reflect how well you are aligned with established values and guidelines of the camp industry.
  • Administrative Skills; your job is not limited to outdoor activities.  Administrative work is part of your duties.  List your technical skills that are relevant to camp operations.
  • People Skills; camp counselors engage with children day in and day out.  You will oversee their development while in camp so it is important that you can converse with them effectively.  List your people skills in your key strengths and substantiate these with detailed information in the work experience and skills sections.  

Camp Counselor Job Seeking Tips

There are plenty of opportunities for camp counselors. You have to make your move before the summer season begins. Get a good head start and scout for opportunities as early as spring.  

Camp directors intend to hire only the best counselors to ensure the successful implementation of their summer programs.  They eye people who have what it takes to supervise campers efficiently.  If you are interested in joining a summer camp team, our Camp Counselor resume sample will help you prepare one that will convince the hiring manager you are highly qualified for the open position.

Begin your job hunt by exploring the following avenues:

  • Classified Ads – Check your local newspaper for Ads posted by Summer Camps in your city.  
  • Online Job Search Engines – Check for job openings or post your resume on job boards like, , and .  
  • Associations – Some of the perks of being a member of Camp Associations is that you get to network with members across the country, ask for referrals and receive newsletters.  Use these benefits to your advantage.
  • Social MediaUse this avenue to fish for opportunities.  A friend of your friend’s friend on Facebook can lead help you land a job in a summer camp.  This day and age, your social media connections can take you places.

Finally, camp counselors carry a huge responsibility of caring for children. Your resume must strongly convey that you are tailor fit for the job. Use our Camp Counselor resume sample as your guide so you won’t get lost in the writing process. Note the format, writing style and content of each entry. This way, you will conveniently create a resume that will land in the priority file.

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