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Are you working as a sales account manager and decided that it’s time to get a new job? If so, focus on writing a resume that will attract the attention of the recruiter, be highlighting the achievements and the skills that are relevant for the job. In this article, we’ll show you a sales account manager resume example, to give you ideas for what to put in skills, objective, duties and responsibilities sections. Make sure to also check some of the job interview tips we’ve listed after the resume part.

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Sales Account Manager Resume Sample

Elizabeth Carlyle

Address:              1020 Broadway St.Kansas City MO 64105
Phone:                   (913) 469-8500
Email:                    [email protected]
Current job:       Senior Account Manager at AppleOne Companies


To apply the knowledge and experience I have gained in different firms to propel a company in revenue growth by use of sales activities, launching new products and process improvements.


  1. A hardworking self-starter who is results-oriented
  2. Well-organized and able to meet deadlines
  3. Able to identify new prospects and negotiate with them
  4. Able to leverage skills to boost sales activities
  5. Exceptional skills in customer retention
  6. Able to work under pressure
  7. Can work either in a team or as a free member
  8. Experience in business development efforts and increasing customer base
  9. Good leadership skills in areas involving team initiatives
  10. Skilled in customer service and customer satisfaction
  11. Computer proficient in various accounting software


Senior Account Manager, 2016-Present
AppleOne Companies, Cerritos, CA 


  • Soliciting new business opportunities
  • Preparing sales proposals for future prospects
  • Connecting with licensed agents and brokers to tap into new markets
  • Boosting the existing revenue streams by making practical recommendations
  • Handling clients inquiries and ensuring their demands are met
  • Overseeing placement of adverts in the local media and online
  • Coming up with ways to boost the account base

Account Executive, 2014-2016
CyberCoders Inc, Selma, CA


  • Developed catchy ads that helped to bring more customers
  • Utilized innovative upsell techniques that increased the revenue streams of the firm
  • Helped the firm to expand into new markets which led to a broad customer base
  • Negotiated and secured various annual contracts of huge amounts

Account Manager, 2012-2014
Govig and Associates, West Covina, CA


  • Established the firm’s web presence and helped to tap into the online market
  • Designed by hand compelling ads that helped boost the customer base
  • Managed both new and existing accounts
  • Kept management updated by submitting daily and weekly reports
  • Monitored our competitors and coming up with ways to give us an edge


The Huizenga Business School, Davie, Florida
Masters in Sales Management
2008-2012, 3.2 GPA 

Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri
Bachelors of Sales Management
2004-2008, 3.3 GPA

Vashon High School, St. Louis, Missouri
High School Diploma
2000-2004, 3.4 GPA


  1. The sales process
  2. Motivation
  3. Sales strategy
  4. Managing the sales force
  5. Recruitment and hiring
  6. Account management

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, with one child
  • Date of Birth: October 9, 1976
  • Hobbies:  walking, mountain climbing, cooking, and ballet dancing.

Advice for Your Account Manager Job Interview

Considering how far you have come to this interview, you should ensure that you don’t fail because of lack of preparation. Many people dread the possibility of facing an interviewing panel. You should not have this fear since these are the people who are going to determine whether you get that job or not. In order to emerge out as the stronger candidate, you should make sure that you have prepared for this day. Use the tips below in your preparation.

Prepare an Up-To Date Account Manager resume

When applying for a job, you should make sure that you prepare a custom-made resume to reflect your qualifications as an account manager. Having a generic resume on that occasion will send the wrong message as the company will think that you didn’t prepare adequately for the job. Don’t forget that they are looking for someone who is also interested in their interests and don’t want candidates that forward one resume to countless firms. This therefore means that you have to go through various sales account manager resume examples on this site to find the one that best captures your persona.

Questions That You Can Be Sure Of In Your Interview

When it comes to preparing for interview questions, there are two approaches that work best. The first one involves reciting your answers out loud on a tape recorder and then replaying the recorder. This will help you to realize where you may be failing so that you can improve on it. The second approach involves reciting the same answers, but this time in front of a mirror. It takes courage to face oneself while speaking out loud. These exercises will prepare you adequately for the interview. The following are questions that you should practice answering.

  • What would you say is you greatest strength? How will that strength help you to deliver in this job?
  • In a nutshell, how would you describe your attributes?
  • What is your biggest weakness and how do you plan to overcome it?
  • Do you think aggressive selling is the right way to approach a cold customer?
  • What is the most important personality trait of a salesperson?
  • Why do you do sales?
  • How would you rate your sales style?
  • How would you sell me this item that is in front of you?

Consider the Relevant Questions That You Should Ask 

In case you are provided with a golden moment to ask questions, you should grab this opportunity like it’s your moment to prove to the interviewer that you are really interested in the job and already know what it is about. This means that questions to do with a pay hike or vacation should be thrown out the window if you really want to get that job. Some questions that are right for the occasion are:

  • How do you evaluate employees for promotion in this firm?
  • Will I be expected to work over the weekends or late at night?
  • What makes this company different from its competitors?
  • Are there often employee incentives and rewards to keep morale up?

Prepare Yourself

You should be adequately prepared before you go to the interview. This means that you should have dry-cleaned that suit, ironed it properly and even have a spare outfit just in case. In case you are confused on what to wear, just stick to something smart and befitting the occasion. Alternatively, you can enquire from those who are close to you on the best outfit for an account manager. Finally, ensure that you know the exact venue where it will be held, the expected duration of the interview, what kind of interview it is and whether it will involve any group exercises or tests. Knowing this beforehand will make it easier to prepare for it.

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