Assistant Teacher Resume Sample

If you are planning to build a successful career as a Teacher, consider starting out as an Assistant Teacher. Learn the ropes and develop an understanding of what a Teacher’s job is all about. You’ll be surprised to know a lot goes behind-the-scenes in the teaching profession. If it wasn’t for the Assistant Teacher, Teachers wouldn’t be able to do their jobs properly. Are you convinced? First, let’s grade your Assistant Teacher resume!

The real currency you earn will be from the experience you gain as an assistant to the Teacher. You get to see how a professional Teacher performs in a classroom environment and observe the interactions between the Teacher and students.

Now, you’re probably not the only one who thinks this way. For sure, there are others who want to use the Assistant Teacher position as a springboard for a full-time teaching career. Thus, you must have an A+ Assistant Teacher resume to get the position over the other job applicants.

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Assistant Teacher Resume Sample

Assistant Teacher Resume Sample

Mary G. Walters

Address: 45789 N. 8th Street, Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (612) 746 9874
Email: [email protected]
Current Job: Assistant Teacher; Southside High School, Minneapolis, MN.

Objective Statement

Professionally licensed teacher in the state of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education; I have been an Assistant Teacher for 4 years and I am interested in furthering my career in Highland High School’s respected institution. Teaching is a passion of mine; my belief is that the health and well-being of our nation depends on our ability to provide high quality education to our students.

Strengths/Special Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  • Professional Teacher; licensed in Minnesota
  • Knowledge of computers – MS Office, MyEdu, and Photoshop
  • Bilingual – Level 4 Spanish
  • Patience
  • Detail-oriented
  • Positive disposition

Work Experience

Assistant Teacher; 2018 to Present
Southside High School; Minneapolis, MN


  • Collaborate with the Lead Teacher in preparing lesson plans, school activities, and exams.
  • Perform classroom instruction if the Lead Teacher is unable to report for work.
  • Perform an assessment of each student’s performance as a basis for career pathing.
  • Monitor the performance of the students during classroom recitation.
  • Check, analyze, and organize the test results of students.
  • Formulate ways to improve the course outline; discuss recommendations with the Lead Teacher.
  • Respond to urgent communique in a timely manner.
  • Attend to all incoming phone calls.
  • Review and confirm the weekly schedule of the Lead Teacher.
  • Provide consultation/tutorial services to the students.
  • Meet with the parents to discuss the performance of the students.
  • Upload test results and performance statistics in the student database.

Assistant Teacher; 2016 to 2018
Academy of Higher Learning; Minneapolis, MN


  • Prepare lesson plans and school activities for the year.
  • Submit proposed lesson plans and activities to the Lead Teacher for review.
  • Implement and track performance of the class curriculum.
  • Filter the inbox of the Lead Teacher.
  • Perform classroom instruction in the absence of the Lead Teacher.
  • Review, check, grade, and evaluate the test results of the students.
  • Provide feedback of the performance to the students and their parents.


Bachelor’s Degree
Augsburg University
Minneapolis, MN
2010 to 2014

High School
Southwest High School
Minneapolis, MN
2006 to 2010


How To Write A Good Assistant Teacher Resume Sample

What makes a good Assistant Teacher resume? As an assistant, you will be entrusted to attend to duties and responsibilities that will help remove some of the load from the Lead Teacher so he can perform his primary task of teaching the students.

Your Assistant Teacher resume should convince the recruiter that you are the candidate who can contribute the most to ensuring the productivity and effectiveness of the Lead Teacher.

Here are proven tips on writing a good Assistant Teacher resume:

Write a Solid Objective Statement

The Objective Statement is your reason or purpose for applying for the position. It occupies a small section of your resume but the objective statement can deliver big results when written properly.

When writing your objective statement, put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter and ask yourself why the school should hire you? Go further and ask “What do I have that will make the school say ‘Yes’ to my resume?”

Thus, phrase your objective statement like a sales pitch – summarize your strongest selling points in 3 to 4 sentences. Talk to the recruiter. That means write the objective statement in a conversational manner.

Validate Your Achievements

For the school to trust the performance of a Teacher in your hands, you must prove your capability. What have you achieved in your career that makes you the best candidate for the job?

  • Were you an honor student?
  • Did you graduate at or near the top of your class?
  • How many students did you handle as an Assistant Teacher in your previous or current employment?
  • Did you introduce any program or activity in the school that yielded positive results for the students?
  • Were you involved in an activity which helped the school win a competition?

To validate your achievements, always support them with numbers. For example, you can write:

“Preside as Head Coach for the school’s Spelling Bee team that won its first overall city championship last 2017; the team got 99.4% of the words correctly spelled.”

Highlight Your Qualifications

Even for Assistant Teachers, one of the first qualifications that a school will look for is if you’re a certified or licensed professional teacher.

You cannot teach unless you are professionally-licensed in the state. It doesn’t matter how good the rest of your qualifications are; you must be licensed to teach.

Avoid Making Costly Errors

Errors in spelling and grammar on a resume leave a bad impression you may never recover from. In some jobs, spelling and grammatical errors can be forgiven. But not as an Assistant Teacher.

Run your resume through a spelling and grammar-checking software after you’re done writing it. Don’t be content about getting a perfect score from the software. Trust us when we say, even computer software can make mistakes.

Give your resume multiple reviews before sending it out to schools. If possible, have a friend give it a quick read-through.

Assistant Teacher Skills List

There is more to becoming a good Assistant Teacher than knowing how to teach. In fact, since for the most part, you will be performing a supporting role there are other skills that may come to the forefront.

What abilities should be on your Assistant Teacher skills list?

Academic Qualifications

Like many professions, a person who completed a four-year course and acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or other related disciplines will have a better chance of getting hired than someone with an Associate Degree.

Knowledge of Computers

Blackboards and chalk may still exist in schools, but a lot of the work is now being transferred to tablets, e-books, and other technological innovations.

What software programs will recruiters be looking for in your Assistant Teacher resume?

  • MS Office
  • Classroom software – MyEdu, Moodle Sakai, Canvas, and Blackboard Learn
  • Photoshop
  • Moviemaker

Administrative/Basic Office Skills

As an assistant to the Lead Teacher, you will have to provide administrative support such as:

  • Responding to emails
  • Taking calls
  • Managing the calendar
  • Performing research
  • Preparing teaching materials
  • Preparing tests and quizzes
  • Planning some of the class activities
  • Taking the classroom attendance
  • Reviewing test results
  • Assist in student evaluation

In some instances, you might be asked to represent the Lead Teacher during meetings with the parents or the faculty and in a few school events.

Desired Soft Skills

Are you cut out to be an Assistant Teacher? You may have hard skills such as a Bachelor’s Degree, knowledge of computers, and administrative skills, but do you have the “right stuff” to become an effective Assistant Teacher?

The “right stuff” is the stuff you acquire from the School of Life – your experiences growing up – the values and personality traits that made you who you are. The right stuff is also called Soft Skills.

What soft skills are ideal to become a good Assistant Teacher?

  • Passionate about learning and teaching
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A+ Interpersonal Skills
  • Very well organized in his approach to work
  • A+ in time management
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Creative thinker
  • Problem solver

Lastly, to become a good Teacher, not just a good Assistant Teacher, you must practice Cultural Relativism.

This means to accept the culture of others and not judge their practices based on your own beliefs and traditions.

Many schools are highly-diversified in terms of race and culture. As an Assistant Teacher, you must accept everyone as equals in the classroom and outside the confines of the school.

Assistant Teacher Duties And Responsibilities For The Work Experience Section

For many teachers around the world, the Assistant Teacher is a breath of fresh air. Without the Assistant Teacher, it would be hard for the Lead Teacher to do his job properly.

Now, someone can manage some of the duties and responsibilities and the Teacher can focus on his primary objective – teaching the students to the best of his ability.

The duties and responsibilities of an Assistant Teacher may vary depending on the curriculum, the teaching methods employed, and the requirements of the Lead Teacher.

In general, the Assistant Teacher’s duties and responsibilities cover the following areas:

  • Administrative functions
  • Hands-on teaching
  • Planning, managing, and implementing activities

Therefore, your descriptions of your duties and responsibilities should touch on these functions.

For example:

  • Review the course curriculum, list of activities, and lesson plans as prepared by the Lead Teacher.
  • Provide inputs, recommendations, and suggestions on how to improve and carry out the lesson plan.
  • Perform an attendance check on the students on a daily basis.
  • Monitor the behavior and the performance of the students while the Lead Teacher is teaching.
  • Manage specific groups of students that have been identified by the Lead Teacher during group activities.
  • Evaluate the test results and recitation scores of the students.
  • Conduct classroom instruction in the absence of the Lead Teacher.
  • Filter the email of the Lead Teacher; respond to urgent messages and inform the Lead Teacher of the specifics.
  • Attend to incoming phone calls while the Teacher is conducting instruction.
  • Meet with the parents of the students to discuss their performances.

It’s important to use the right verbs to start each description. In the example of a work experience section for an Assistant Teacher resume, we used verbs such as perform, conduct, evaluate, meet, and review.

Verbs such as assist and teach can be used although they are fairly obvious. Can you still use them? Yes, but limit their usage when creating job descriptions. Instead, opt for synonyms as follows:

  • Assist – Collaborate, Aid, Boost, Facilitate, Reinforce
  • Teach – Instruct, Advise, Consult, Coach, Tutor, Train

We also recommend including your achievements as an Assistant Teacher in the work experience section. This was discussed in the section “How to Write a Good Assistant Teacher Resume” and we included an example.

Entry Level Assistant Teacher Resume

Worried about the chances of getting the job with your entry-level Assistant Teacher resume? You’re not alone. There’s a good chance the majority of those applying for the Assistant Teacher are entry-level applicants themselves.

Thus, you need to create distance from them. How do you make your entry-level Assistant Teacher resume stand out from the rest?

Highlight Your Bachelor Degree

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching or in a specialized subject such as Math, English, or Science will give you a big advantage over someone who only has a 2-year Associate Degree.

Put Your Certifications and License Front and Center

Let the recruiter know that you are qualified to teach in the state. If you other relevant certifications from specialized courses such as Creative Writing, Effective Communication, and other subjects included in the curriculum, include this information in your resume.

Include Informal Work Experience

Informal work experience is teaching work that is performed outside a formal setting such as a classroom.

Here are examples of informal work experience:

  • Online teaching
  • Volunteer teaching services
  • Freelance teaching jobs

These types of work experience allow you to practice and hone your skills as a Teacher.

Share Your Purpose with the Recruiter

Your purpose is your “why”.

Why do you want to become a teacher?

Share your purpose with the recruiter. Tell him why you decided to follow this humble profession. Recruiters often use the objective statement as a way to gauge the personality of the job applicant.

Just be honest with your story. It won’t take much for an experienced recruiter to know if you’re being sincere or just trying to pull on his heartstrings.

Demand for Assistant Teachers has been measured by the BLS at 4% per annum which is still faster than the job market average. Keep trying to look for a job. In time and with persistence, you will become someone’s Teaching Assistant.

Felix T. Web

I founded ResumeOK in 2011 to help people increase their chances of getting a better job. I am a career expert that has reviewed and written thousands of resumes. During my career, I found patterns that make a resume successful. Together with our team, we are sharing insights and knowledge in our resume samples and career articles. Do you have a question or need help? Just contact us here.

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