Speech Language Pathologist Resume Sample

Can your Speech Language Pathologist resume communicate clearly? It better! As the generation of baby boomers continues to age, there will be more demand for this profession. Also known as Speech Therapists, you will help people who have difficulty speaking. Their ability to speak clearly has been damaged or impaired. The usual causes are strokes, cerebral palsy, or a cleft palate. However, are due to the effects of aging. The elderly are susceptible to acquiring Parkinson or Alzheimer. These diseases can result in slurred speech.

This is a job that pays well. In order to become one, you must have the training and the skills. You must also be licensed.

In this article, we will show you how to the job you want. It all starts with your resume. If you’re not sure, yours comes across loud and clear, don’t worry. We have a Speech Language Pathologist resume sample that you can use.

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Speech Language Pathologist Resume Sample

Amanda V. Kelly

Address:          3129 Bartram Creek Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL
Phone:             (904) 439 9876
Email:               [email protected]
Current job:    Speech Language Pathologist; Blessed Earth Hospital, Jacksonville, FL

Objective :

ASHA-Certified Speech Language Pathologist, I am also licensed by the state of Florida under the auspices of the Florida Department of Health’s Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I have a Master’s Degree in SLP from the University of South Florida and have 10 years experience in the field. I am hopeful that my qualifications and experience will be considered for the position of Speech Language Pathologist for Conway Rehabilitation Specialists.

Skills :

  • ASHA-Certified; passed the Praxis exam.
  • Licensed SLP by the state of Florida.
  • Master’s Degree in SLP – University of South Florida.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree – Communication, USF.
  • 10 years experience.
  • Dedicated
  • Disciplined
  • Patient
  • Results-Oriented
  • Empathetic

Work Experience

Speech-Language Pathologist; 2016 to Present
Blessed Earth Hospital; Jacksonville, FL

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts a thorough evaluation of patients in order to design specific programs and treatments.
  • Prepares and completes patient reports and supporting documentation in accordance with the hospital’s guidelines.
  • Works directly with the patient; implements treatment protocols to the letter, monitors progress, and introduces revisions to the program, if necessary.
  • Appropriately reviews current protocols and procedures on patient care including but not limited to goals, objectives, and priorities.
  • Proactively discusses proposed system improvements with team members in order to secure opinions, ideas, and the eventual approval of plans to change outdated and inefficient programs and processes.

Speech Language Pathologist; 2016 to 2016
Carlinville Speech Rehabilitation Center; Jacksonville, FL.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performed diagnosis on the patient and selected appropriate treatment method based on age group, physical and emotional conditions.
  • Conducted re-evaluations on the patient if the condition has not improved with respect to the findings of the preliminary examination.
  • Oriented families of the patients; discussed treatment procedures, expectations, risk factors, and timetable of recovery.
  • Prepared written evaluations and discussed findings with the attending physicians, medical staff, and care team members.
  • Prepared all necessary reports as mandated by the center’s policies and guidelines.

Speech Language Pathologist; 2017 to 2016
First Word Patient Care Health Center; Jacksonville, FL.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Primarily attended to the elderly patients who are afflicted with Parkinson and Alzheimer.
    Closely monitored the condition of the patient and strictly implemented treatment methods and protocols.
  • Administered medications as prescribed by attending physicians; took note of improvements in condition based on the dosage the medication.
  • Guided patients through speech therapy sessions; primary focus was in the articulation of thoughts and ideas into correct communication and proper speech patterns.
  • Worked with the physical therapist, Neurologist, Caregiver, and the Registered Nurse on duty; endeavored to keep the patient moving along the timetable of recovery.


Master’s Degree
Speech-Language Pathology
University of South Florida
Tampa Bay, FL
2017 to 2016

Bachelor of Science Degree
University of South Florida
Tampa Bay, FL
2015 to 2016

High School
Andrew Jackson High School
Jacksonville, FL
1996 to 2015


  • ASHA – Certification
  • SLP License – Board of Speech-Language Pathology, Florida Department of Health

Speech Language Pathologist Skills List

Communication is an important everyday function. Sadly, many people have a hard time verbalizing thoughts and ideas. The Speech Language Pathologist will use his/her skills to make life easier for them. You’ll need a well-rounded Speech Language Pathologist skills list to get the job.

  • Education. This job requires top-level education. The highest paying jobs want only candidates with a Master’s Degree. Among the accepted college degrees are Communication, Speech, Math, and Psychology. For the Master’s Degree, the curriculum must be accredited with the regulating body. In the United States, it is the CAA or the Council for Academic Accreditation.
  • Certification. You must pass the Praxis exam. This is a prerequisite for the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology. The Praxis exam is also required for getting your state license and for a certificate in teaching.
  • Proficient in Diagnosis. Each patient will have a different case. You have to make the proper diagnosis in order to prescribe the correct treatment. You have to be very thorough in your examination. The patient’s progress must regularly be monitored. In case the treatment is not effective, a re-evaluation may be in order.
  • Patience. It is not easy working with patients that have speech disabilities. You will have to be patient and learn to work under difficult conditions. Some patients have emotional issues. This is true with the elderly. They might have dementia and other mental issues that affect behavior. Regardless of what happens, you must remain professional at all times.

Speech Language Pathologist Resume Objective

Employers already know the skills they want for the job. Use the Speech-Language Pathologist resume objective to tell the employer that you are the person they want.

How? Communicate clearly! Your objective statement should include the skills needed for the job. Review the job post to be sure.

From our sample resume objective for Speech-Language Pathologist, it is obvious that the employer wants someone who is certified. We started out by confirming Amanda’s ASHA certification. Then we disclosed her licensure in the state of Florida.

Finally, we rounded out her objective statement with her academic credentials. Knowing that she has a Master’s Degree will be icing on the cake!

Speech Language Pathologist Resume Format

You can use the chronological or the combination for your Speech-Language Pathologist resume format. If you have good experience, the chronological will be ideal.

In our sample resume template for Speech-Language Pathologist, we opted for the combination. We did this to highlight Amanda’s certifications. If you noticed, right after “Strengths”, we listed her certifications and licenses.

This is the third time in a row that we stated her certifications. It is not overkill. We just want to be sure the recruiter will not forget it!

When writing the details of your work experience, start from your current job then work your way back. Don’t include jobs that have no relevance.

Here is how we arranged the sections of the resume:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Strengths
  • Certifications
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Personal Information

Entry Level Speech Language Pathologist Resume

There are jobs open for those with an entry-level Speech-Language Pathologist. Basically, the job posts will state “no experience required” or “entry level”. The pay will not be as high but it is a start. As you gain experience, you should be moving up the pay scale.

Another option for you to consider is to go home based. There are companies that hire home-based speech therapists. You work remotely with clients through a computer. You will guide them through their treatments and run an online diagnosis.

You can also work with clients from your home. You may have to buy some equipment but it is a great way to apply what you’ve learned and earn at the same time.

Speech Language Pathologist Resume Writing Tips

Always review your resume before submitting it. Take a few seconds to go through our Speech-Language Pathologist resume writing tips. We hope our tips will help you avoid costly mistakes.

  1. No Errors – Communication also includes the written type. Spelling and grammatical errors are a no-no! It tells the recruiter you are not detail oriented. Being meticulous is a key attribute. Use a spell and grammar checker to be sure.
  2. Show the Human Side – Yes, you have to be licensed. A Master’s Degree may be required. However, it shouldn’t be all technical competence. You are working with people. Show the employer that you can be a friend to the patient. Show that you can motivate him/her to succeed in the treatment. Include attributes like compassion and patience in your resume.

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