Bar Manager Resume Sample

If you have great social skills, don’t mind the long hours, and have the memory to know everyone’s name, you could be the Bar Manager that a restaurant needs. First, you need a Bar Manager resume that will sell your experience and skills to the Hiring Manager.

Do you think you have what it takes to keep the tab rolling and the customers coming back? Review our Bar Manager resume sample. We will show you how to make a resume that will stir some interest with the Hiring Manager.

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Bar Manager Resume Sample

Bar Manager Resume SampleThaddeus G. Haywood

Address:           4571 Treasure Street, New Orleans, LA.
Phone:               (504) 779 2234
Email:                [email protected]
Current job:     Bar Manager; The Pint Head, New Orleans, LA

Objective :

Experienced Bar Manager with more than 4 years in the foodservice industry in a management capacity. I have an Associate Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration and I have worked in the restaurant’s key areas of responsibility. My current occupation as a Bar Manager of The Pint Head has given me the experience of working in a hotel setting. I believe my skills and expertise will address the needs of your bar, the Fountainhead at the Moor.

Skills :

  • Well-experienced in all areas of bar and restaurant operation.
  • Certified, Mixologist.
  • Formal education has given me a strong foundation in the fundamentals of restaurant management.
  • 2 years of experience in The Pint Head has developed the skills necessary to manage a bar that is situated within a 5-star hotel.
  • Excellent communication skills; motivates and encourages the team to perform at their best every time.
  • Dedicated; I do not mind working long hours as it is part of the job.

Work Experience

Bar Manager; June 2017 to Present
The Pint Head; New Orleans, LA.


  • The Pint Head is a bar and restaurant situated in the lobby of the Grandville Hotel. It has been in operation since 2014 and was voted top bar in New Orleans in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • Conducts daily staff meetings before lunchtime and dinnertime to ensure everyone is aware of the daily specials and promos and to give gentle reminders on providing top-notch performance all the time.
  • Performs routine checks on all areas of bar and restaurant operations – production schedules, par stock levels and inventory, equipment inspections, work shift schedules, cleanliness of dining area and restrooms among others.
  • Reviews sales levels during cut-off times; conduct investigations if necessary, in the event of cash to sales report variances.
  • Patrols the floor; sees to it that the customers are taken cared of, attends to issues and complaints that have been raised.
  • Provides assistance to areas that are lagging behind.
  • Collaborates with the bartender and Executive Chef on monthly specials.
  • Collaborates with the restaurant’s in-house marketing team on the creation of promotional campaigns and materials.
  • Reviews the Profit and Loss statement that is provided by Accounting; prepares sales plan based on target revenues.

Bar Manager; May 2016 to April 2017
The 6-String Cool Cat Jazz Bar; New Orleans, LA.


  • Recruited, selected, and hired personnel for the restaurant staff and management team.
  • Trained the new staff on restaurant guidelines, dining and kitchen operations, and customer service policies.
  • Authored the bar’s policy manual.
  • Attended to all concerns raised by the bar’s clientele.
  • Participated in food and drink testing as prepared by the Executive Chef and bartender.
  • Closely tracked and monitored food cost and inventory levels.

Restaurant Manager; June 2015 to February 2016
The Clam Shell; New Orleans, LA.


  • Opened the restaurant from Monday to Thursday; closed the restaurant from Friday to Sunday.
  • Prepared the production schedule of baked oysters, roasted chicken, and smoked ribs.
  • Managed the work shift schedule of store personnel.
  • Studied the projected monthly Profit and Loss statement and discussed it with the management team.
  • Routinely worked the dining area and made sure all customers were satisfied with the food and service.
  • Evaluated the performance of the restaurant crew.


Nunez Community College
Associate Degree – Hotel and Restaurant Administration
Chalmette, LA
2010 to 2012

High School
Benjamin Franklin High School
New Orleans, LA
2006 to 2010


  • Certified Mixologist, 2013.

How To Write A Good Bar Manager Resume

A good Bar Manager resume is like a perfectly mixed cocktail. You should use only top quality ingredients and mix them in precise quantities. A customer who drinks a well-made cocktail will have a great impression of your bar.

What about your Bar Manager resume?

1. Use Only Relevant Information – In addition to your experience as a Bar Manager, what else would constitute as relevant information?

  • Any experience working in the food service industry particularly those that have you in a management capacity.
  • Information that relates to the skills required as a Bar Manager or as a Manager in general.

Information that is irrelevant to the job position will only serve as a distraction to the recruiter and may even affect your chances of landing the job.

2. Highlight Your Strong Skills – There are 2 types of skills: Hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are those abilities that are learned or acquired through formal education or work experience. As a Bar Manager, strong hard skills include:

  • Associate or Bachelor degree in Restaurant Management.
  • Computer knowledge in software programs such as a spreadsheet, inventory management, and workforce management.
  • Additional training in relevant courses such as Customer Service, Food Safety,
  • Food Handling, and local business laws.
  • Knowledge in cooking and food preparation.

Soft skills refer to your personality attributes. What soft skills are ideal for a Bar Manager?

  • Ability to socialize and interact with different types of customers.
  • Ability to communicate and articulate ideas to the restaurant personnel.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Highly-organized.
  • Problem-solver.
  • Pleasant disposition.

3. Keep Your Resume Short – Recruiters don’t allocate a lot of time reviewing a resume.

On average, it may take only 6 to 10 seconds for an experienced recruiter to scan your resume and make a decision on whether you’ve made it to the next round.

Thus, keep your resume short but packed with the most important and relevant details.

Here’s a tip: Use keywords in your resume. You can find the keywords on the job post. These are the words and phrases that are heavily emphasized or often repeated.

If the restaurant uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) on resumes, the program will track the keywords. If not, the recruiter may keep an eye out for them. The use of keywords will prove that you really read through the job post.

Write An Eye-Catching Bar Manager Resume Objective

The Bar Manager resume objective can give the recruiter an idea of who you are as a person. In a customer-oriented job, having the right personality attributes could be more important than having the right technical skills.

An eye-catching Bar Manager resume objective is actually one that gives the HR officer the right “feel” about the applicant:

  1. Address the Bar’s Needs Right Away – What type of Bar Manager does the restaurant need? What are the required skills and experience level? You can find the information in the job post. If you have the qualifications, state them right away in the opening sentence of your resume objective.
  2. Write In Your Own Voice – Be conversational in your approach. This way, your personality will come through. Don’t try to be technical or intellectual in your approach. Remain professional and formal. Pretend you are introducing yourself to the Hiring Manager.
  3. Give It the Personal Touch – Always address your resume objective directly to the company you are applying to. You can do this simply by stating the name of the company in the objective statement or by stating how your skills can help the company achieve its goals.

Bar Manager Resume Skills

What kinds of Bar Manager resume skills are the restaurant owner or HR looking for? Your mix of abilities should include both hard and soft skills:

  • Good Understanding of Financial Statements – To be clear, you don’t have to read FS like a Certified Public Accountant. However, you should have a basic understanding of how to interpret Profit and Loss statements and cash flows. After all, Financial Statements are the basis for decision-making.
  • Savvy at Marketing – Marketing plays an important role in generating sales. You should know how to market and promote new items.
  • You must have a keen idea on which food and drink items have the best profit margins so you can push them harder to customers. Excellent Communication Skills – In order to minimize the risk of making mistakes, excellent communication skills are a must. Keep in mind, communication goes both ways – having the ability to articulate ideas and listen to other people.
  • Great Interpersonal Skills – As a Bar Manager, having great interpersonal skills will go a long way in establishing long-term relationships with your customers. It is important to have the ability to get along with different types of people.
  • Excellent Leadership Skills – Working at a bar can be very tiring and stressful. A good leader can motivate his people to perform at their best each and every time.

Bar Manager Duties And Responsibilities For The Work Experience Section

The restaurant owner or the person reviewing your resume will look at the list of duties and responsibilities that you will summarize in your Bar Manager work experience section.

The list of duties and responsibilities that you present will let the recruiter know if you can meet the demands of the job as well as the expectations of the company.

So how do you write a compelling Bar Manager work experience section?

First, touch on the different areas of bar/restaurant management. These include customer service, food preparation, food cost, inventory management, marketing and sales, accounting, and human resources.

Second, give a detailed account of how you performed each task. Cite specific examples or break down processes into steps.

Third, validate your achievements with numbers. For example, if you were tasked to increase sales and you did, support your contention with figures:

Increased sales from 350,000 in 2017 to 425,000 in 2018 or an improvement of 21% in the course of 1 year.

Finally, review the job post. Usually, the HR group will include a list of duties and responsibilities for the new Bar Manager. If you are familiar with the scope of work, cite examples from your own work experience that prove you can handle the tasks.

Entry-Level Bar Manager Resume

A good, well-written entry-level Bar Manager resume would be enough to give you the opportunity you’ve waited for. However, you have to convince the Hiring Manager that you are the best person for the job.

First, if you don’t have any experience as a Bar Manager, highlight your other experiences as a manager. Running a business requires having good organizational skills, the ability to make decisions, being able to work with people and of course, get results.

Second, indicate your other skills that could be of help to the restaurant. For example, are you bilingual? This could be an advantage if the bar draws in a good number of foreign-speaking customers.

Third, accept the other possibilities. You may not get the top-position as Bar Manager but you might be given a second-tier designation such as the Assistant Bar Manager.

Lastly, if you want to increase your chances of finding work as a Bar Manager, apply to jobs the specify “Entry-Level Bar Managers Only” or “No Experience Required”.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) categorizes bar managers under “Food Service Managers”. The average median pay for Food Service Managers is estimated to be $54,240 per year or an average hourly wage rate of $26.08. As a Bar Manager, you can find employment in a restaurant, a hotel, or any other establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and food.

Managing a bar is always thought of as a fun job. You get to meet a lot of people and the vibe of the bar is always energetic and dynamic. However, make no mistake, it’s not all fun and games!

You have to keep your customers happy and this means assuring them of an amazing time at the bar every day or night. To do this, the service staff must be motivated to do a good job every time they are on the clock.

Food and drinks; especially drinks, must be served on time and according to the customer’s order.

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