Supervisor Resume Examples

A Supervisor wears many hats: coach, mentor, company advocate and employee advocate. It is an important position within an organization because the Supervisor is responsible for the performance of the employees under his or her watch and acts as the liaison to management. Our Supervisor resume sample can help you land this position whether it is sourced internally or via external avenues.

In many organizations, selecting its supervisors is a tough process. Management has to be sure the people they hire for this position not only has the requisite technical and fundamental skills but also the ability to work and develop others.

Businesses regardless of industry have supervisors. They might go by other names: Team Leader, Superintendent, Administrator and Custodian to name a few, but the roles, responsibilities, and functions are the same. Companies may hire supervisors internally as a promotion for entry-level personnel or it may be sourced externally. As a Supervisor, you are a few steps closer to management. Read our Supervisor resume sample to find out how you can state your case to the Hiring Manager as the next one in line.

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Supervisor Resume Sample

supervisor resume

Alain A. dela Rocha

Address:           4651 Mission Hills, El Paso, Texas
Phone:              (575) 895-1247
Email:              [email protected]
Current job:  Supervisor Level 2; Trans-Tech Global Solutions, Inc., El Paso, Texas


Certified Project Management Associate and Certified Work Force Planning Professional with 5+ years experience in supervisory work in various industries; analytical, results-oriented, excellent communicator with an amazing ability to develop people is interested in landing a management position with a reputable company in the technology industry.


  • 5+ years work experience as Supervisor
  • Bachelor of Science degree; Economics
  • Certified; Project Management Associate
  • Certified; WorkForce Planning Professional
  • Certified, SalesForce – Expert Level
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Bilingual; Native Hispanic and English
  • Analytical
  • Results oriented
  • Team oriented
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Professional decorum
  • Excellent people skills
  • Pleasant disposition

Work Experience

Supervisor Level 2, 2015 to Present
Trans-Tech Global Solutions, Inc. El Paso, Texas

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts early morning orientation and end of week Process Improvement session with the team.
  • Identifies weekly benchmarking targets.
  • Reviews performance evaluation reports on all team members.
  • Discusses performance evaluation results with all team members.
  • Assists team members on all phone-in query on company products and services.
  • Verifies confidential personal information provided by the customer before transferring data to Quality Assurance Officer.
  • Coordinates with Performance Analyst, Quality Assurance and Project Manager on statistics and accuracy ratings generated by the team.
  • Provides training, orientation, and guidance to all team members.
  • Assures strict adherence to guidelines and metrics as established by the company.
  • Conducts disciplinary hearings on all incidents involving team members and hands down penalties as mandated by company policy.

Supervisor Level 1, 2015 to 2015
Trans-Tech Global Solutions, Inc. El Paso, Texas

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted team members in verifying confidential customer information.
  • Collated and prepared all data on statistics and accuracy of individual team members.
  • Consulted with Supervisor Level 2 on the evaluation of individual performance.
  • Worked with Dialler Manager on uploading leads list unto predictive dialler and distribution to team members.
  • Provided consultation and instruction to team members.
  • Informed team members of possible infractions of the code of conduct and received all required documents.
  • Assisted Supervisor Level 2 during disciplinary hearings.
  • Presided over early morning orientation sessions in the absence or unavailability of Supervisor Level 2.
  • Assured strict adherence to guidelines and metrics as established by the company.
  • Tasked with orienting new team members on the scope of work, guidelines, and metrics.

Supervisor, 2013 to 2015
K-Mart Customer Service Department; El Paso, Texas

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted Customer Service Agents in handling inbound phone calls and managing chat support services.
  • Conducted preliminary investigation of all documented issues and concerns.
  • Prepared and transmitted all trouble tickets to the Customer Support management group.
  • Provided training and orientation to all Customer Service Agents.
  • Assured strict adherence to customer service guidelines as established by K Mart.
  • Coordinated with K Mart head office representatives on a weekly basis on all pending and unresolved trouble tickets.
  • Updated CRM.
  • Evaluated and graded performance of all Customer Service Agents.
  • Carried out disciplinary hearings on all incidents involving Customer Service Agents.
  • Prepared and presented performance reports to K Mart Customer Service management group.


Dona Ana Branch College
Bachelor of Science Degree, Economics
Billings, MT
2015-2016; 3.7 GPA

Eastlake High School
High School Diploma
El Paso, Texas
2017-2015, 3.5 GPA


  • Certified; Project Management Associate
  • Certified; WorkForce Planning Professional
  • Certified, SalesForce – Expert Level

Personal information

  • Single
  • Date of birth 11/24/89
  • Hobbies include trail running, cycling, reading

Resume Writing Tips for Supervisor Job Positions

supervisor resume writing tips

As stated earlier, as a Supervisor you are a few steps away from a management position. You are no longer considered entry-level or rank and file. As a Supervisor, you are expected to know the job of the people assigned to you. This is why oftentimes, companies get Supervisors from within the ranks. Not only does it assure management that the Supervisor knows the job by heart but it also incentivizes entry-level staff to do better and work harder.

However, companies also recruit from outside the organization especially in the case of startups or if management wants to acquire new information, methods, and techniques. In either case, the hiring managers want candidates who can exhibit the following skill sets:

  • Leadership
  • Ability to communicate
  • Proficiency in specific tasks
  • Ability to work with people

Supervisors are expected to assume a leadership role within the organization. You are assigned personnel and your objective is to extract the best performance from each and every individual. You are a teacher, a coach, a mentor and a friend to your team members. It is your responsibility to get the team to work together so you can achieve the targets given to you by management.

As you can see from our Supervisor resume sample, the candidate Alain was hired from another company but found himself being promoted from Supervisor Level 1 to Supervisor Level 2 in 3 years time. He gives a detailed breakdown of the work he did in all of his experiences. The hiring manager can see that Alain had extensive experience in customer service and tech support work.

You should also use action words or verbs that are easily identified with the supervisory position. In our Supervisor resume sample we used the following verbs:

  • Conducts
  • Identifies
  • Reviews
  • Assists
  • Prepares
  • Collated
  • Consulted
  • Coordinated
  • Assured
  • Evaluated

Try to be as detailed as possible in the description of your duties and responsibilities as Supervisor. Review your summary and make sure there is balanced distribution between your ability to manage tasks and develop people.

What to Write in a Supervisor Resume Objective

Certification in a skill that is related to the supervisory position will always be an advantage. Hiring managers understand that the company will have to invest time and resources getting new personnel up to speed. Thus, a candidate with acquired training means less investment and can be put on the floor right away to work with the team.

In the resume example, we have used at the beginning of the article, Alain capitalized on his certification in 2 important responsibilities: project management and workforce management. He put this information at the very start of his Supervisor resume objective. His certifications will place him above other candidates who lack this type of qualification.

He follows up with his level of experience and the fact that he worked in different industries. Alain’s diverse experience gives more depth to his value proposition considering 5+ years isn’t much in terms of tenure.

Lastly, he runs off his soft skill set or strong attributes that best describe his approach to the job. These details are all the information Alain needed to get the Hiring Manager’s attention in one section.  

The resume objective is one of the last few sections that will draw focus from the Hiring Manager. Use it to summarize your value proposition and your strong points. If the Hiring Manager likes what he sees, he will explore your resume further.

What to Write in a Supervisor Resume Skills Section

The skills required of a Supervisor will depend on the nature of the job. However, hiring managers expect to see basic office skills and qualities that show you have the tools to make people productive.

  • Educational Attainment; a college degree is a plus but not required to become a Supervisor. Indicate your highest educational attainment or your GED score if you were not able to finish high school. If you are presently studying or in the process of completing a course, include this information in your resume.
  • Certifications; depending on the type of industry, you may or may not be required to present certifications. In the IT field, more than likely, you will be asked to present proof of competency in specific software. Generally, it will be to your advantage if you received additional training in related courses.
  • Computer Literacy; most industries are shifting to automation and more work are carried out online. It will be an advantage to have received training in software programs that are relevant to supervisory work. But again, it would depend on the industry.
  • Analytical; as a Supervisor, you will be evaluating and grading your team. You will be going through different reports that are done to measure the performance of your team and its individual members. You should have the ability to understand these metrics and use them to increase your team’s productivity.
  • Results- Oriented and Team- Oriented; you will also have the authority to recommend anyone for a higher position. But in order to do this, you should show top management that you can get your team to consistently produce results.
  • Leadership Qualities; people perform better if they are willing to give their all for the benefit of the team. Getting people to work together takes a great leader. You have to be someone whom individuals want to emulate and work for. You must be willing to roll up your sleeves and jump in the trenches with your team. It’s not enough to tell people how to do their work. It is more effective to become an example for them.

Supervisor Job Seeking Tips

Companies are always on the lookout for good supervisors. The availability would depend on the type of industry. But generally, you can find Supervisor job openings from the following sources:

  • Local and National Publications – There are openings posted in the classified ads section particularly on the weekend editions. You should also check glossies related to your industry of interest.
  • Cold Calling – Identify a list of companies you are interested in applying at then contact their Human Resources Department and inquire if they have openings for Supervisor.
  • Leg Work – Go to the head offices of the companies you want to work for and submit your updated Supervisor resume to HRD. Make sure it has a cover letter.
  • Online Sources – Online job platforms such as Indeed, Monster and GlassDoor frequently post openings from various employers.  You should also check with your social media contacts. LinkedIn can show you the Supervisory jobs available in your area.

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