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Are you thinking of applying as a Dishwasher in the new restaurant that is opening in a few weeks? You will need a resume that will wash out the competition. Our Dishwasher resume sample will help you prepare an application that will put you on top of the list. We also wrote suggestions on key sections of the resume which could be potential areas of interest for your employer.

Many think dishwashing as the lowliest position in the kitchen. What they don’t know is that it carries many important responsibilities for the restaurant. Washing dishes isn’t just about serving food in clean plates. It helps the kitchen crew have clean pans, pots and kitchen ware to use. The dishwasher makes sure everything is sanitized and safe to use. It teaches you discipline and patience. Dishwashing is a humble job where many of the most successful chefs started.

Dishwasher Resume Sample

Dishwasher Resume Sample

Alain B. Navarro

Address:             2356 Cork Street, Johnstown, Fulton, NY  
Phone:              (518) 895-4123
Email:                [email protected]
Current job:    Dishwasher; Sam’s Seafood and Steakhouse, Johnstown, Fulton, NY


Hard working, disciplined and dedicated restaurant worker with friendly personality, team oriented and positive approach to work is desirous of building a career in the restaurant business from the ground up starting out as a Dishwasher; a humble job which carries a lot of weight in the success in the kitchen.


  • 5+ years experience in restaurant work
  • Certified; Food Handling and Food Safety
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Hard working
  • Very patient
  • Great people skills
  • Pleasing personality
  • Excellent disposition
  • Team – oriented
  • Highly organized
  • Punctual

Work Experience

Dishwasher; 2015 to Present
Sam’s Seafood and Steakhouse; Johnstown, Fulton, NY


  • Washes silverware, utensils, pots and pans, kitchen ware and glass ware;
  • Scrubs off all carbon residue on the bottom of pats and pans;
  • Restores original condition of cast iron ware;
  • Stocks all utensils, pots, pans, glass ware and plates according to procedure
  • Cleans grease traps;
  • De-clogs kitchen sinks;
  • Cleans garbage bins;
  • Cleans storage areas;
  • Cleans walk-in units, broilers, filters and ovens;
  • Cleans exhaust systems;
  • Checks inventory of all cleaning supplies.

Stock Man/ Dishwasher; 2016 to 2015
Johnstown Peking Chinese Restaurant; Johnstown, Fulton, NY


  • Receives stocks from suppliers;
  • Checks quality of all deliveries;
  • Documents all invoices and submits these to accounting;
  • Implements controls for kitchen usage
  • Leads inventory audit procedures daily;
  • Washes silverware, utensils, pots and pans, kitchen ware and glass ware;
  • Scrubs off all carbon residue on the bottom of pats and pans;
  • Restores original condition of cast iron ware;
  • Stocks all utensils, pots, pans, glass ware and plates according to procedure
  • Checks inventory of all cleaning supplies.

Food Service Crew; 2016 to 2016
McDonald’s; Johnstown, Fulton, NY


  • Greets and welcomes customers into the store;
  • Asks customers if they need assistance;
  • Provides customer support or assistance services;
  • Implements store rules and guidelines;
  • Maintains store cleanliness;
  • Receives stocks from suppliers;
  • Checks quality of all deliveries;
  • Documents all invoices and submits these to accounting;
  • Washes silverware, utensils, pots and pans, kitchen ware and glass ware;
  • Scrubs off all carbon residue on the bottom of pats and pans;
  • Restores original condition of cast iron ware;


Johnstown Public High School
High School Diploma
Boise, Idaho
2017 to 2015, 3.4 GPA


  • Certification, Food Handling and Food Safety

Personal information

  • Single
  • DOB 02/06/92
  • Hobbies include cooking, guitar and reading

What to Write in a Dishwasher Resume Objective

dishwasher resume objective

A Dishwasher is a normal entry position in the restaurant business. Many of the superstar chefs you see on TV started out at dishwashers. Even if they have been trained in expensive culinary schools, if you want to build a career in the restaurant industry, you cannot and should not avoid dishwashing duties.

If you can handle or manage the dishwashing station without issue and perform well, there is nothing you cannot do in the restaurant. Everything else will seem easy. It is the station that will teach you all about humility, dedication, respect and to understand no job should be beneath you when you work in the kitchen. This is why even in this age of high tech machine dishwashers restaurants continue to employ human dishwashers.

You should do what you need to do to help everyone in the kitchen function better and get the orders out in time. Can you imagine what would happen if all the food was ready but there were no dishes to plate them on?

In your Dishwasher resume objective, indicate your willingness to assume dishwashing duties as a means of starting your career in the restaurant business. Prospective restaurants will certainly applaud you for taking on the lowliest and loneliest position in the kitchen! It will show how serious you are of becoming a success in the business.

What to Write in a Dishwasher Resume Skills Section

If you think dishwashing is easy, think again. You have to be systematic, have knowledge on which solvents and solutions to use. You should also be well organized and economical. Cleansing ingredients are expensive and you would not want to scratch the surface of key kitchenware.

Here are the important qualities that you need to be a reliable dishwasher in the restaurant:

  • Educational Attainment; many dishwashers or people who work in the restaurant is either still in school or have at least a high school diploma. If you were able to finish high school, submit your GED score to your prospective employer.
  • Certifications; any certifications that you may have to support your training in the restaurant industry will be a big plus.
  • Knowledgeable in cleaning guidelines; you should know which solvents and solutions can be used to clean pots and pans based on surface material. Otherwise, the material can be affected.
  • Ability to handle stress; in a busy restaurant you could be besieged with pots, pans, utensils, plates and kitchenware coming from all directions. You should have all of these cleaned within an appreciable time.
  • Physically fit; dishwashing is physical labor. In addition to cleaning, you will have to load and store all the dishes in their respective shelves and storage areas.
  • Well-organized; you cannot mix certain utensils, pots, plates and silverware.  The same goes for cleansing equipment and solvents. You still have to follow FiFo or First In First Out procedure when using restaurant issued items.
  • Focused; in restaurants the pace can be so frenetic that the dishes never seem to stop coming. But as the dishwasher you have to maintain focus and stay within guidelines when cleaning kitchen items.
  • Team-Oriented; the dishwasher is an integral component of the kitchen crew. He or she has to be able to coordinate with the kitchen and know exactly what they need and when to have it available.
  • Works with initiative; when the dishes are all done and stored a dishwasher can be assigned to do other tasks such an inventory keeping, taking out the trash, cleaning out the grease traps or exhaust filters. You should be able to segue to other tasks without being told what to do.

Everyone in the kitchen loves and appreciates the dishwasher. The cooks, chefs, sous chefs know how important the work is. They have been there before and understand the difficulties of the job.

What to Write and Not to Write in the Dishwasher Resume Experience Section

Restaurant owners understand that dishwashing is one of the basic skills needed in the kitchen. They would prefer if your experience showed other work that you have done with restaurants.

This is because the dishwasher can be rotated to other positions. Among these are inventory or stock man, food preparatory crew and waiter service. After all, you do not clean dishes the entire time. Once all the dishes have been done, you should be allowed to handle other restaurant tasks. It is a good way to maximize personnel.

Thus in your Dishwasher resume experience, put in all the work that you have done in the restaurant industry. Write down in great detail all of the tasks and responsibilities that you were assigned by your previous employers. If you worked more than 3 positions so much the better!

Employers like people who can multi-task. It will also help further your case of building a career in the restaurant industry.

You do not have to include experience that has no bearing on your quest to work inside a restaurant.
We are confident that if you follow our Dishwasher resume sample you will find your best start in the restaurant business. Please take the time to review our suggestions and recommendations in the resume objective, skills and experience sections.

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