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Assistant Chef Resume Sample

Your resume plays a very important role in getting a good job. An Assistant chef position is a post that will require skills and experience. A well-written resume can fetch the eyes of your employer and can land you a good job. If you are looking for an Assistant Chef Resume example then this is where you should be.  One can write their own resume which will look all the more professional.


Assistant Chef Resume Example

Peggy Wiltse

Address:             3856 Glen Falls Road, 2nd Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone:                  (222) 832-1474
Email:                   wiltsepeggychef@gmail.com
Current job:       Cruise West, Wilmington, DE


I am looking for a job as Assistant Chef in an organization where I can demonstrate my culinary skills and use my abilities for the growth of the organization along with my personal growth. I am a hardworking person who has a passion for making delicious food and loves to cook.  I have a proven record of making delicious food that leaves the diners craving for more.


  1. Experience of  8 years plus working in restaurants and hotels which have a high volume of production of food
  2. Expert in the use of kitchen equipment that is used for the production of the outsized amount
  3. Can work in various shifts
  4. Proficient in performing basic Maths calculations
  5. Ability to maintain and establish a working relationship with the management and the staffs effectively
  6. Effective use of grills, oven, roasters, steam kettles and knives
  7. Familiar with the restaurant orders and BEOs
  8. Skill to control and regulate the temperature while cooking special recipes
  9. Ability to work in the team as well as individually and manage the time  efficiently
  10. Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

Work Experience

Chef Assistant: Cruise West, Wilmington, DE
May 2017 to Present:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To prepare the items on the menu in a timely manner
  • To follow the procedures for handling the food items as per CDC and FDA rules and guidelines
  • Knowledge and to assist in the washing of the silverwares, glassware and dishes
  • To interview and greet the guests in a courteous and friendly way
  • To assist the guest to the stateroom and assist in the handling of luggage
  • To answer the queries of the guests regarding recipes and menu
  • To perform the duties that are assigned by the chef and the hotel manager

Chef Assistant: Four Seasons Hotel, Wilmington, DE
January 2015 to May 2017

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To assist the deputy head chef and head chef
  • To prepare the garnishes that will be the part of the main meal as well as sweet courses
  • To assist in the preparation of sweet courses
  • To assist in the preparation of the lunches for picnics
  • To maintain the standards of food preparation and to maintain the kitchen hygiene



Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary arts

Hebrew college, Newton Center, MA
GPA – 4.1


  1. Certificate course in adventure cooking
  2. Certificate course in baking and pastry arts
  3. Certificate in food and beverage leadership

Personal information

  • Civil Status – Married with 4 Children
  • Birthday – 22nd April 1983
  • Interest – Reading books, Watching Movies

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