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Are you eager to make a difference in young learners’ lives?   There is no better time than now to seek opportunities in this field because there is a growing need for Teacher Aides.  You need to prepare a Teacher Aide Resume that will put you in a good light and convince the employer that you have what it takes to provide support to full-time teachers and assistance to students. 

We will help you write a resume that will convince the hiring manager that you fit the job to a tee.  To demonstrate how it is done, we prepared a Teacher Aide Resume Sample for your reference.  

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Teacher Aide Resume Sample

Teacher Aide Resume Sample

Agnes M. Connelly

Address:         4652 Pierce Lane, Gold River, CA
Phone:            (916) 9012567
Email:             [email protected]
Current Job: Teacher Aide, South Ridge School, Sacramento, CA


CBEST licensed Teacher Aide with 5+ years of work experience, proficient in both English and Spanish and certified in CPR and First Aid seeks the opportunity to join Learners Circle as a Teacher Aide for Primary Students. Committed to support your teachers in executing instructional and behavioural support strategies aimed to nurture children’s passion for learning.


  • Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education
  • Passed California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) in 2017
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Valid Driver’s license

Work Experience

Teacher Aide, 2018 to present
Theodore Judah Elementary School, Sacramento, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reinforces teachers’ lessons and instructions by working closely with Grade 4 students who are experiencing difficulties.
  • Collaborates with teachers to develop creative methods of instruction to ensure active participation of students in class.
  • Facilitates and manages after school programs to provide supplementary lessons and homework assistance to 30 students.
  • Prepares weekly reading homework packets to improve students’ reading aptitude.
  • Organizes annual field trips and coordinates closely with head teachers for tour itinerary.

Teacher Aide, 2016-2018
Noralto Elementary School, Sacramento, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted Grade 3 Science and Math teachers in structuring and executing lesson plans.  Average class size: 25.
  • Checked notebooks, homework and quizzes.  Supervised makeup tests.
  • Provided one-on-one tutorials on students who were having difficulties with Math and Science.
  • Updated head teachers on students’ academic progress and behavioral patterns.
  • Volunteered to take down the minutes of the monthly meetings and furnished copies (printed and email) to Grade 3 teachers afterwards.

Teacher Aide, 2014-2016
Crocker-Riverside Elementary, San Diego, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted lead teachers in the preparation of lesson plans, quizzes, seat works, projects and long tests.
  • Supervised grade 3 students during lunch breaks, special events and field trips.
  • Set up the room before classes began and cleaned up after dismissal.
  • Prepared instructional materials and visual aids as directed by lead teachers.
  • Responded to parents’ queries on tuition fees, school programs, field trips and other school sanctioned extra-curricular activities.


Associate’s Degree of Elementary Education
Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA
2015-2017; GPA 3.7

High School
St. Andrew High School, San Diego, CA
2017-2015; GPA 3.7


  • CPR and First Aid Certification obtained from Red Cross in 2017

Personal information

Status: Single
Date of Birth: September 21, 1990
Hobbies include arts & crafts, playing guitar, swimming and soccer.

Assistant Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Luciana Brennan

Address: Chattanooga, TN 37421

Phone: (517) 825-0335

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Assistant Teacher at Colonial Heights Public Schools


My passion for teaching children with various learning needs stems from my personal experience with learning disabilities. I want to work in a school environment which will allow me to use my skills to the fullest and help underserved children.

Work Experience

Assistant Teacher, 2018 – present
Deshler High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with children to teach skills and concepts, especially those from a particular discipline (e.g., math, science, art)
  • Maintain children’s attention and direct their activities
  • Give verbal instructions to groups of children
  • Present materials at a meeting
  • Organize children’s activities
  • Set up and take down materials for children’s activities
  • Provide care for children with special needs

Assistant Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Bob Jones High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach students in the classroom, often under the supervision of a teacher
  • Provide assistance to a teacher with students who are having difficulty
  • Organize materials for an upcoming lesson
  • Maintain student records
  • Help with student discipline
  • Attend staff meetings

Entry-level Assistant Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Colonial Heights Public Schools

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize, and monitor classroom activities
  • Inspect all necessary materials for each lesson
  • Propose goals for each lesson
  • Teach lessons and instruct appropriate activities
  • Monitor student behaviour and discipline


  • Restructuring and metaphoric tasks
  • Assistance with the curriculum plan
  • Provide verbal and written feedback to teachers or parents
  • Help students with homework

Preschool Teacher Aide Resume Sample

Name: Roy Dyer

Address: Batavia, OH 45103

Phone: (493) 679-2251

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Preschool Teacher Aide at The Cub House


I am a professional preschool teacher aide who has a passion for working with young children. My experience has enabled me to be an effective teacher aide and I am a strong believer in early childhood education. I have extensive knowledge in teaching, creative arts, and child development. I am not just a preschool teacher aide, I am also a preschool teacher in training.

Work Experience

Preschool Teacher Aide, 2018 – present
Creative Campus

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Greet children with a smile and a kind word
  • Understand what’s happening with the children in the playroom
  • Help each child develop social skills, play skills and language skills
  • Provide supervision of children in the playroom
  • Work with teachers to plan hands on activities
  • Provide books, materials and support for class projects
  • Plan and lead creative activities like arts and crafts, story time, and music time

Preschool Teacher Aide, 2014 – 2018

Little Daisies

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Greet and welcome children to the classroom
  • Organize materials for the day’s lesson
  • Assist with snack time
  • Help children clean up the area for the next activity
  • Set up and organize teaching materials for the next activity
  • Encourage and praise children for their accomplishments

Entry-level Preschool Teacher Aide, 2012 – 2014

The Cub House

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the teacher in their duties
  • Assist in the preparation of material and equipment
  • Provide encouragement and assistance to children who need help
  • Assist with the maintenance of a safe and clean environment


  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage time efficiently
  • Ability to effectively complete tasks with minimum supervision
  • Knowledge of basic first aid

Infant and Toddler Teacher Aide Resume Sample

Name: Kaydence Wallace

Address: Saint Petersburg, FL 33702

Phone: (567) 793-9616

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Infant and Toddler Teacher Aide at The Fun Tree


I am looking for an Infant and Toddler Teacher Aide position with a reputable childcare center with the goal of providing quality care for children ages birth to 5 years old. My experience includes assisting children with activities such as learning colors, shapes, and numbers. I also have experience implementing age

Work Experience

Infant and Toddler Teacher Aide, 2018 – present
Discovery Cove

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide help in the care of infants and toddlers
  • Follow first aid policies
  • Monitor and report accidents
  • Prepare food including bottles, formula, and pureed food
  • Prepare formula, pureed foods, and other liquids
  • Monitor children while they sleep
  • Assist care providers with bathing infants and toddlers

Infant and Toddler Teacher Aide, 2014 – 2018

Little Dixie

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the safety and security of children by closely following established policies and procedures
  • Participate in team meetings, trainings, and other events as needed
  • Maintain a positive attitude at all times and enforce a positive environment
  • Provide food and beverages to children as needed
  • Prepare snacks and meals for children
  • Assist children with eating and meeting their nutritional needs by providing a well balanced diet

Entry-level Infant and Toddler Teacher Aide, 2012 – 2014

The Fun Tree

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain order and discipline for children
  • Plan, organize and conduct monthly programs for children
  • Monitor children’s behaviour to ensure safety
  • Plan, organize and implement individualized curriculum for children
  • Provide children with a variety of activities including arts and crafts, cooking, and reading


  • Knowledge of child development, child psychology, and child psychology
  • Experience working with children, such as babysitting, assisting in classrooms, coaching sports teams, or teaching Sunday school
  • Proficiency in infant and toddler care, including changing diapers and giving baths
  • Ability to administer medication and monitor for signs of illness

Early Childhood Teacher Aide Resume Sample

Name: Jett Kelley

Address: Mishawaka, IN 46544

Phone: (686) 312-6707

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Early Childhood Teacher Aide at The Launching Pad


I am a hardworking and dedicated individual with a passion for children. I have experience working with children of different ages and am excited to work in Early Childhood Education as a Teacher Aide.

Work Experience

Early Childhood Teacher Aide, 2018 – present
Easter Seals

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with children in a variety of activities
  • Facilitate the implementation of curriculum
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Perform administrative duties such as copying, faxing and scanning
  • Assist with lunchroom supervision and cleaning
  • Assist in the organization of child-centered rooms and bookshelves
  • Assist in the organization of student work for reports and projects
  • Assist with preparing activities for holiday parties

Early Childhood Teacher Aide, 2014 – 2018

Little Eagle

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support the Head Teacher in all duties
  • Provide for the safety and security of children in your care
  • Participate in designated training and development opportunities
  • Offer emotional support and encouragement to children
  • Play with children according to their developmental levels
  • Maintain a tidy classroom by picking up toys, books, balls, and other items that have been used
  • Complete assigned tasks as assigned by the Head Teacher

Entry-level Early Childhood Teacher Aide, 2012 – 2014

The Launching Pad

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist teachers with the supervision and care of children
  • Maintain a safe environment for children in accordance with the school’s policies
  • Perform administrative tasks such as answering phones, filing, sorting and mailing
  • Attend staff development workshops and in-service training sessions


  • Ability to maintain a safe environment for children
  • Knowledge of child development and child care needs for different age groups
  • Knowledge of child care laws, regulations and standards
  • Ability to organize and plan
  • Ability to provide appropriate solutions to problems

High School Teacher Aide Resume Sample

Name: Jaiden Jensen

Address: Madisonville, KY 42431

Phone: (944) 291-4657

Email: [email protected]

Current job: High School Teacher Aide at Franklin City Public Schools


My goal is to be a High School Teacher Aide where I can be an asset to the school and make a difference in the lives of young people. I am a hardworking, dependable and reliable person who is ready to give 100% of myself to this position.

Work Experience

High School Teacher Aide, 2018 – present
Central High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participates in classroom activities
  • Record grades, attendance
  • Assist with completion of all classwork
  • Assist with special assignments, projects, and homework
  • Place students in clubs and organizations based on grade level
  • Assist in planning and executing school assemblies

High School Teacher Aide, 2014 – 2018

Huntsville High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Handle discipline issues
  • Aid the teacher with lesson plans, homework, and grading
  • Distribute materials
  • Provide assistance as needed
  • Keep the classroom and teacher organized
  • Monitor students for safety

Entry-level High School Teacher Aide, 2012 – 2014

Franklin City Public Schools

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist teachers by organizing their classes
  • Gather and distribute student work to their respective classrooms
  • Collect and organize textbooks, books and other classroom materials
  • Clean, sweep and vacuum classrooms, hallways and other common areas


  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work with small children
  • Team player
  • Quick learner


Teacher Aide Resume Skills List

Teacher Aide Resume

When preparing a summary of your Teacher Aide resume skills, you should always refer to those referred to by the employer in the job post. It is very important to match the employer’s required skills. If you do not have them, either you work on acquiring these skills beforehand or skip the application altogether.

As you have noticed in our example for Teacher Aide resume, try to validate your scope of responsibilities with numbers. Here is a list of required and desired skills that majority of employers look for in their Teacher Aide applicants.  

  • Education.In some private schools, a high school degree is enough to qualify for a teacher aide’s position.  However, an associate’s degree in assistant teaching, early childhood development and other related courses will enhance your employability.It will also give you a stronger foundation in teaching assistance so it is best to take this route before you apply.  Also, more and more schools seek applicants who have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree plus a teacher assistant certification. Remember to check you state’s requirements prior to application.
  • Certification. You will need a teacher aide’s certification in order to practice in some states. For instance in New York, a Teaching Assistant Level 1 or Level 2 Certification is required.
    While in other cities, one can practice teaching assistance without certification but needs to pass the Basic Educational Skills Test to prove competencies on core subjects. Review your state requirements carefully to ensure full compliance before you apply for a job.
  • Commitment.If you are not ready to put the needs of children ahead of your own, this job is not for you.  Teacher aides must also have a passion for teaching in order to help in the development and progress of students under his/her care.One-on-one instructional method will only be effective when the teacher aide is committed to come up with ways to help students understand lessons better.
  • Excellent communication and observation skills.Since the job is targeted towards young learners, it is necessary for teacher aides to have the ability to make students understand lessons in simple ways.  The key here is to be capable of communicating at their comprehension level.You must also know how to read their expressions and quick to spot changes in their behavior.
    For example, if children are looking at you blankly while you are explaining, it means they cannot grasp what you are saying. Or if a child suddenly refuses to attend school, it may be an indication of bullying.
  • Patience.You must have innate love for children as your work will revolve around them.  Extreme patience is required because students have different learning abilities. Some get it right away while others need more time.
    Remember that the students always come first so understanding and accepting their limitations will help nurture their desire for learning.
  • Mentally and physically fit.Dealing with energetic and impulsive children day in out can be stressful. They have the power to wear you out mentally and physically. It is important that you have a sound mind and body in order to endure the challenges.How do you show employers that you are capable?  List hobbies that show you have the personality and ability to handle the job. For example, Yoga – shows that you can remain calm under pressure and running – proves you have strength and endurance
  • Computer skills.Basic computer skills are required so you can perform administrative duties too.  Many employers require knowledge on Microsoft programs. 
  • Additional skills. These are skills that are not strictly required but it’s treated a bonus if you have them. For example:  First Aid certification, fluency in other languages and driving skills.

Teacher Aide Resume Objective

Lay down all your strengths in your Teacher Aide resume objective as we did for Agnes:

  • CBEST licensed Teacher Aide
  • More than 5 years experience
  • Bilingual; proficient in English and Spanish
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid

The objective statement is the best section to share your value proposition. We made sure to have all of Agnes’ strong selling points in the first sentence for the resume objective for Teacher Aide example.

From here, keep it simple. As we did in the resume objective for Teacher Aide job, we proceeded to Agnes’ objective itself which is to “join Learners Circle as a Teacher Aide for Primary Students”.

Take note that Agnes frames her objective with a powerful statement which gives Learners Circle an idea of her approach toward her job.

“Committed to support your teachers in executing instructional and behavioral support strategies aimed to nurture children’s passion for learning.”

“Committed” and “Passion” are keywords that educational institutions are always looking out for.

Teacher Aide Resume Format

If your work history is consistent use the reverse chronological approach for your Teacher Aide resume format. This will allow the employer to make a quick assessment of your performance.

Use at least 5 bullet points to list your responsibilities under each job but make sure the information you provide are relevant to the job post description.

We used the reverse chronological to structure the sample resume format for Teacher Aide template and arranged it like this:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Personal Information

Entry Level Teacher Aide Resume

If you are submitting an entry level Teacher Aide resume, chances are the Head Teacher will be the one reviewing your application.

Your objective would be to convince the Head Teacher to give you the opportunity of becoming his or her aide by showing you can take instructions, have a great understanding of basic teaching concepts and have the perfect disposition for working with children.

Thus the functional format would be more ideal. Structure your resume this way:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Information

Include the work experience section only if you have relevant experience to share like internships or volunteer roles.  Specify the tasks assigned to you and include actual results of your contribution.  State the teaching certifications and the type of license you received.

Make sure to create a good first impression with your resume objective.  It is important to align your statement with the school’s mission and vision statement in order to show your earnest desire to contribute to the fulfilment of their goals.

Teacher Aide Resume Writing Tips

Generally teachers and schools want someone who they can work with. You will be expected to learn and get better on the job. How can you show this? The Teacher Aide resume you submit will be a good starting point:

  • Make sure it is an easy read; use bullet points and keep the sentences short and direct to the point.
  • Validate your claims with figures whenever possible.
  • Make sure there are no grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Use adjectives that are identifiable with your profession such as assisted, coordinated, collaborated and monitored.

Try to keep your resume short. Teacher Aides normally don’t have more than 5 years experience as they should be Head Teachers by then.

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