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Are you working as a purchasing agent and you are ready to change careers and apply for a new job? It means you have to write your resume and focus on the achievements you’ve had in the last years. In the following purchasing agent resume example, we’ll show you what to put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Use our model as inspiration and increase your chances to get called for a job interview. Note that we’ve also wrote some tips on how to answer the though interview questions.

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Purchasing Agent Resume Sample

Nicole Anderson

Address:                1077F Highway 34, Aberdeen, NJ
Phone:                     732-583-2160
Email:                      [email protected]
Current job:          Purchasing Agent at ABC Media Inc.


To obtain employment as a Purchasing Agent at one of the largest retail stores in the entire state of New Jersey and to make a career move that will foster my professional growth and encourage me to go beyond my comfort zone.


  1. Extensive experience in managing all levels of organization
  2. Outstanding supplier relationship management
  3. Proven expertise in project management
  4. Ability to deliver targeted results
  5. Vast knowledge on the end-to-end procurement process
  6. Extremely flexible and able to manage any change effectively
  7. Ability to build effective relationships at all levels
  8. Expertise in conflict management and resolution
  9. Superb communication skills, both oral and written
  10. Ability to work under extreme pressure
  11. Ability to strengthen and maintain vendor relations through outstanding communication and human relations skills
  12. Highly motivated and driven
  13. Able to plan, organize, and execute multiple tasks simultaneously to meet deadlines
  14. Accomplished in Material Resource Planning (MRP) and ERP procedures
  15. Proficiency in Microsoft Word/Excel and customized software for purchasing, inventory control, and production planning
  16. Excellent team player and great independent worker
  17. Detail-oriented, with a talent for spotting and resolving discrepancies and errors


Purchasing Agent, 2017 – Present
ABC Media Inc., Aberdeen, NJ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet the dealers and agents and prepare the purchase orders for the required goods
  • Forward the available inventory items by verifying the stocks and scheduling the delivery
  • Evaluate the suppliers based on the quality, price, and the speed of delivery
  • Interview the suppliers, and visit the plants and supplying offices for checking and confirming the orders
  • Verify the receipts of the items, compare the items received, and resolve any errors in the shipments
  • Keep the information accessible by maintaining worksheets and filing documents
  • Perform the purchase planning by collecting, summarizing, and analyzing data and trends
  • Keep track of the changing market trends
  • Update one’s job knowledge by undertaking educational opportunities
  • Accomplish the organization’s requirements by completing the related results as needed

Purchasing Agent, 2015 – 2017
JY Merchandising, Aberdeen, NJ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reviewed requisitions and specifications to obtain competitive quotations from vendors
  • Prepared, tabulated, and analyzed bids to determine lowest and best bidders
  • Prepared and placed purchase orders
  • Prepared bid and proposal specifications based on research of organizational needs
  • Wrote and reviewed technical specifications and contracts for purchase of goods and services in conformity with purchasing policies of the company, the State of New Jersey, and Federal guidelines
  • Established good working relationships with vendors through personal and telephone contact
  • Discussed and resolved problems regarding delayed delivery dates
  • Returned damaged or incorrect items to vendors
  • Responded to employee requests, inquiries, and problems regarding uniform issuance, office supplies, repair services, or costs of items

Purchasing Assistant, 2013 – 2015
ERT Supplies, Aberdeen, NJ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Requested quotes, awarded bids. and purchased all necessary products and supplies
  • Negotiated price, lead time, and service from all vendors
  • Developed new supplier relations, and maintained existing partnerships
  • Maintained Store Planning data base for monthly reporting


College, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
B.A. in Business Administration
2009 – 2013, 3.6 GPA

Pemberton Township High School, Pemberton, NJ
High School Diploma
2005 – 2009, 3.8 GPA


  1. Principles of Accounting
  2. Cost Accounting
  3. Principles of Taxation
  4. Business and Professional Ethics
  5. Accounting for Management
  6. Word Processing Production & Advanced Keyboarding
  7. Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Single
  • Date of Birth: 3/8/1980
  • Interests: shopping, reading fashion magazines, and part-time modeling

Advice for Your Purchasing Agent Job Interview

Before you join the pack of job seekers on their way to interviews, it is absolutely critical that you sharpen your survival instincts and bring your first aid kit. It is a jungle out there, and the only way for you to come out the king (or queen) of it all, you will need to make some preparations. Below is a guide to surviving and succeeding at your interview:

Modify Purchasing Agent Resume Templates to Suit Your Specifications

Your purchasing agent resume should not be a duplicate of the purchasing agent resume templates you find (although it may be a good start). Rather, it should be a personalized version that highlights all qualifications of yours that shout out just how suitable you are for the job. Recruiters get stuck with a lot of applications sent in daily; make their job easier by making your resume relevant to their search for the best applicant. A word of caution; this does not mean you should make up bogus qualifications just to appear to be the ideal candidate. Keep it real, but make it emphatic that the company will definitely benefit from giving you the job.

Delve into the Company and the Job

Nothing annoys an interviewer more than having an interviewee shake his head in embarrassment and admit that he knows nothing about the company or the job being offered. How can you apply for a position at the establishment without knowing the least thing about the job or the company? It seems logical to find out all you can about the role, company, and industry, but sadly, a lot of applicants still do not abide by this logic. Do not be one of them. Read whatever literature you can find on the company’s history, products and services, milestones, and philosophy. Do a thorough research on the sector’s latest trends, the field’s challenges, and the range of available opportunities by surfing online blogs, publications, and the company website. All these will help you distinguish yourself from the mediocre applicants.

Keep Your Responses Smart and Relevant 

There is no exact science to acing interviews, but one thing seems to work for most people – practicing! Beg your friend, peer, or family to act as the interviewer and fire the key questions at you. Ask them for objective feedback on whether your responses, tone, body language, and approach need to be modified. If you can’t find anyone to help you practice, just whip out a voice recorder and be your own critic. Here is a list of sample questions you can work with:

  • What kind of strategies will you employ to determine this company’s purchasing patterns?
  • How will you determine if the price of a customized product is fair?
  • How do you think electronic commerce will affect purchasing process?
  • Have you ever dabbled in developing bid specifications?
  • What specific attributes of this company attracted you to it?

Ask Business-focused Questions

If given the chance to ask your own questions, you should focus on business-centric queries. Stay away from discussions and negotiations on pay as the company has not offered you the job yet. Here are some queries you can make instead:

  • How does the company address and resolve employee concerns and complaints?
  • Will there be plenty of chances to rise to the higher ranks of the company?
  • What is it like, working for this company?
  • Is there a lot of travel involved with this job?
  • Who does the company buy the most from?

A Well-Put-Together Appearance Can Get You Far

Negative impressions are especially hard to overturn, so avoid making them in the first place. Put a lot of thought into what you will be wearing on the day of the interview. Appropriate clothing pieces include slacks, blouses, dress shirts, or business suits. Do not spritz on too much perfume or splash on a lot of aftershave. Steer clear of loud jewelry, flashy clothing, and anything too casual. A well-put-together appearance will definitely help the interviewer see you in a great light.

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