Factory Worker Resume Examples

Can you work in a highly-structured environment where standards and guidelines are strictly met? Are you okay with the idea of working long hours and doing a lot of physical labor? To get the job, the last thing you want to do is to submit a Factory Worker resume that reads like it came out of an assembly line.This is not a well-paying job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean hourly wage rate for a Factory Worker is only US$15.82. However, it is a good entry-level position. If you do a good job, you might find yourself pulled out of the line and to a higher-paying supervisory job.

Besides, you can still pay a good number of bills as a Factory Worker. Those who work in the street, highway, and bridge construction industry are paid the highest with a mean hourly wage rate of US$34.87. If you are desirous of getting hired, review our Factory Worker resume sample below and read our tips on how to make your application stand out from everyone else’s.

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Factory Worker Resume Sample

Contact Information

Factory Worker Resume SampleName: Lawrence F. de Rivera
Address: 9087 Kenova Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (412) 849 5678
Email: lawrence_drivera@ gmail.com

Current Job: Factory Worker; Ansell Meat Refinery, Pittsburgh, PA

Objective Statement

Factory Worker with 3 years of experience seeks a position in the production/assembly line of Hyundai Motors. I am familiar with handling different tools for car assemblies such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers. 

Strengths/Special Skills

  • Ability to strictly follow processes and procedures
  • Knowledge of basic car assembly tools
  • Fast learner
  • Team oriented
  • Focused and dedicated
  • Willing to put in long hours

Work Experience

Factory Worker- 2019 to Present
Ansell Meat Refinery; Pittsburgh, PA


  • Sanitize work clothes before reporting for duty.
  • Review the tasks outlined for the day.
  • Attend pre-shift meetings with supervisors.
  • Conduct a quick inspection of the work area and ensure the availability of the right tools.
  • Observe the quality of the chickens that go through the processing line; remove those that have developed hematomas.
  • String up the chickens for blast watering.
  • Clean up the work area.
  • Prepare a report on the poor quality chickens that were discarded from the processing line.
  • Attend the post-shift meeting with the supervisors.
  • Ensure that work clothes are properly discarded in the correct sanitizing bin.

Factory Worker – 2017 to 2019
Wilson & Sons Fabrics; Pittsburgh, PA


  • Inspect textiles prior to manufacturing garments.
  • Verify proper temperature settings before the start of the shift.
  • Check the operating condition of cutting machines.
  • Initiate the process by running the machines that wash and clean the textiles.
  • Oversee the operation that blends materials such as cotton, wool, and nylon.
  • Assist the team that handles dyeing and bleaching of materials; pressing, stretching, and waterproofing specific materials.
  • Maintain sanitation and cleanliness of the work areas.


High School
Brashear High School

Pittsburgh, PA
2008 to 2012

How To Write A Good Factory Worker Resume

The number one rule to remember to write a good Factory Worker resume is to customize it to the needs of the potential employer. Don’t submit one that reads like the previous resumes the recruiter reviewed. 

And it’s not as hard as you might think!


Review the Job Ad


Every employer has their own set of expectations and demands of their Factory Worker. The company will lay down the requirements of the job and the various tasks that the new recruit will handle on the job ad.

Review the job ad carefully and assess your qualifications. Then, tailor-make the contents of your resume according to the needs of the company. Your resume should answer the questions or concerns posted by the job ad. 

For example, if the job ad states “Ability to handle forklift” and you have this particular skill, in your resume you could indicate your certification as a Forklift Operator and describe the job in the work experience section.


Highlight Certifications, Licenses, and Proof of Advanced Training


As a Factory Worker, a high school diploma or GED score will suffice. Most of the applicants will be a high school graduate. So how do you differentiate yourself from them?

If you acquired specialized training in the skills indicated on the job ad, then you will be far ahead of the competition. More so, if you are certified or licensed in the skill. 

Put your certifications and licenses in the Contact Information or mention them in the Objective Statement. Of course, summarize your certifications in the section “Certifications and Licenses”.


Show Off Your Awards and Citations


Some companies fete their factory workers with awards and citations. These awards include “Employee of the Year/Month”, “Best Worker of the Month”, and “Top Producer for the Year”. 

If you were fortunate enough to win an award or receive a citation, include this detail in your resume. Awards and citations are testimonials to the quality of your work.


Write Clearly and in a Concise Manner


Keep your job descriptions brief but write clearly, concisely, and present your information in an organized manner. 

Even if this is considered a blue-collar job, you should not submit a resume with glaring errors in spelling and grammar. The resume is perceived as a reflection of how you approach the job. 

If your resume is sloppily-made, the recruiter may assume you are likewise reckless and irresponsible on the job. 

Factory Worker Skills List

The ideal Factory Worker skills to put on your resume should correspond with the needs of the company or the demands of the job. These required skills will vary from industry-to-industry. 

If there are specific skills that require certification and licenses, make sure you have them before applying for the job. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time.

Are you bilingual? That is a big plus because you might be working with people that speak the same language. 

There are skills that should be considered standard for a Factory Worker such as:

  • Knowledge or familiarity with computers or technology, in general.
  • Knowledge of handling or operating particular tools and equipment.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Ability to listen and follow instructions.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to work with a team.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Results-oriented; keeps track of timelines or deadlines.
  • Ability to maintain concentration and focus.
  • Detail-oriented; follows procedures strictly.
  • Physically-fit; can work for long hours.

As always, review the details of the job ad before summarizing your Factory Worker skills. More often than not, the skills listed on the job ad are arranged in the level of importance. 

To be sure, arrange your skills based on how these qualifications are listed on the job ad. 

Factory Worker Duties And Responsibilities In The Work Experience Section

Factory workers are found in different industries. The job descriptions of a Factory Worker in the Oil and Gas industry are distinctly different from those of a Factory Worker in the Pharmaceutical industry. However, their duties and responsibilities are similar in the sense that they are required to follow a process. 

Following a process is very important because it helps standardize the quality of the final product. Deviations from the process can be costly to the company. 

The recruiter will use the work experience section to assess your familiarity with the processes of your respective employers. How well did you know your job?


Use the Reverse-Chronological Format


With the reverse-chronological format, you start out with your current job or latest employment then work your way back through your work history. 

The purpose of the reverse-chronological is to highlight where your levels of experience and skill are at the present time. 

The reverse-chronological format works if you don’t have unemployment gaps that exceed 4 months. Otherwise, you will have to use the functional format which takes the focus away from work experience.

The reverse-chronological format will arrange the sections of your resume in the following manner:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Strengths
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications/Licenses

You can also move up “Certifications/Licenses” right below “Objective Statement” if your acquired technical skills are prerequisites for the position.


Present Your Duties and Responsibilities in Chronological Order


Take the recruiter through a day in your life as a Factory Worker. How did you start your shift? What were the main responsibilities of the job? What tasks did you handle before you closed out the day?

For example:

  • Review the delivery schedule for the day.
  • Conduct a quick inventory of supplies to verify the previous day’s count.
  • Note down any variance in the inventory.
  • Read through the day’s activities and check if there are new tasks to be performed.
  • Attend the morning pre-shift briefing with the Factory Manager.
  • Conduct a quick inspection of the work area.
  • Ensure proper uniform, safety, and sanitation gear are available and worn before starting the shift.
  • Observe guidelines in handling chemicals.
  • Utilize the correct equipment in mixing and transferring chemicals in their proper vessels.
  • Clean up the work area according to guidelines.
  • Prepare a report on the total quantity of chemicals; type of chemicals, and the vessels used.


Simplify Your Job Descriptions


As you have just read, we kept the job descriptions short but concise. Everything the recruiter needs to know about your duties and responsibilities is there. 

You could add more detail. In our example of a Factory Worker job description, you could include the names of the chemicals used and the equipment you handled. 

We want to emphasize the importance of writing in clear, easy to understand language. 


Use the Right Verbs


Verbs help create imagery that goes a long way in getting the recruiter to understand the work you did for your previous employer. However, use the right verbs or action words that are popularly associated with your job.

In our example, we used the following verbs:

  • Review
  • Conduct
  • Perform
  • Attend
  • Observe
  • Utilize
  • Prepare


Keep Your Work Experience Relevant


Likewise, it is important to present only relevant work experiences. If you worked as a Nightwatchman early in your career, there is no need to include that piece of information in the work experience section of your resume.

Work experience that has no relevance to the position you are applying for may only serve to distract the attention of the recruiter.

Entry Level Factory Worker Resume

The recruiter at a factory goes through hundreds of entry-level Factory Worker resumes every day. Yours will just be one of many. The question is: What will make yours better than other first-time factory workers?

1. Include Informal Work Experience – Did you work as a freelance factory worker? Did you provide volunteer service as a factory worker? These are examples of informal work experience that will be considered as credible by the recruiter.

2. Indicate Your Special Skills – If you’ve been trained to handle specific tools that are required for the position, make sure to indicate these skills in your resume.

3. Share Your Story in the Objective Statement – “As a factory worker for your company not only can I have the means to feed my family but I have the opportunity to build a career in one of the most prestigious companies in the industry.” 

That kind of objective statement will surely put a smile on the recruiter’s face!

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow, there will be more demand for factory workers. But that doesn’t mean you can just submit any resume. 

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