Sales Director Resume Sample

The Sales Director is like the Captain of the ship. There are times of the year where business feels like it’s sailing in rough waters. The Sales Director works to help the company navigate through tough times. It’s all about finding new territories to explore. Can you guide a business to prosperity? Then let’s write […]

Sales Professional Resume Sample

There are salespeople and there are sales professionals. Which one are you? If selling for you is more than just making a sale, you are a Sales Professional. Does your Sales Professional resume show this? Sales are important for any company. It is the lifeblood of the business. This is why companies want the best […]

Salesperson Resume Sample

Are the best salespersons born or made? That is the age-old argument. Perhaps there are people who are born with the ability to sell. However, as the saying goes, “Hard work beats talent”. And sales is hard work! Yes, the money can be good. However, you must be prepared to toil and grind. If this […]