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Are you working as a foreman but you want to change jobs? Then it’s time to review your existing resume or write one from scratch. Focus on showing the skills that you have learned in the last years and the work experience. In this article we’ll inspire you with a good foreman resume example and help you understand what you could write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections.

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Foreman Resume Sample

Robert Johnson

Address:                  13117 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City MD 21842
Phone:                       (410) 226-3563
Email:                         [email protected]
Current job:            Construction Foreman at Beltway Paving


To work in a company where my extensive experience, skills, and knowledge in the construction industry will be put to use in making the construction process more efficient and faster.


  1. A wide array of practical skills and expertise in the construction field
  2. Vast administrative knowledge and how to engage in bureaucratic negotiations
  3. Great communication skills in both written and oral
  4. Computer proficient and use of the various computer programs
  5. Able to put my point across clearly and in an easy-to-understand language
  6. Able to coach and organize the other coworkers
  7. Skilled in problem-solving and conflict resolution
  8. Good knowledge of how to delegate effectively
  9. Capable of working in a challenging environment
  10. Experience in both commercial and residential projects
  11. High stamina and therefore able to meet the physically challenging tasks of construction projects
  12. Results oriented with high attention to detail
  13. Knowledgeable on how to handle both the automated tools as well as the manual ones.


Construction Foreman, 2016-Present
Beltway Paving, Waldorf, MD 


  • Reading and following the laid down structural plans as well as checking the layout of existing structures and sites
  • Laying out, forming and shoring foundations, flatwork, and structures
  • Framing with metal and wood as well as structural steel elements
  • Hanging and finishing drywall and other ceiling systems
  • Performing both interior and exterior finish carpentry e.g. door hangings
  • Using different instruments to check on the grade and other relevant measurements

Construction Foreman, 2015-2016
Facchina Construction, La Plata, MD


  • Operated both medium and light construction equipment
  • Drove trucks in construction, OTR, and various oilfield projects
  • Provided emergency response and industrial hygiene at the Generation and Transmission plant.
  • Visited assigned sites daily and reviewed the assignments to be done each day

Assistant Foreman, 1999-2015
Nextlink Global Services, Blue Pell, PA


  • Gathered the relevant tools and mounted jobs on various machines
  • Recorded any abnormalities on machines and jobs and reported to the foreman
  • Assisted the foreman in various tasks like general measurements
  • Prepared and forwarded daily reports to the foreman.


Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland
Diploma in Construction Management
1997-1999, 3.3 GPA 

Cecil College, North East, Maryland
Certificate in Welding
1996-1997, 3.2 GPA

Aberdeen High School, Aberdeen, Maryland
High School Diploma
1992-1996, 3.2 GPA


  1. Building codes and inspection
  2. Electrical installation
  3. Plumbing codes and inspection
  4. Construction projects supervision
  5. Coordinating the construction details

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, with one child
  • Date of Birth: October 7, 1988
  • Hobbies:  Hiking, mountain climbing, fishing

Advice for Your Foreman Job Interview


Getting an interview process right is all about preparation. Most of the interviewees who fail are those who just wake up on the day of the interview and head for the venue without taking time to prepare for the event. The following tips will point you in the right direction as you look for that foreman job.

Prepare a Killer Foreman resume

The first thing that you should prepare when you find a job that you like is your custom resume. The good thing about preparing a resume is that your prospective employer already has indicated to you what he/she is looking for. This is listed in the job requirements and description of the post that you are applying. Your job then is to match your skills, expertise, and experience to what the job requires. In order to find the best resume template to use, you should look at some of the foreman resume examples available on this site. Once you find the one that is just right for the job, the next task will involve editing it to suit you. Make sure to include any specific requirement that you believe will give you an edge when it comes to comparing your resume among those of numerous other job seekers. This way, you will stand a much better position of earning the job even before you get to the interview.

Find Out All about the Company

When preparing for the interview, you should make sure that you have done a thorough research about your prospective company. This is one way you can show the interviewer that you are really interested in the job. A good source of information when researching the company is to browse their website and the media. In addition, the social media might prove to be a valuable source especially when it comes to knowing what trends the company is interested in. Finally, you can always ask one of the company employees for value tidbits about the company and the person who will interview you. You might just learn what their interview mode is and therefore save yourself the trouble of preparing ambiguously.

Common Interview Questions That You Should Expect

Although each interview is unique in its approach, it does no harm to research for the common questions that you are bound to be asked. Make sure you come up with answers to all these questions. In case you find a question to be hard for you, look for the answer on the internet. A tip that you can utilize is to perform a mock interview with your buddy so that you find out what areas to work on to improve your performance.

  • What made you leave the last job?
  • How would you describe the working environment whereby you are most happy and productive?
  • Are you shy to tell one of your crew members that they’ve done something wrong?
  • How would you describe yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you think you deserve this job?
  • Would you describe yourself as a team player?

Decide On Which Questions You Will Ask

Chances are that you will also get a chance to ask your interviewer some questions. When deciding on which questions you would love to ask the interviewer, make sure you don’t delude yourself that this is your chance to torment the interviewer with personal questions. Only stick to relevant questions that apply to the job. Some of the questions you might consider are:

  • What are the criteria for promoting employees in this organization?
  • Are there prospects for growth and advancement in this job?
  • What do you do to prevent foremen from injuring themselves on the job?
  • How soon do you expect the successful candidate to start working?

Be Presentable

They say first impressions last a lifetime. What better way to impress your interviewers than to appear presentable and professional? Always wear a suit that is well ironed and fitting. A mistake that you should avoid by all means is to cut corners when you are dressing. For example, you shouldn’t iron the front part of your shirt just because you think the other part won’t be visible. Secondly, avoid wearing cologne if you can. You certainly don’t want to suffocate the interviewer with your favorite scent! By appearing as smart and professional, the interviewer will perceive you as a serious contender for that job.

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