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Are you a mad scientist? Chemists are often portrayed as crazy scientists who want to rule the world. The truth is chemists, come up with concoctions that help the world. This job pays well but the qualifications are high. Your Chemist resume should have the right ingredients. We formulated a Chemist resume sample that won’t blow up your chances. It has the right combination of hard and soft skills. We want to show that you are the solution to the company’s needs.

And if you have an entry-level Chemist resume, don’t worry! We’ll teach how to mix the right balance between skills and experience. Lastly, take a few seconds to read through our resume writing tips. They are valuable reminders to make sure your resume will deliver the desired result.

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Chemist Resume Sample
Chemist Resume Sample

Edward P. Thomas

Address:            9889 22nd Street, Sarasota, FL
Phone:                (941) 232 6978
Email:                 [email protected]
Current job:     Chemist; Benninger Pharmaceutical Company, Sarasota. FL


More than 10 years working as a Chemist in various industries including pharmaceuticals and manufacturing with a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry. I am interested in becoming the Chemist for Research and Development for Lilyfield Industrial Chemicals. I take a logical approach to problem- solving, have exemplary analytical skills, and have been proven to be a quick but firm decision-maker.


  • 10+ years as a Chemist in the Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing industries.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.
  • Knowledgeable in the following computer programs: HSC Chemistry, Lab Collector LIMS, and Chemcad.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Quick decision maker

Work Experience

Chemist; 2020 to present
Benninger Pharmaceuticals; Sarasota, FL.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Tests, analyzes, and evaluates all pharmaceutical raw materials; processes intermediates, and finished product stability samples.
  • Calculates, interprets, and documents test results according to precise testing protocols.
  • Operates, calibrates, and maintains all designated equipment.
  • Performs chemical analysis work according to a prescribed timetable of development.
  • Provides assistance and support to file new formulations to FDA.
  • Prepares a comprehensive report on tests, formulations, and product development status for distribution and discussion with top-level executives and managers.

Chemist, 2017 to 2020
Holden Manufacturing; Sarasota, FL.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with the engineering department, provided specialized knowledge of chemistry with basic engineering principles to develop design solutions for manufacturing products.
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams on projects that required material selection, failure analysis, and material characterization.
  • Evaluated product quality inspections; conducted material process quality audits and process development.
  • Initiated the evaluation and implementation of new material processing technology.
  • Applied chemical failure analysis as a means of providing technical direction for the project team.

Chemist, 2015 to 2017
Finch Chemicals; Sarasota, FL.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Produced elastomer compounds according to the specifications of the company’s clients.
  • Presided and supervised the mix and mold of the materials for development.
  • Monitored and evaluated all new polymer and filler technologies.
  • Assisted in the selection of materials for client applications.
  • Collaborated with global R&D teams, internal elastomer chemists, and related groups in manufacturing.


Bachelor of Science Degree
University of South Florida
Sarasota, FL
2011 to 2015

High School
Sarasota High School
Sarasota, FL
2007 to 2011


Chemist Skills List

How should you formulate your Chemist skills list? It should not be all about your knowledge of chemicals and mixtures. Chemists are needed in many industries. It’s not just about mixing solutions but finding solutions.

  • Education

    A high school diploma or GED score will not do. You have to specialize. This means taking a 4-year college course on the subject or related discipline. If not Chemistry, take up Biology or Physics.Make sure you take up units of Mathematics and Computer Science. For higher-paying positions, a Master’s Degree may be required.

  • Certifications

    You don’t have to be certified as a Chemist. However, other fields such as Engineering would require licensing. If you are interested in other areas such as environmental Chemist, you should take up additional courses. These include Soil Chemistry and Environmental Studies.

  • Problem Solving

    Chemists are needed to help companies find solutions or to improve processes. In manufacturing, you could be asked to come up with new materials to lower production costs. We showed this in our sample job description for Chemist resume.Thus, as a Chemist, you should have good problem-solving skills. Identify the problem, come up with hypotheses, then run various tests until you find the best solution.

  • Data Analysis

    Chemistry requires precision. You just can’t formulate without solid basis. This is where having great data analysis skills comes to play. When you run tests, you use data as the basis for developing solutions. If you plan to mix a combination of ingredients, what will be the ratio?Precision is important because you should not waste resources. With proper data analysis, you will save time and money.

  • Decision- Making Ability

    In Chemistry, decisions have to be made at every stage. What ingredient should I use? What combination should I try out next? Where will I source the materials? How many tests should I run? What are the parameters for success? The answers to these questions will determine your progress.

Chemist Resume Objective

What are the right ingredients for a Chemist resume objective? The answer lies in the job post.

Companies have specific requirements for the job of a Chemist. Take note of what the requirements are. If you have them, it should be stated in your resume objective.

In our sample resume objective for Chemist, we started out with experience. Most companies want well-tenured Chemists. It takes time to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.

We also added relevant hard skills. Edward’s Bachelor Degree in Chemistry shows he has the tools for the job.

Finally, include a few soft skills. These are the attributes that best describe your approach to the job. Employers value soft skills so don’t take them lightly.

Chemist Resume Format

Experience is important for a Chemist. This is why the Chronological is ideal for your Chemist resume format.

The Chronological works because it shows your current level of skill and experience. This makes the recruiter’s job easier. Keep in mind, recruiters will not spend a lot of time on a resume. The faster he can go through your resume, the better.

Thus, you have to start out with your latest experience. Identify 5 to 8 tasks that you did. Make sure these are relevant to the job post. The recruiter should be able to tie-in your qualifications for the job.

You can also apply the Chronological to Education and Certifications if any.

The correct format? Follow our sample template for Chemist resume:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Personal Information

Entry Level Chemist Resume

Do you have an entry- level Chemist resume? There are jobs waiting for you! Again, many industries need good Chemists. It does not matter if you are entry- level, you can still land the position.

However, you will have a better chance applying for jobs that do not require experience. There will be a lot of openings in the market. The pay will not be as high. Use the time to build your experience.

If the job market is tight, go for apprenticeships or volunteer work. These are great ways to learn while adding to your experience.

Who knows? While doing volunteer work, you might meet someone who can open more doors for you.

The bottom line is, always do a good job as a Chemist regardless of the conditions.

Chemist Resume Writing Tips

Read our Chemist resume writing tips before sending out your application. Mistakes can lead to a combustible combination. You would not want all of your hard work to end up in flames.

  1. Share Only Relevant Experience – Did you work in a fast food store before? That is good training. However, it has no relevance to the job of a Chemist. There is no need to include this detail in your resume.
  2. Always Check for Errors – When you have errors in spelling and grammar this shows you are irresponsible. As a Chemist, you must be detail-oriented. It is expected that you will always run checks on your work. These types of errors will be seen as red flags.
  3. Make Your Resume An Easy Read – Chemistry may have been a hard subject. That doesn’t mean you should give the recruiter a hard time. Your resume should be an easy read. The recruiter should be reading clearly-worded sentences and not deciphering symbols or meanings.

Our Chemist resume sample will make it easier for you to write a solid application. However, if you don’t get a call right away don’t despair. In most cases, getting the interview is a waiting game. If things don’t work, simply tweak your resume. Just like a Chemist, you should always run tests until you get it right.

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