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Is your Restaurant Assistant Manager resume good enough to get you the job in the new restaurant that is opening? If you are not confident, don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. Part of the food experience is the presentation. The same can be said about your resume. Upon first look, it should impress the recruiter. Does this mean you should make your resume look good? Yes and no. Yes, it should look good but in terms of content.

Our career experts have created several Restaurant Assistant Manager resume examples and samples to give you a better understanding on what recruiters want to see on the skills, objective statement and responsibilities sections of your resume. Explore our resume examples and use them as a template or reference for building up yours.

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restaurant assistant manager resume sample

Expert Approved Resume Samples

Our samples are written by career experts with over 10 years of experience in resume writing.

Get inspired and explore what’s recommended to write in each section of the resume.

Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume Sample

Adrienne T. Vincent

Address:          5122 Calanda Street, Laughlin, NV

Phone:               (702) 996 3741

Email:                [email protected]

Current job:     Restaurant Assistant Manager; El Ranchero Mexican Grillhouse, Calanda, Laughlin, NV.

Objective :

10 years in the foodservice industry; rose through the ranks from dining staff to kitchen crew to Team Leader and finally, Restaurant Assistant Manager. I am knowledgeable with all stations of the restaurant including back office duties such as inventory keeping, time-keeping, and crew payroll preparation. During my time as part of the kitchen crew, I handled all stations: grill, fry, food prep, and dessert preparation. I have experience troubleshooting and maintaining charbroilers, conveyor broilers, turbo fryers, griddles, stovetops, baking ovens, and rotisserie ovens. As a Restaurant Assistant Manager, I have prepared work shift schedules, conducted meetings, reviewed P/L statements, collaborated in marketing, managed POS and run cash counts, handled customer service, and acted as company liaison with suppliers and vendors.

Skills :

  • 10 years experience in the restaurant industry.
  • 6 years experience as Restaurant Assistant Manager.
  • Associate Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration.
  • Knowledgeable in all areas of the restaurant.
  • Knowledgeable in all sections of the kitchen.
  • Experienced in administrative/ back office work.
  • Proficient in various POS equipment.
  • Trustworthy; manages the restaurant in the absence of the Restaurant Manager.
  • Customer-focused; dedicated to providing excellent customer service.
  • Excellent motivator; encourages the team to give their best every day.

Work Experience

Restaurant Assistant Manager; 2020 to Present

El Rancho Mexican Grill; Calanda, Laughlin, NV.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Winner, Trip Advisor “Best Mexican Restaurant” in Nevada – 2016, 2015, and 2017.
  • Assists the Restaurant Manager in running the restaurant.
  • Presides over restaurant operations in the absence of the Restaurant Manager.
  • Prepares the work shift schedule of the food service and dining crew.
  • Opens and closes the restaurant as instructed by the Restaurant Manager.
  • Performs QA inspections on food stocks.
  • Prepares production schedule for the grill, rotisserie, and salad preparation teams.
  • Reviews and audits inventory count that was conducted by the stockman.
  • Audits and runs random cash counts on the POS.
  • Prepares request and requisition forms for submission to Purchasing.
  • Reviews and discusses P/L Statement with Restaurant Manager.
  • Collaborates with the Marketing team on new store promotions.
  • Immediately addresses and resolves conflicts among personnel.
  • Manages each station or area of the store as needed; covers kitchen section in case of a massive backlog in food orders, assists customers
  • in the dining area and handles all billing concerns.

Team Leader; 2017 to 2020

El Rancho Mexican Grill; Calanda, Laughlin, NV.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Received deliveries of raw materials, packaging, sauces, and mixes, and cleaning supplies from suppliers.
  • Received invoices; compared details to Request and Requisition Form as authorized by the Purchasing Manager.
  • Inspected quality of all supplies delivered to the restaurant.
  • Conducted work in kitchen station as designated by the Restaurant Assistant Manager.
  • Performed routine inspections in all kitchen stations to ensure quality control.
  • Managed areas in the restaurant as authorized by the Restaurant Assistant Manager.
  • Reviewed all work reports from food preparation, crew schedule, and cleaning schedules.
  • Presided over team meetings with the guidance of the Restaurant Assistant Manager.
  • Assisted the Restaurant Assistant Manager during the crew performance evaluation process.

Food Service Crew; 2015 to 2017

El Rancho Mexican Grill; Calanda, Laughlin, NV


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Started out as dining crew/ waiter service during the first 6 months in the restaurant.
  • Rotated to cashiering after 6 months; handled POS and facilitated all cash/credit card payments for 6 months.
  • Designated kitchen crew on my second year; initially handled food and dessert preparation.
  • After 6 months, I was rotated to grill, rotisserie, fryer, and the food expediting station.
  • Conducted minor repairs and troubleshooting procedures on all kitchen equipment.
  • Assisted in the opening and closing of the restaurant.
  • Assisted in the counting of store inventory.


Associate Degree

Hotel and Restaurant Administration

Mohave Community College

Laughlin, NV

2011 to 2015


High School

College of Southern Nevada High School South

Clark County School District, NV

2007 to 2011

Restaurant Assistant Manager Skills List

What do employers want to see in a Restaurant Assistant Manager skills list? It’s not just about cooking. You must be well-rounded. A restaurant has many key areas that must be managed expertly. These areas must all work together to give customers great dining experience. Do you have these skills?




The restaurant is the best place to get an education. What do we mean? If you want to learn how to manage a restaurant, you should work in one!

In our sample, Adrienne worked her way to the position. She started out as a member of the dining crew. Every 6 months, she got promoted.

While education is important, work experience is a more desired attribute. That is why don’t be too concerned if you only finished high school. Restaurants want to see what you can do for them – now.

Of course, education is always a key attribute. If you want to build a career in the restaurant industry, sign up for related courses. Examples would be Restaurant Management and Business Administration. An Associate Degree would suffice.



You don’t have to be certified to become a Restaurant Assistant Manager. However, you should consider getting certified in relevant skills.

For example, take up courses in food safety, customer service, inventory management or personnel management.

You should also consider taking up specific cooking classes. For example, if you want to work in a French restaurant, consider taking up a basic cooking class in French cuisine.


Time Management


Managing a restaurant is a lot of work. You should know how to budget your time to ensure higher productivity. From food preparation to managing work schedules, all of these can affect the operation of the restaurant.

If some dishes require marination, you have to make sure these have been seasoned or soaked in the marinade according to schedule.

Team Player


A restaurant is only as strong as its weakest link. If one section falls behind, the rest could follow. A Restaurant Assistant Manager knows when and how to fill the gaps.

If an area is having difficulty, don’t wait for others to act. Take it upon yourself. If food production is going slow, jump right in!

Check which station is lagging. Go to the expediting station and see which orders are getting delayed.

Pressure Player


Working in a restaurant is a high-stress job. Every day and night can be a grind. The orders can be piling up. Customers will start complaining.

Wrong food orders are sent. Food orders are not done right. There are specific requests made. Some employees show up late. Or not show up at all. The store is undermanned and more people are piling in. You’re running low on stock and the supplies have not yet been delivered.

If you want to become a Restaurant Assistant Manager, you must be able to handle pressure.

Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume Objective

The resume objective is your interview. Use it as an opportunity to be seen and heard by the recruiter.

In our above sample, in the objective, we laid out the functions Adrienne handled for the restaurant. Keep in mind that she rose through the ranks. We wanted to show growth.

Our purpose was to convince the employer that she knows the ins and outs of the restaurant business. You don’t have to spend much time training her for the position.

Do the same thing for your resume objective. Remember to use the right keywords. Recruiters will be looking for those.

What keywords are these? Go back and review the job post. The keywords are there. Most of the time, these keywords refer to specific tasks and equipment.

Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume Format

Experience is highly valued in the restaurant business. If you have excellent tenure, use the Chronological for your resume format.

Start out with your most recent or latest employment. Breakdown your responsibilities. Usually, we’d recommend only 5-8 tasks. However, when it comes to restaurant work, go for broke!

The ROI in the restaurant business is not high. Owners want to make sure they hire the best people. Make a summary of your responsibilities.

Only include relevant experience. In this case, experience that pertains only to restaurant work.

This is how you can structure the resume:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Strengths
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Personal Information

Entry Level Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume

Can you get the position even if you are at an entry-level stage? Yes, assuming you have the following qualifications:

  • Experience – In our example of a resume for a Restaurant Assistant Manager, Adrienne earned her position through consistent promotion.
  • Education – You graduated from a reputable Culinary School or a 2-4 year relevant college course.
  • Certification – You apprenticed under a renowned and respected Chef.
  • Skills – You can cook anything, your slicing skills are impeccable, and you have management experience.

Instead of using the Chronological, use the Functional in order to shift attention away from your lack of restaurant experience.

The functional format will look like this:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Strengths
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Information

Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume Writing Tips

Good food takes time to prepare. The same can be said about your resume. 

  1. Be Detailed – Don’t be shy about the volume of tasks you handled. Just make sure you don’t repeat any of them.
  2. Include Awards – Did your restaurant win awards during your tenure? Cite them in your resume. It shows you can be part of a winning team.
  3. Spread Out Your Skills Like a Buffet – Don’t just focus on cooking. Highlight your management skills as well. Include people management and organizational skills.

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