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As the Internet continues to grow in popularity and social media continues to assert its influence on the consumer, expect more businesses to shift their strategies online. This means greater demand for web developers. In order to secure the job opening or project proposal, you have to submit a Web Developer resume that will leave no doubt you are the best candidate available.

For that, you need to review our Web Developer resume sample. In our Web Developer resume sample we wrote in more information in key sections that could help you secure the vacant position.

The job of a Web Developer combines the precision of science with the intuitive nature of art. It’s not enough to have the technical tools required of a Web Developer. You must have an eye for beauty. Not just any type of beauty; but design that is pleasing to the eye without compromising functionality. You must know how to utilize the elements of design the same way an artist does to a painting on a canvass. The varied skills required of a Web Developer are defined in our Web Developer resume sample.

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Web Developer Resume Sample

Clark B. Wayne

Address:             1245 Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone:              (412)  562-7896
Email:              [email protected]
Current job:  Web Developer; GlobalTech Inc., Pittsburgh, PA


Results- oriented, meticulous and innovative Web Developer with 8 years experience building various types of websites using HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Pearl, .NET and CSS, working in a team set up with the capacity to train others in web management, is desirous in establishing a career with a world-renowned IT company .


  • 8 years work experience as a Web Developer
  • Bachelor of Science degree, Computer Science
  • Associate Degree, Web Design
  • Certified; HTML
  • Certified; JavaScript,
  • Certified; WordPress
  • Certified; PHP
  • Certified; .NET
  • Certified; CSS
  • Analytical
  • Meticulous
  • Results Oriented
  • Critical Thinking abilities
  • Client Oriented
  • Adheres to Timelines
  • Highly organized

Work Experience

Web Developer, 2017 to Present
GlobalTech Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages team of 10 web designers, 5 graphic designers and 2 SEO professionals.
  • Oversees design and development of client websites; 94% of clients report an increase in indexed pages by an average of 74%.
  • Conducts preliminary discussions with clients regarding design and functionality of website.
  • Reviews designs and features as presented by the team.
  • Leads off testing of all websites.
  • Evaluates state of readiness of websites before turning over project to client.
  • Orients clients on how to manage websites.
  • Performs research on website design and development requirements.
  • Develops procedures for ongoing website revision.
  • Develops content and style guidelines.

Web Developer, 2017 to 2017
PNC Bank, Pittsburgh, PA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyzed user requirements for website.
  • Created web applications to support website functions.
  • Designed a proxy server to act as backup for confidential files.
  • Conducted audits on website functionality and other IT systems.
  • Set up security system for data integrity and protection.
  • Developed system interaction or system diagrams.
  • Carried out website updates.
  • Oriented team on website and IT maintenance procedures.
  • Wrote guidelines on IT trouble shooting procedures.
  • Handled and resolved all technical glitches.

Web Developer, 2015 to 2017
High Impact Digital Marketing Services, Pittsburgh, PA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducted initial meetings with clients on website design and development.
  • Performed market research to support web design.
  • Renewed domain name registration of clients.
  • Wrote supporting code for web applications.
  • Selected programming tools and languages.
  • Conducted website analytics for clients.
  • Prepared recommendations and courses of actions and discussed these with the company.
  • Documented performance metrics on all websites.
  • Designed and updated security measures on all websites.
  • Oversaw all tests conducted on websites prior to client turnover


University of Pittsburgh
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Pittsburgh, PA
2017-2015; 3.8 GPA

Schenley High School
High School Diploma
Pittsburgh, PA
2016-2017, 3.4 GPA


  • Certified; HTML
  • Certified; JavaScript,
  • Certified; WordPress
  • Certified; PHP
  • Certified; .NET
  • Certified; CSS

Personal information

  • Single
  • Date of birth 04/11/88
  • Hobbies include basketball, soccer, piano

Resume Writing Tips for a Web Developer

Statistically, less than 50% of small businesses have websites. That statistic is mind-blowing considering the growth of the Internet in the last 15 years. You would think companies would prioritize web development over everything else in their strategy design.

One reason why it has taken businesses this long to have websites is misconceptions on how it could improve profitability. This is why it is very important to highlight performance numbers in your resume. Show the potential employer what you have done with your previous employer or client. Clearly state how your skills have benefited their business.

In our Web Developer resume sample we give tips on how to do this. Include figures and be specific of how your work contributed to the success of your client. Numbers add substance to your claims and puts the Hiring Manager on notice that you are willing to have him personally verify the figures.

An effective approach would be to provide links to your previous works. You may need to secure approval from your former employer or clients, but if they loved your work, they shouldn’t have any problem granting your request. Or a better idea would be to set up a personal website and give potential employers a link to it.

What to Write in a Web Developer Resume Objective

In the Web Developer resume objective, you must immediately highlight your years of experience. Businesses will generally prefer candidates with a few years tucked under their belt. In web development, extensive experience is a plus but not required. The final decision would be based on what you have done which means the websites you have designed and developed thus far.

The resume objective will come before your experience. It belongs in the top third of your Web Developer resume which is the critical section for hiring managers. You have to use it to pre-empt your qualifications. You can do this by stating the type of web development programs you are certified in as we did in the Web Developer resume sample. This will surely raise the eyebrows of the hiring manager!

You should also inform the Hiring Manager of the other tasks or duties you performed as a Web Developer. Oftentimes, the Web Developer is part of a team such as for Digital Marketing. Were you the Project Manager? Did you work with the SEO professional during site coding?

Do not underestimate the importance of a good resume objective! A well- crafted statement can put in all the key details a Hiring Manager needs to know to decide whether he should further explore your resume or not.

What to Write in a Web Developer Resume Skills Section

There are many types of websites and there are different tools you can use to develop them. For websites to be effective, they have to be customized according to the needs of the client. In our Web Developer resume sample, we made sure the complete skill sets are showcased.

It is very important that you indicate all the trainings and certifications you received to support your qualification as a Web Developer. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) but you have some designs that may work better with JavaScript or another program. The more varied your skill set the better.

Educational Attainment; a college degree is not necessary to become a Web Developer but it will always give you an advantage over other candidates especially if your course is IT related such as Computer Science. Include your highest educational attainment. If you were not able to complete high school, you should be able to present a GED score.

Certifications; some companies may require credits in basic web design or graphic design. But in web development, certification in popular programs is important. As mentioned there are many programs you can use to develop websites. The more program certifications you can present the greater value you can present to the company.

Additional Skills; it will also help your application if you have other skills that add value to your overall proposition as a web developer. For example, page optimization is important for search rankings. Having a few courses in SEO under your belt is a definite plus.

Meticulous; successful web development means covering all the details. The best web developers subject the website to different tests before declaring it fit for launch. Testing covers mobile-responsiveness, speed, accessibility and functionality of all features.

Client Oriented; a web developer’s objective is to capture the purpose of the client’s business in the design without compromising its functionality. He has to work closely with the client to make sure he or she is fully satisfied with every aspect of the project.

Team Oriented; web developers will often work with other professionals such as graphic designers, SEO professionals and digital marketers. You should have the ability to work within a team set up. There are deadlines given to each team member by the Project Manager.

Results Oriented; the work of a Web Developer is not done even after the website has been turned over to the client. The Web Developer should stay onboard and monitor the performance of the website at least for the first 3 months. The client cannot afford to have a malfunctioning website after launching the business. You have to make sure any glitches can be contained and resolved right away especially if the client is into e-commerce.

Web Developer Job Seeking Tips

Businesses are slowly starting to grasp the importance of having a website. In fact, it should be compulsory for a business to have a website. That said, the demand for web developers has not gone up proportionately to the growth of the Internet and popularity of social media. But in time it will because mobile devices are becoming a necessity for life and work.

If you want to find jobs for Web Developer, news publications are not your only source. You can find online platforms which are frequented by companies looking to hire web developers. Among the best are:

Many of these are freelancer sites. But starting out as a freelancer may be a good way to find long term employment because it gives the company a lower cost option to test a Web Developer. If the company loves your work, it would spare no expense to make sure you only work for them.

Freelance work is also a great way to gain experience, build up your portfolio and show the Hiring Manager you did not remain idle while waiting for a corporate position. There is a good chance you can build your portfolio as a freelancer because more companies are outsourcing this skill.

Regardless of the path you choose, always refer to our Web Developer resume sample. It has all the details you need to get your resume ahead of the competition.

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