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English is globally considered the second language because it is widely used for business and as a medium of instruction in the learning institutions. To get the job, your English As A Second Language Teacher resume must be easily understood.

According to PayScale, an ESL Teacher with 1 to 4 years of work experience has a median annual salary of US$41,484. Those with more than 10 years of work experience can earn a median annual salary of US$54,495. There is good demand for ESL Teachers because many people want to become conversant in English.

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English As Second Language Teacher Resume Sample

English As Second Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Foster B. Rowlands
Address: 9978 Belmont Avenue, Brockton, MA
Phone: (774) 784 9865
Email: [email protected]

Current Job: ESL Teacher; Languages Internationale, Brockton, MA

Objective Statement

Certified ESL Teacher with a valid professional teaching license for the state of Massachusetts is desirous of joining your team of ESL Teachers at Belmont International Languages. I have 5 years of work experience including 3 years as an online ESL teacher. I bring onboard the best qualities for a teacher – patience, dedication, and a passion for learning.

Strengths/Special Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English; Stonehill College, Easton, MA
  • Certified ESL Teacher
  • Professionally-licensed in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Bilingual – Level 7 in Spanish
  • Highly-organized approach to teaching
  • Proficient in computers

Work Experience

ESL Teacher – 2017 to Present
Languages Internationale; Brockton, MA


  • Prepare lesson plans for ESL classes that are compliant with state and federal laws.
  • Conduct classes in a classroom setting with one-on-one consultations carried out via online channels.
  • Design long tests, quizzes, and recitation activities that will help students become more proficient in English when writing and conversing.
  • Review all test results in a comprehensive manner.
  • Identify students that are lagging behind.
  • Analyze performance results and prepare a course of action to address weak points in the learning process.
  • Discuss performance evaluations with parents and students.
  • Achieved a 97% success rate as an ESL Teacher.
  • Received a 92% satisfaction rating from students.

Online ESL Teacher – 2014 to 2017
English Global Instructors; Brockton, MA


  • English Global Instructors is a company based in South Korea that provides ESL services to locals and foreign students.
  • As an ESL Teacher, I worked from home teaching 4 students per day. The students were located in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.
  • Review the course materials provided by the company and prepare lesson plans based on the guidelines. 
  • Guide students during conversations in English for 45 minutes.
  • Give written tests to students in the last 15 minutes of the session.
  • Assess the performances of students and implement strategies to improve their ability to learn English.


Bachelor’s Degree 

Stonehill College
Easton, MA
2008 to 2012

High School

Brockton High School
Brockton, MA
2004 to 2008

3rd grade English as Second Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Deangelo Martin

Address: Arlington, MA 02474

Phone: (617) 424-2631

Email: [email protected]

Current job: 3rd grade English as Second Language Teacher at Piedmont High School


My goal is to provide a caring and enthusiastic learning environment for students of all ages. I am passionate about teaching and know that I can make a difference for my students. I am an out of this world educator with a proven track record of success and I am excited about my prospects in this profession. I have over two years of successful teaching experience in the greater metropolitan area. I am a bilingual teacher who has a proven track record of success.

Work Experience

3rd grade English as Second Language Teacher, 2018 – present Piedmont High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach students the basics of English such as reading and writing
  • Teach lessons and assignments
  • Perform duties such as grading, assigning homework and other tasks
  • Create lesson plans
  • Communicate with parents
  • Teach students to read at a level that suits them
  • Teach students to write at a level that suits them
  • Train teachers on new curriculum
  • Develop curriculum for the classroom
  • Communicate with parents

3rd grade English as Second Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Brooks High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for providing instruction in English as a second language to 3rd graders at the elementary level
  • Create lesson plans in accordance to the Common Core Standards and course syllabus
  • Evaluate and grade student’s work based on course syllabus and Common Core Standards
  • Implement different techniques to reach student’s individual learning needs
  • Prepare students for standardized testing and provide remediation when necessary
  • Attend staff meetings and workshops to remain informed of new

Entry-level 3rd grade English as Second Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Hillcrest High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Instruct students in the language arts, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Build skills in basic grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation
  • Provide feedback and guidance to students on improving their language skills
  • Teach students to use reading strategies such as skimming and scanning, predicting, and questioning
  • Work with parents and others to help students meet their language goals


  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Familiarity with a variety of education theories and approaches
  • Ability to educate students to the highest level of their abilities
  • Ability to use technology for educational purposes

Special Education English as Second Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Kali Mcguire

Address: Roslindale, MA 02131

Phone: (462) 526-2873

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Special Education English as Second Language Teacher at Holt High School


I am a passionate, dynamic, and engaging Special Education English as Second Language Teacher seeking a position with a supportive and collaborative school community. I have extensive experience in teaching children with diverse learning styles, as well as working with children on the autism spectrum and ADHD. I am able to work with children of various abilities and can offer expertise in literacy and mathematics instruction, as well as in differentiated instruction.

Work Experience

Special Education English as Second Language Teacher, 2018 – present Pleasant Valley High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design and conduct lessons that integrate language and content for students
  • Teach English as a second language to students, providing them with the skills needed to be successful in school and in their careers
  • Plan and teach lessons that use visual aids and multimedia to engage students in the learning process
  • Select and design appropriate learning activities for students with varied abilities, interests, and educational levels
  • Maintain a positive learning environment for students by providing individual attention, setting clear expectations, and establishing

Special Education English as Second Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Central High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach students in grades K-12 in the English as a Second Language program
  • Assist students with comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Create lesson plans that address the needs of ESL students
  • Design and implement classroom activities to meet student needs
  • Maintain reports and records for each student

Entry-level Special Education English as Second Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Holt High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and teach lessons to meet the needs of students who are English Language Learners
  • Develop and teach lessons to meet the needs of students with disabilities
  • Collaborate with teachers, parents, and students to develop plans for individualized education in the classroom
  • Design instructional systems that serve students with diverse instructional needs
  • Develop and lead effective training for teachers on instruction for English Language Learners and students with disabilities
  • Provide behavior management assistance as needed in the classroom


  • Experience with teaching ESL learners
  • Experience with managing a classroom
  • Experience with designing curriculums
  • Experience with grading assignments

Elementary English as Second Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Hana Andrade

Address: Savannah, GA 31404

Phone: (722) 536-3387

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Elementary English as Second Language Teacher at Northridge High School


I am looking for an ESL job as an elementary school teacher. I am a native speaker of English and have been teaching English as a second language for over ten years. I have experience teaching both in the United States and in China. I am passionate about languages and have experience teaching ESL to adults and children. I am eager to share my knowledge of ESL with a new generation of ESL learners.

Work Experience

Elementary English as Second Language Teacher, 2018 – present Saks High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach ESL to a diverse student population in a well-established school system
  • Evaluate and diagnose students’ language needs
  • Design, implement and evaluate curriculum appropriate for students according to their needs and abilities
  • Develop and implement learning objectives, lesson plans, and assessment strategies
  • Provide individualized instruction for struggling learners, including remediation and support for all personal, social, and academic

Elementary English as Second Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Florence High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Designing curriculum and lesson plans
  • Aiding in the teaching of English to students in an ESL classroom
  • Assisting with assessment and evaluation of student performance
  • Developing and delivering lectures on teaching methods and techniques
  • Scheduling, coordinating and monitoring class assignments
  • Maintaining student grades and attendance records
  • Assisting students with any problems that arise in the classroom, such as behavioral issues or homework problems
  • Assisting with developing a course curriculum for the

Entry-level Elementary English as Second Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Northridge High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach oral and written English to students of different nationalities and ages
  • Create lessons and provide materials to teach English to students
  • Maintain a positive and supportive teaching environment
  • Assess student progress and communicate results to parents
  • Develop curriculum and instructional plans and activities for students
  • Grade students’ written work and oral presentations
  • Maintain professionalism in front of the class


  • Ability to use and implement various methods for teaching English as a second language, such as direct instruction, communicative language teaching and reinforcement activities
  • Experience in teaching English as a second language to students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse learning needs
  • Familiarity with and willingness to work within an established curriculum
  • Ability to work collaboratively with teachers, administrators and parents in an effort to provide the best teaching and learning environment for students

Junior High English as Second Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Joey Beard

Address: Richmond Hill, NY 11418

Phone: (761) 861-9986

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Junior High English as Second Language Teacher at Northside High School


I am a student graduating from a liberal arts college with a bachelor’s degree in English, and I am interested in teaching elementary school students English as a Second Language.

Work Experience

Junior High English as Second Language Teacher, 2018 – present Weaver High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach students English as a Second Language
  • Develop learning objectives in collaboration with the classroom teacher
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to develop grade-level curriculum
  • Offer extra tutoring for students who need additional help in English
  • Create assessments that measure student progress
  • Write reports on progress of student progress
  • Track student achievement and provide feedback to parents
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of materials and resources for teaching English as a Second Language

Junior High English as Second Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Lexington High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach Junior High English as a Second Language
  • Present challenges to the students
  • Provide feedback for lessons to be more successful
  • Guide students through difficult parts of the lessons
  • Be a resource for students who are struggling with challenges
  • Prepare and present lessons to the class
  • Assign homework and tests for students
  • Provide feedback on students’ homework

Entry-level Junior High English as Second Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Northside High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach English to children with varying levels of proficiency
  • Implement a curriculum that is aligned with state standards
  • Provide individualized instruction for students who are struggling
  • Develop learning objectives for students that are based on the state standards
  • Provide parents with information about their child’s progress and performance
  • Monitor student behavior and identify students with behavioral problems


  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Ability to teach English as a second language
  • Comfortable teaching students aged 13 and up
  • Ability to plan and present lessons

How To Write A Good English As Second Language Teacher Resume

To teach English to someone whose first language is very different and distinct will be quite a challenge. It’s not just about becoming fluent in English but helping the student develop the skills to converse naturally within an English-speaking environment – that’s the goal.

To write a good ESL Teacher resume, it must contain information that will convince the school’s HR personnel that you have the necessary skills and experience to get their students to speak English as if it was their first language.

Proof of Qualification

To become an English Teacher, you must complete a 4-year course in English or in a related course such as Education, Psychology, Literature, and Creative Writing. 

In some cases, especially if the job is an international assignment, the employer may require a Master’s Degree in English.

Provide Certification

After you’ve completed your 4-year study and acquired your degree from the university, the next step is to be certified as a teacher in your state. 

Please check the requirements for getting licensed as a teacher in your state as the guidelines may vary from state-to-state.

To become an English as a Second Language Teacher, you will also be required to take up ESL Teaching certification. This is a program that teaches you how to assess the progress of your students, ways to teach grammar, and how to develop conversational skills.

Perfect Resume

Before sending out your resume, review it thoroughly to make sure there are no errors in spelling and grammar. 

If the recruiter sees these types of errors, your resume might find its way to the filing cabinet.

Knowledge of Computers

Although you will be working in a classroom setting most of the time, you should be knowledgeable about computers. 

Nothing complicated – basic software programs such as MS Office and a few platforms like Asana or Dropbox which are used for file-sharing and collaboration will suffice.

You may also find yourself teaching a student from a remote location. Being comfortable with technology will make online teaching much easier.

Show You’re Made of the “Right Stuff”

By the “right stuff”, we mean the ideal personality attributes for teaching such as:

  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Detail-oriented
  • Positive disposition
  • Disciplined
  • Results-oriented
  • Passionate
  • Concerned
  • Respectful
  • Excellent motivator

Having the right attitude will be a big factor in getting your students to learn faster because they will look forward to every teaching session with you.

English As Second Language Teacher Skills List

Bachelor’s degree in English – check. Certification as a teacher in your state – check. ESL Teaching certification – check.

With these 3 boxes checked – are you ready to become an ESL Teacher?

Not quite! Schools want to hire only the best candidates to entrust the learning and performance of their students. A college degree and certifications validate your position but there are other skills needed to land the job.

In a shortlist of qualified ESL teachers, often the differentiator is the set of soft skills – the behavioral attributes that guide your approach to teaching.


Language is a challenging skill to learn especially for those whose primary language is very distinct. Pronunciation, diction, and grammar are difficult to get right. And language proficiency must be achieved in speaking, writing, and reading.

Patience is a very important attribute to have as an ESL Teacher. Despite the popularity of Hollywood movies, American pop music, and YouTube, not everyone can pick up the English language fast.

You have to be very patient in the progress of your students. Some will lag more than others. As an ESL Teacher, you have to guide and keep them on course to becoming conversant in English.


When teaching English as a second language, there will be barriers to overcome. One of these barriers is communication and involves listening and articulating instructions. 

You will be conducting classes in front of many students whose attention and focus will vary from one individual to another. 

Good communication means having the ability to listen, pick out the nuances, and articulate your answers in a clear manner that is easily understood by everyone. Be mindful of reactions from others who may have slower comprehension.

After all, facial expressions are also a form of nonverbal communication!

Planning and Time Management

For a student who’s trying to learn English, the first few weeks may seem like he’s solving a gigantic puzzle – putting words and phrases together according to proper agreements, grammar, and structure. 

Organizing your lessons and teaching style will help your students understand the English language. 

  • Where should they start? 
  • How much time should I devote per lesson? 
  • What are the best methods to use for each lesson? 

Proper planning and time management will ensure your students that every session with you will be productive.

Ability to Assess Performance

A good ESL Teacher stays on top of his students’ progress. You have to closely review quizzes, long tests, and recitation performance. It is important to keep track of the students who are falling behind and pay attention to their level of progress. 

You may have to spend more time with the lagging students and require them to attend extra classes or take on more work.

Cultural Awareness

To prepare for the job, you must be educated and well-informed about the culture, traditions, and practices of your students. They will come from different regions of the world. 

The challenge for the ESL Teacher is to manage the differences between the students and to be mindful of how opinions, ideas, and thoughts are expressed to the class or a particular student. 

English As Second Language Teacher Duties And Responsibilities For The Work Experience Section

What does a day in your life as an English as Second Language Teacher look like? This is what the recruiter wants to see in your work experience section. There are 2 possible mistakes that a job applicant can do when describing his duties and responsibilities.

First, he writes generic descriptions. Not only are they generic, but the descriptions are generalized. The descriptions read as if they were copied and pasted from a resume website. They don’t differentiate him from other applicants who did the same thing. 

Second, he tries to impress the recruiter by writing complicated job descriptions. The sentences are too long; there are multiple verbs per job description and the recruiter ends up confused.

To write an effective ESL Teacher work experience section, follow these tips:

Use the Reverse Chronological Format

If you have impressive tenure – at least 2 years of work experience without an unemployment gap exceeding 4 months – use the reverse-chronological format. 

The reverse-chronological format shines the spotlight on your work experience section. In this format, “Work Experience” is found in the middle of the resume. The other sections are written in a way that supports the job descriptions provided by the Work Experience section:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Strengths
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications/Licenses

With the reverse-chronological, you start off your work experience section by describing the duties and responsibilities you handled with your last employer. If you are presently employed, then you will describe the duties and responsibilities you are handling now. 

From there, you work back to your earliest experience as an ESL Teacher. Don’t include work experience that’s not relevant to the position. 

Present Duties and Responsibilities in Chronological Order

To create the perfect “day-in-the-life” scenario, your job descriptions should entice imagery. The best way to do this is to present your duties and responsibilities in chronological order. 

How did you start your day? What is the sequence of activities you go through on a regular basis? How do you end your day?

Here’s an example:

  • Review the lessons that will be taught to the students for the day.
  • Perform a quick review of the students’ assessment file; identify the students that require more focused learning. 
  • Confirm the day’s agenda; do follow-up calls to verify meetings and appointments scheduled for the day.
  • Welcome the students to class and encourage everyone to have a productive day.
  • Confirm the day’s attendance.
  • Carry out classroom sessions as scheduled and laid out in the agenda.
  • Review test results for quizzes, long tests, or recitation that were carried out in the day’s session.
  • Conduct one-on-one tutorial sessions with lagging students.
  • Meet with parents to discuss the performance of their child. 
  • Review the current agenda to ensure these confirm with federal and state laws. 

Keep Descriptions of Your Duties and Responsibilities Simple

As an ESL Teacher, you teach foreign students to be conversant in English. Think of your resume in the same way. The job descriptions must be “conversant” to the recruiter – they should be easily understood.

Thus, write in a conversational manner. How would you describe your duties and responsibilities if the recruiter was right in front of you? 

If you want to impress the recruiter – make sure there are no mistakes in spelling and grammar!

Give Details

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you scrimp on the details. For recruiters, it’s all in the details. These are the snippets of information that will differentiate you from other candidates. 

Be concise when giving details. Stick to the main points of your job. The purpose of providing details is to show the recruiter you know your job very well.

Use the Right Verbs

Using the right verbs makes it easier for the recruiter to connect your job descriptions with your qualifications as an ESL Teacher. It’s like “verb association”. 

Here is a list of the best verbs to use for an ESL Teacher work experience section:

  • Review
  • Assess
  • Evaluate
  • Perform
  • Conduct
  • Teach
  • Test
  • Meet
  • Collaborate
  • Coordinate
  • Discuss
  • Consult

Entry Level English As Second Language Teacher Resume

If you have an entry-level English As Second Language Teacher resume, you have to overcome the perceived lack of experience by highlighting your strengths. 

Use the Functional Format 

With the functional format, work experience is located near the bottom of your resume. You’re not trying to hide it but instead, you want to draw more attention to your main selling points such as:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Certification as ESL Teacher
  • Licensed to teach in the state

Include Informal Work Experience 

Did you work as a volunteer English Teacher for a community outreach program? Did you accept work as an online English Teacher for foreign students? 

These are examples of informal work experiences that the recruiter will consider for your work experience section. Provide as much detail as possible such as the nationalities you taught and the number of hours you worked.

Special Skills – the Game Changer  

Special skills such as being proficient in a foreign language will set you apart from other candidates. Being bilingual or multilingual will make it easier to communicate with foreign students. 

If the hiring is slow, don’t fret. Consider working as an online ESL Teacher where you will be more accessible to other nationalities. There are several Internet job sites that post job ads for ESL Teachers, The time spent as an online ESL Teacher will add to your experience and increase your viability in the job market.

In many cases, people who come from countries with a low level of English proficiency will travel across the world to make it their second language. If you’re an experienced English as Second Language (ESL) Teacher, you can have an international career as a teacher in a foreign land. 

Whether you want to work at a local school, a foreign language institute, or in another country, the first step always starts with your ESL Teacher Resume. You may be an ESL Teacher but if the recruiter looks at your resume as if it was written in Greek, your quest for the job may be over. 

Before submitting your application, study our ESL Teacher resume sample. Then, read our valuable tips on how to write an amazing ESL Teacher resume.

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