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Does your Radiologic Technologist resume present a clear image of what you can do? This is one of the fast-rising careers in healthcare. The job pays well and does not require a college degree. How does earning $58,520 per year on a 2-year course sound to you? This is why the job can be competitive.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts demand for this skill will grow 9% every year. If you’re not sure if you will get hired, don’t worry! We have a Radiologic Technologist resume sample that will help the recruiter clearly see your overall value.

Radiologic Technologists make sure images of patient x-rays are clear enough for an accurate diagnosis. We’re like that with your resume. We put thought and purpose in every section. If you have an entry level resume, we’ll show you how to overcome the lack of experience. It’s about giving the recruiter a way to diagnose your skills and abilities.

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Radiologic Technologist Resume Sample

Radiologic Technologist Resume SampleAlfred F. Watkins

Address:            1702 W. Alexis Drive, Anaheim, CA
Phone:                (657) 225 9787
Email:                  [email protected]
Current job:     Radiologic Technologist; St. Raymond Medical Center, Anaheim, CA


As an ARRT-certified Radiologic Technologist with more than 5 years experience assisting physicians and Radiologists make an accurate diagnosis of their patient’s conditions, I believe I am qualified to be the new Radiologic Technologist for St.Vincent Medical Center. My work-ethic is first-rate; meticulous, detail-oriented and helps patients prepare for procedures.


  • 5+ years work experience as a Radiologic Technologist
  • Associate Degree, Radiography
  • Certification, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Proficient with various radiography equipment
  • Disciplined and punctual to work
  • Physically Fit
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Meticulous; detail-oriented
  • Pleasant disposition

Work Experience

Radiologic Technologist; 2016 to Present
St. Raymond Medical Center; Anaheim, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides assistance to physicians with pre and post-procedure evaluation.
  • Identifies and reports possible risk factors to a physician or Head Radiologist in a timely manner.
  • Conducts a thorough inspection of the procedure room’s state of readiness prior to admission of the patient.
  • Conducts frequent inspections of imaging and radiology equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Monitors the patient’s physiological status; informs the physician of any abnormal changes.
  • Operates and maintains all radiographic equipment.
  • Reviews patient history.
  • Implements correct procedures to ensure radiation doses are within ALARA limits.
  • Performs basic X-ray, operating room, and fluro procedures.

Radiologic Technologist, 2012 to 2013
Mercury General Hospital; Anaheim, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Tasked to conduct highly-specialized and routine diagnostic radiology procedures.
  • Prepared and positioned patients accordingly for diagnostic imaging procedures.
  • Adjusted immobilization procedures to make sure a clear view of the specific body part is captured by the imaging and radiology equipment.
  • Evaluated patients based on height, weight, a proportion of body part involved in order to determine the amount of exposure and level of penetration.
  • Operated radiologic equipment in the operating room, emergency room, and the patient’s room.
  • Prepared images for accurate diagnosis of Radiologist or Physician.
  • Processed images and conducted reviews for proper identification.
  • Performed regular inspections to make sure all radiology equipment is properly functioning.

Radiologic Technologist, 2016 to 2017
Anaheim Healthway; Anaheim, CA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assessed and educated patients on the required procedures.
  • Implemented radiation protection and safety standards to minimize radiation exposure to staff and patients.
  • Operated different stationary and mobile radiology equipment.
  • Positioned patients; selected best anatomic and technical exposure parameters to ensure clear imaging.
  • Administered all contrast media and medications as required and within the scope of the procedure.
  • Prepared and assisted the physician in all procedures related to imaging.

Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist Resume Sample

Name: Keenan Hooper

Address: Rockaway, NJ 07866

Phone: (471) 372-4169

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist at Sebastian River Medical Center


I am a dedicated and well-rounded Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist with a sincere love for patient care and radiography. I am skilled in day-to-day operations of a radiology department, providing efficient and high quality patient care. I am able to work at a fast pace and maintain a positive attitude in any work environment.

My experience includes x-ray, fluoroscopy, CT scan and MRI. I have an excellent understanding of the process of interpreting images, providing patients with a clear understanding of their condition.

Work Experience

Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist, 2018 – present
Good Shepherd Penn Partners

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operate x-ray equipment under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Coordinate with other medical personnel to ensure a safe and efficient workflow.
  • Take accurate x-ray images of the patient’s body as ordered by a doctor.
  • Scan x-rays for abnormalities and make adjustments to increase clarity.
  • Clean x-ray equipment after use to prevent infection and contamination.

Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist, 2014 – 2018

Northside Hospital Gwinnett

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform radiologic examinations using X-rays, ultrasonography, CT, MRI, positron emission tomography (PET), and other imaging technologies
  • Review past patient medical records to determine the appropriate examinations and treatments
  • Review the patient’s insurance status to determine the appropriate examinations and treatments to be performed
  • Responsible for supervision of staff and ensuring quality of work
  • assisting with the daily tasks of the office
  • Responsible for assisting with processing of equipment and materials needed for procedures

Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist, 2012 – 2014

Sebastian River Medical Center

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Consult with physician or other healthcare professional to plan and execute diagnostic imaging procedures, including mammography, myelography, or fluoroscopic procedures
  • Prepare patients for scanning, assist with medical treatments and equipment, operate equipment to produce x-rays by passing electromagnetic waves through patient’s body to capture images
  • Interpret images to identify abnormalities and other information, communicates results to patients and the physician


  • Ability to read and understand CT scans, MRIs, and other x-ray images
  • Ability to perform various fluoroscopic procedures
  • Strong MS Excel skills, MS PowerPoint skills, MS Word skills
  • Knowledge of radiation safety practices
  • Knowledge of medical terminology and terminology related to radiology and radiation safety

Laboratory Radiologic Technologist Assistant Resume Sample

Name: Salvatore Arellano

Address: Hialeah, FL 33010

Phone: (821) 445-3648

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Laboratory Radiologic Technologist Assistant at South Florida Baptist Hospital


My goal is to attain a Laboratory Radiologic Technologist Assistant position with a company that offers excellent benefits and compensation.
I am an experienced Laboratory Technologist with a strong work ethic and a proven track record of providing excellent patient care. I am detail-oriented, dependable, and have good communication skills. My goal is to attain a Laboratory Radiologic Technologist Assistant position with a company that offers excellent benefits and compensation.

Work Experience

Laboratory Radiologic Technologist Assistant, 2018 – present
Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with and assist radiologists to ensure patient care is maintained during testing.
  • Prepare and maintain the patient’s charting.
  • Prepare and maintain testing materials.
  • Prepare and maintain reporting, scoring, and grading materials.
  • Conduct safety and quality control checks in the laboratory.
  • Demonstrate laboratory safety procedures to staff and patients.
  • Assist with the proper use of equipment, scanning, and testing by following instructions and diagrams.

Laboratory Radiologic Technologist Assistant, 2014 – 2018

Phoebe Worth Medical Center

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide radiologic imaging services in a radiation therapy department
  • Assist with patient care
  • Perform tasks related to radiation therapy department management
  • Maintain and perform tasks related to the radiation therapy department such as scheduling appointments and preparing treatments
  • Participate in educational and development activities that may include workshops, seminars, conferences, and instruction sessions related to radiation therapy
  • Comply with policies and procedures of the radiation therapy department

Laboratory Radiologic Technologist Assistant, 2012 – 2014

South Florida Baptist Hospital

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Greets patients and visitors promptly
  • Prepares materials for patient care
  • Position patient for imaging procedure
  • Assists in positioning and supporting the patient during imaging procedure
  • Prepares equipment for procedure
  • Handles radioactive materials with care
  • Assembles and calibrates equipment
  • Maintains clean and orderly work area
  • Maintains inventory of materials and supplies


  • Good communication skills
  • Basic understanding of the chemistry of radionuclides
  • Knowledge of radiation sources, dosimetry and radiation safety
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Problem Solving Skills

CT Scan Technologist Resume Sample

Name: Darrell Reese

Address: Davison, MI 48423

Phone: (997) 778-4534

Email: [email protected]

Current job: CT Scan Technologist at Baptist Medical Center Nassau


I am a CT Scan Technologist seeking a position where I can use my extensive experience to improve patient care and provide the highest quality service.

I understand how to improve patient care by performing a thorough pre-scan process, including patient positioning and scanning protocols.I am skilled and knowledgeable in medical procedures, including those related to the X-ray machine, radiation exposure, and radiology. I am skilled at diagnosing problems using X-rays, including broken bones and identifying foreign bodies in the body.

Work Experience

CT Scan Technologist, 2018 – present
Good Shepherd Specialty Hospital

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform and document CT scans according to state and federal regulations
  • Assist in the preparation of patients for scanning
  • Maintain safe and sterile conditions around equipment
  • Report any malfunctions or problems with equipment to the appropriate technician
  • Maintain a log of scan times and locations for documentation
  • Ensure scanning room is properly stocked with necessary supplies
  • Aid in the reading of CT scan films, including any necessary measurements

CT Scan Technologist, 2014 – 2018

Warm Springs Medical Center

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Hold a professional and respectful attitude at all times
  • Prepare CT scan rooms and equipment for a session
  • Assist patients in and out of the scanner
  • Perform and document CT scan procedures on patients, including administering contrast and radioactive drugs
  • Assist with interpretation of the scans for various medical professionals
  • Assist with CT scan procedures in preparation for surgical procedures
  • Perform CT scans on pediatric patients
  • Provide post-procedure care to patients

CT Scan Technologist, 2012 – 2014

Baptist Medical Center Nassau

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operate the scanning equipment to produce a detailed image of the body for diagnosis by a physician
  • Perform scans and may also perform other radiologic procedures such as X-rays, sonograms, mammograms, and angiograms
  • Operate equipment to produce images of the internal organs
  • Determine the type of scanning equipment needed for the procedure
  • Operate and monitor scanning equipment during the imaging process
  • Ensure that diagnostic equipment is in working order


  • Able to work with electronic medical devices including linear accelerators and computed tomography (CT) scanners
  • Experience working with a team of medical professionals
  • Knowledgeable about MRI scanning equipment
  • Able to operate a variety of medical equipment, including an otoscope and a blood pressure cuff
  • Good understanding of anatomy
  • Able to use standard medical terminology

Senior CT Scan Technologist Resume Sample

Name: Jackson Moses

Address: Bridgeport, CT 06606

Phone: (882) 785-5377

Email: [email protected]

Current job: Senior CT Scan Technologist at Broward Health Medical Center


I am a Senior CT Scan Technologist with over 10 years of experience in the medical field. I have also managed diverse teams as well as successfully completed numerous projects for the hospital’s radiation department.My experience in high demand treatment procedures, such as my expertise in 3D CT scans and ultrasound, has allowed me to take on high volumes of patients and provide exceptional care.

Work Experience

Senior CT Scan Technologist, 2018 – present
Grand View Health

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create and review CT scans
  • Position patients for scanning
  • Operate the CT scanner and monitor patient’s vital signs
  • Establish and maintain protocols for scanning and dose
  • Evaluate scans for quality, accuracy, and acceptability
  • Develop, document, and provide education to patients on the scanning process and the risks involved in having a CT scan
  • Communicate with physicians regarding scan results

Senior CT Scan Technologist, 2014 – 2018

Columbus Specialty Hospital

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform multi-slice CT scans of patients to determine the location of injuries.
  • Perform CT scans of patients with suspected lung cancer or tumors.
  • Prepare and administer chemotherapy, radiation, and/or other treatments as needed.
  • Prepare and administer chemotherapy, radiation, and/or other treatments as needed.
  • Provide complete medical and support care for patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other treatments.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment

Senior CT Scan Technologist, 2012 – 2014

Broward Health Medical Center

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides daily, accurate, and prompt CT scans for patients
  • Analyzes the scans for malignant and benign lesions
  • Provides patient education on the scan results
  • Monitors the procedure room for safety
  • Documents findings and maintains patient data in electronic health records
  • Communicates with physicians and other health care providers
  • Maintains equipment by routinely performing maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions


  • Experience with digital imaging and computerized tomography
  • Knowledge of radiation safety and radiation detection
  • Ability to work on the floor without supervision, work independently, and prioritize tasks
  • Able to use latest scanning technology
  • Ability to read/interpret CT scan images
  • Experience with all types of x-ray machines and CT scan machines
  • Knowledge of different types of radiology techniques

CT Scan Technologist Assistant Resume Sample

Name: Pranav Silva

Address: North Ridgeville, OH 44039

Phone: (533) 853-3569

Email: [email protected]

Current job: CT Scan Technologist Assistant at Halifax Health Medical Center


I am a CT Scan Technologist Assistant with a passion for caring for patients and developing technology to improve patient care. I am an experienced technician who relishes the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment.

I am searching for a position that will allow me to continue my passion for the medical field and contribute to the development of state-of-the-art technology.I am currently looking for a position that will allow me to apply my medical and scientific knowledge to the development of new technologies and procedures.

Work Experience

CT Scan Technologist Assistant, 2018 – present
Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Scan radiographs (x-rays) of patients’ lungs, heart, and other organs
  • Ensure that patients are in the proper position for scanning
  • Handle radioactive materials
  • Prepare patient for scanning
  • Verify that all personnel in radiation control room comply with radiation safety standards
  • Give information to patients about the process of scanning their lungs and organs

CT Scan Technologist Assistant, 2014 – 2018

Landmark Hospital of Athens

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform imaging examinations
  • Collect clinical information from patients, physicians, and staff
  • Provide patient education and answer medical questions
  • Maintain inventory of supplies and equipment
  • Respond to requests for assistance from the CT Technologist
  • Assist patients with any special needs they may have during the examination.

CT Scan Technologist Assistant, 2012 – 2014

Halifax Health Medical Center

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the technologist with tasks such as patient preparation and scan interpretation
  • Use the imaging computer to create and store images for review
  • Perform routine equipment maintenance on all equipment
  • Assist with CT scanning procedures as needed
  • Assist with data analysis
  • Participate in regular staff training sessions


  • Basic understanding of the CT scanner
  • Ability to read CT scans
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Able to work independently and on a team
  • Experience in medical terminology and procedures


Los Angeles City College
Associate Degree, Radiologic Technology
Los Angeles, CA
2015 to 2016

Western High School
High School Diploma
Anaheim, CA
2017 to 2015

Certifications/ Professional License:

  • Radiologic Technologist – American Registry of Radiologic Technologists; 2017
  • Certification, Magnetic Resonance Imaging; 2016

Personal information

  • Single
  • Date of Birth – 24 January 1991
  • Hobbies include Roller Blading, Tennis, and Soccer

Radiologic Technologist Skills List

It may seem that a Radiologic Technologist skills list is clear-cut. The job is mechanical. It’s by-the-numbers. You work with radiology equipment. Processes are followed strictly. That is not entirely true.

Not all Radiologic Technologists are the same. You should have specific attributes. Your job is very important. If you are not meticulous, the images could give doctors a poor basis for diagnosis. Patients will ask you questions. Many of them are concerned. It is your job to put them at ease.

So what should your skills list look like?

  • Education.

    A Radiography course can be completed in 2 years. You can also take up Radiation Therapy or Sonography. Both courses can be finished in 2 years. You don’t need a college degree to become a Radiologic Technologist. Is a 4-year course a plus? In some jobs, yes. The requirements might be higher. Generally, a 2-year degree in a related course will be fine.

  • Certification.

    Some states require certification. You will have to check with the requirements of the local government health department. In our sample resume for Radiologic Technologist, Alfred is ARRT certified. ARRT stands for American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

  • Attention to Detail.

    You will work with doctors and the Radiologist. They need clear imaging of the MRI and the x-ray to make an accurate diagnosis. A good Radiologic Technologist must be detail-oriented. You should make sure the image can be captured clearly. This includes positioning the patient so maximum clarity can be achieved. Exposure to radiation must also be controlled. You need to run tests to make sure the level of radiation and penetration is not too much.

  • Interpersonal Skills.

    You will constantly communicate with other healthcare people. In a team, it is important to have clear channels. Patients who will undergo the procedure are anxious. They will ask you for your opinions. Radiologic Technologists don’t analyze images. However, you should put them at ease. Let them know they are under the best care.

  • Physical Fitness.

    This job can be tiring. You will be on your feet for several hours. You could be preparing multiple patients for imaging. You might be moving equipment. It is important to be physically fit. If you get tired easily, your focus might be affected.

Radiologic Technologist Resume Objective

Keep your Radiologic Technologist resume objective short and concise. Hospitals already know what they want. Make the recruiter’s job easy by putting the desired skills front and center.

First, you should review the job post. List down the requirements of the job. The number one skill should be seen right away. In our sample resume objective for Radiologic Technologist, it is the ARRT certification. The next key skill is an experience.

Lastly, tell the recruiter why you should be hired. This is where your core attributes should come in. Choose at least 3 soft skills that best describe your approach to the job.

Radiologic Technologist Resume Format

Hospitals want people with experience. Use the chronological as your Radiologic Technologist resume format. This format will highlight your current skill levels. It will show what you have done so far.

Start out with your current employment. If you are not employed, refer to your last job. List down at least 5 responsibilities. It would be better to go higher as this job can be quite busy. Make sure the basic skills are included.

Position work experience as the middle section. Take a look at how we arranged our sample resume template for Radiologic Technologist:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Personal Information

This type of arrangement allows the other sections to support the information detailed in work experience.

Entry Level Radiologic Technologist Resume

If you have an entry-level Radiologic Technologist resume, you will have to focus on your skills. Use the functional format which will rearrange our sample template this way:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Information

You can place “Certifications” at “Contact Information” or under “Skills” for greater emphasis.

If you haven’t had much luck, don’t give up! Here are a few tips that can change your fortune:

  • Sign up for certification courses. These courses should be related to the job.
  • Do volunteer work. You won’t get paid but you will build up your experience.
  • Update your skill set. If there are new developments, try to learn them.
  • Apply for jobs that don’t require experience. The pay isn’t high but it’s a start.

Radiologic Technologist Resume Writing Tips

Don’t rush your resume out. Put some thought behind it. This is a common mistake. Most people think it is just a piece of paper. Remember it is your first point of contact with the recruiter. Read our Radiologic Technologist resume writing tips:

  1. Don’t Get Technical – Yes it is important to show you know the job very well. However, make sure your information is easily understood. When you try to get too technical, it will make your resume a hard read.
  2. Focus on Other Aspects of the Job – It’s not just about operating machines. Let the recruiter know you can work with people. Show how you offer assistance to doctors and patients.

Review your resume carefully. The recruiter will take it against you if there are errors in spelling and grammar. It will show you are not detail-oriented. Finally, keep it updated.

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