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Are you teaching a foreign language and you have decided that you need a job change? Then it’s time to write your resume and add all the information that are relevant for the potential employer. In this article we’ll show you a foreign language teacher resume example and explain what you can write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Also check the most common job interview questions and be prepared to grab the job.

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Foreign Language Teacher Resume Sample

Kirsten Mir

Address:             218 S. 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone:                  (520) 623-6323
Email:                   [email protected]
Current job:       Spanish teacher at Tucson High School


To gain employment as a teacher of Spanish language, literature, and composition at an outstanding high school and to continue spreading love for the Spanish language by instilling passion for the subject in the hearts and minds of high school students.


  1. Extensive experience teaching many aspects of Spanish to high school students, from literature, to grammar and composition, to film and culture review
  2. An outgoing, dynamic, and fun personality and teaching style
  3. Excellent public relations skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills
  4. Experience teaching Advanced Placement classes and preparing students for the AP Spanish exam
  5. Experience as a counselor and advisor
  6. Experience and knowledge about teaching effectively to suit various learning styles
  7. Ability to work quickly and effectively under pressure, very motivated
  8. Ability to foster a lively and enthusiastic classroom learning environment
  9. Detail oriented
  10. Ability to organize and prioritize workload effectively
  11. Flexible and adaptable to change
  12. Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  13. Ability to work independently or in a team environment
  14. Experience in organizing and fostering community activities


Spanish Language and Composition Teacher, 2017-present
Tucson High School, Tucson, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teach Spanish language and composition classes to a diverse array of students of varying ages and abilities
  • Plan and organize hands-on activities that encourage active student participation, involvement, and team work
  • Advisor for Spanish club, focus on fostering student leadership and organizing social events, conversation tables, and cultural events
  • Maintain an orderly, peaceful, and positive learning environment, applying disciplinary measures when necessary
  • Incorporating cultural and historical components into the curriculum to diversify and expand learning material

Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture Teacher, 2015-2017
Sunnyside High School, City of South Tucson, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Taught a diverse array of classes to students of various ages and learning backgrounds
  • Taught the highly popular courses: Intro to Chicana/o Literature and Latinn-American History
  • Fostered a positive classroom environment with mutual respect and consideration as collective goals
  • Organized and guided students in a collective mural painting of Chicana/o history
  • Taught Advanced Placement courses, with 80% student passing rate
  • Advisor for Spanish club and the student literary magazine

Spanish Language Teacher, 1998-2015
City High School, Tucson, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Taught Spanish classes to students grades 9-12
  • Taught Advanced Placement courses
  • Implemented a variety of teaching tools to accommodate all learning styles
  • Provided special afterschool learning tutoring sessions and conversation tables
  • Served as advisor to student council
  • Encouraged a multimedia and multi-dimensional curriculum that integrated language, history, arts, and culture
  • Fostered a positive and safe learning atmosphere


University Arizona
Masters in Hispanic Literature, 1996-1998
B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature 1992-1996

Tucson High School
High School Diploma
Valedictorian (4.0 GPA)


  1. Topics in 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st Century Spanish Literature
  2. Language in the Mexican American Experience
  3. Topics in Literary Theory & Criticism
  4. Hispanic Linguistics
  5. Brazilian Literature in Film
  6. Second Language Theory & Application
  7. Portuguese language & linguistics
  8. Spanish Translation and Interpretation
  9. Indigenous languages of Latino America
  10. US-Mexico Border: Separation & Integration
  11. Politics of Latin America
  12. History of Women in Latin America
  13. Studied Abroad in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina

Personal information

  • Married, with one child
  • Date of Birth: August 20, 1974
  • Hobbies: traveling, documentary films, writing and reading poetry

High School Foreign Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Naima Griffith

Address: Superior, WI 54880

Phone: (462) 996-0378

Email: [email protected]

Current job: High School Foreign Language Teacher at Thermalito Union School


I am a dedicated and passionate teacher who is always looking for ways to improve my craft and my students’ learning experience. I’m a self-starter who is always looking to find new and innovative ways to reach my students.

Work Experience

High School Foreign Language Teacher, 2018 – present
Berry High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach high school students a new language
  • Work with students on conversational skills
  • Work with students on their pronunciation
  • Work with students on writing skills
  • Create activity plans to create an entertaining and educational classroom
  • Create lesson plans for the entire year
  • Write tests and quizzes

High School Foreign Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Monroe Intermediate School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare relevant material for the course syllabus
  • Grade work, hold weekly conferences with students, and give feedback on assignments
  • Participate in departmental meetings, lead curriculum development, and serve on committees
  • Engage in research and publications to stay up to date on latest developments in the field
  • Attend conferences, workshops, and other professional development events to improve teaching and leadership skills
  • Maintain a professional appearance

Entry-level High School Foreign Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Thermalito Union School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Instruct a course in foreign language
  • Develop lessons, lesson plans, and grading rubrics to teach a foreign language
  • Create and maintain a learning environment that is enjoyable and conducive to learning
  • Develop learning objectives that are aligned with the language curriculum
  • Plan and implement individualized lesson plans for each student in the class
  • Hold daily formal classroom periods and weekly informal conversational sessions with students in an effort to improve their knowledge of the foreign


  • Communicate fluently in French, Spanish, and English
  • Teach high school level foreign language courses

Preschool Foreign Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Alan Davenport

Address: Attleboro, MA 02703

Phone: (971) 833-4013

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Preschool Foreign Language Teacher at Bret Harte Union High School


I am an energetic and passionate Preschool Foreign Language Teacher with a deep understanding of all aspects of the teaching profession. I am a patient and creative educator who has a deeply rooted belief in the power of early childhood education. I am committed to the success and future of each child and I am a lifelong learner who is always striving to improve my skills.

Work Experience

Preschool Foreign Language Teacher, 2018 – present
Hubbertville School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Partake in daily lesson planning for the preschoolers
  • Communicate with parents about the progress of their child’s language development
  • Evaluate the progress of children and make any necessary adjustments to their daily plan to ensure that they are learning
  • Work to make the classroom dynamic and engaging for the preschoolers
  • Create a safe and fun learning environment for the children to enjoy
  • Promote a supportive and collaborative environment with students and staff

Preschool Foreign Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Alabama Christian Academy

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach foreign languages to preschoolers
  • Prepare lesson plans for each day
  • Create and organize materials for classes
  • Create and organize a class syllabus
  • Create and organize a grading system for assignments
  • Confirm with parents that their child will attend class each day
  • Confirm with parents that their child will be attending the school for the entire semester
  • Oversee students during games and exercises

Entry-level Preschool Foreign Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Bret Harte Union High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach preschool foreign language to children
  • Conduct curriculum and lesson plans
  • Organize and maintain a classroom environment


  • Fluency in Spanish and English
  • Ability to teach preschool-aged children Spanish and English
  • Strong organizational skills

Middle School Foreign Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Campbell Braun

Address: Flint, MI 48504

Phone: (218) 621-2197

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Middle School Foreign Language Teacher at Calaveras Unified School


I have extensive knowledge of the Spanish language and have worked for a variety of schools, both private and public, in a number of capacities. I am an excellent communicator and teacher who is passionate about helping others to develop their skills as second language learners, as well as providing them with cultural awareness. I am dedicated to providing all students with a high level of teaching, building a positive and welcoming classroom environment, and continuing to learn, teach and grow.

Work Experience

Middle School Foreign Language Teacher, 2018 – present
Belgreen High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach middle school foreign language
  • Develop lesson plans for middle school language classes
  • Assign reading material for middle school language classes
  • Inspire students to learn more about a foreign language
  • Guide students in writing, reading, and speaking a foreign language
  • Train new staff members
  • Create and maintain student records
  • Coordinate with parents and teachers in regards to student progress

Middle School Foreign Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Booker T. Washington High Magnet School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare a lesson plan for each class
  • Create an engaging environment for students to teach in
  • Maintain student records
  • Assign and grade homework
  • Develop lesson plans
  • Prepare and administer tests
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned

Entry-level Middle School Foreign Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Calaveras Unified School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides guidance to students in the areas of foreign language, English, and other courses.
  • Assigns assessments and grades students.
  • Assists with lesson preparation and planning.
  • Assists with the development of classroom activities and materials.
  • Works with students on the development of study skills, test-taking skills, and critical thinking skills.
  • Delivers lectures, group discussions, and presentations.


  • Fluent in two languages
  • Expertise in teaching grammar and vocabulary
  • Ability to teach pronunciation, phonics and regional dialects

Substitute Foreign Language Teacher Resume Sample

Name: Abbie Berry

Address: Park Forest, IL 60466

Phone: (745) 472-4010

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Substitute Foreign Language Teacher at Mark Twain Union Elementary School


I am a passionate and experienced foreign language teacher with a bachelor’s degree. I want to substitute teach at your school in order to help the students grow in their knowledge of foreign languages and cultures.

The Substitute Foreign Language Teacher must be willing to work with a wide range of ages, including children as well as adults. They must also be comfortable working with a diverse student body, including those with disabilities.

Work Experience

Substitute Foreign Language Teacher, 2018 – present
Phil Campbell High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teach students in a foreign language, typically for periods of one to three days, at schools or organizations
  • Prepare to teach a class by reviewing the course syllabus and materials
  • Deliver lessons in the student’s native language to a classroom of students
  • Assess student progress and administer tests
  • Provide feedback to the school or organization on student progress
  • Consult with the principal, teachers, or administrators about student progress
  • Prepare lesson plans for upcoming

Substitute Foreign Language Teacher, 2014 – 2018

Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with foreign language teachers to teach their classes
  • Take notes on lessons to create a report that can be sent to the original teacher
  • Return all materials to the appropriate location
  • Work with other substitute teachers to cover as many classes as possible
  • Supervise students and make sure they are safe
  • Go over the lesson and provide feedback after the class is over

Entry-level Substitute Foreign Language Teacher, 2012 – 2014

Mark Twain Union Elementary School

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop lesson plans and teach six to eight classes per day
  • Cover for absent teachers
  • Work in a team to make sure the students are being taught
  • Help prepare students for exams and tests
  • Give feedback on students’ work
  • Assist with other school activities such as field trips


  • Ability to speak, read and write Spanish and English
  • Can work with children and adolescents

Advice for Your Foreign Language Teacher Job Interview

As important as checking online resources for foreign Language Teacher resume samples is, merely doing so will not be enough to get you a teaching position at the institution you are applying at. Here are some other suggestions that will take you closer to getting that dream teaching post:

 Make the Necessary Updates on Your Foreign Language Teacher resume

Now is the time to polish your resume or your curriculum vitae. Refresh it with the details of your recent work experiences, latest trainings, and other necessary updates. Proofread the entire document for the presence of grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors. You won’t want the littlest of blunders hindering you from making the best impression possible. It is also a good idea to refresh your memory on the information included in your resume; your future employer is sure to ask in-depth questions on them.

Know the Background of the School You Are Seeking Employment At

No, you do not need to search for the school’s hidden skeletons. Instead, get to know what the school is like and know the most basic things about it. Acquaint yourself with the school’s history, philosophy, and profile. It will also be helpful to research on the job position you are aiming for. All these will not only set proper expectations, they will also prepare you for a smooth and successful interview. Nothing reflects an immense interest in the job and the institution like being able to answer questions about them. Now, that is something an interviewer will find impressive!

Gear Yourself Up for a Phone Interview

Sometimes, employers like to do a quick interview over the phone before inviting you over for a more comprehensive one. Even though the phone interview sounds a bit informal, you should never mistake it as less important. This is your time to convince your future employer that you are THE candidate for the job so it is extremely vital to prepare for this short encounter as well.

Constant Correct Practice Makes for a Favourable Interview Outcome

In order to feel comfortable with answering a variety of questions, you must practice your responses to them. Enlist the help of a family member, friend, or colleague to run through the common questions with you. A voice recorder will also do. Here are some questions you might like to prepare for:

  • What is the importance and relevance of learning a foreign language in today’s world?
  • Why is it imperative for high school students to be fluent in Spanish?
  • What are your personal top three priorities in the classroom?
  • How do you make sure students with learning difficulties have an equal voice and opportunity to learn in the classroom?
  • How do you engage students and foster collective learning and participation?
  • Why are you interested in teaching at this facility as compared to elsewhere?
  • What great changes can you bring about for this school?

After the interview is over, you might want to get the answers to some of your own questions. Remember that questions about salary and compensations should only be asked upon being offered the job. Below is a list of some sample questions you can ask your interviewer:

  • What percentage of students takes AP classes at the school?
  • Does the school encourage engagement with the curriculum and suggestions to its improvement?
  • What policies and standards should be followed for an employee to raise his or her concerns?
  • How does the school ensure the highest possible standards of employee performance?
  • How does the school assist students with difficulties keeping up in class or have learning disabilities?

Project a Professional Aura

To get hired, you must be oozing with professionalism at every turn. The day, or even days, before the interview, decide on clothes you will be wearing. Jeans, t-shirts, and other equally casual attire won’t do. Reject these items, and go for slacks, dress shirts, blouses, or business suits. Of course, professionalism is not defined by just what you have on. Be polite throughout the session, and remember to express gratitude at being granted the opportunity to apply. Lastly, do a follow up a few days or weeks after the interview.

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