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SQL Developers are in high demand in the IT industry. Are you one of the experts that’s now interested in changing jobs? Then start by reviewing your existing resume or by writing a new one that highlights all the relevant skills and achievements you’ve had in the last years. In this article we’ll show you a good SQL developer resume example and inspire you with some ideas on what you can write in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections.

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SQL Developer Resume Sample

James Smith

Address:                 75 S Rancho Rd, Thousand Oaks CA 91362
Phone:                      (805) 361-2460
Email:                         [email protected]
Current job:            SQL Developer at US Technology Resources LLC


To be employed in a firm where I can put my technical skills to use in enhancing the Oracle database systems and in developing software that will be boost the company’s productivity.


  1. Strong skills in SQL development
  2. An in-depth grasp of SQL reporting, analytics and business intelligence
  3. Great expertise in processing data and flowcharting techniques
  4. Excellent understanding of database structures, principles, theories and practices.
  5. Conversant with T-SQL coding
  6. Great problem solving and analytical skills
  7. Able to manage all the stages of software development
  8. Ability to develop applications in a detail oriented environment
  9. Great experience in the Oracle platform especially on SQL standards and Java
  10. Excellent grasp of data warehousing and such processes as extracting, transforming and loading
  11. Able to communicate clearly and get along well with other coworkers.
  12. Able to identify and resolve intricate problems


SQL Developer, 2016-Present
US Technology Resources LLC, Aliso Viejo, CA


  • Analyzing different user requirements and coming up with specifications for the various database applications
  • Developing database applications which are automated
  • Planning and implementing capacity expansion in order to ensure that the company’s databases are scalable
  • Identifying issues with the database and resolving them
  • Installing and configuring the necessary components so as to ensure that the database is accessible
  • Diagnosing and resolving database access and checking on performance issues

Database Developer, 2017-2016
Veritas Operating Corp, Mountain View, CA


  • Monitored the performance of the database and checked on the execution time
  • Developed various SQL servers and ensured that they were properly maintained and supported
  • Ensured that the existing data warehouses, reporting systems and various tools were adequately supported
  • Researched on various database products and recommended the best ones

Database Developer, 2015-2017
Openwave Systems Inc., Redwood City, CA


  • Made sure that all the data assets were available
  • Created PL/SQL module which was used to integrate the existing data from third parties and on to the database
  • Came up with several programs so as to ensure that there was correct data transfer


Concordia University, Irvine, CA
Masters in Database Management
2015-2017, 3.4 GPA 

American InterContinental University, Weston, FL
Bachelors Science in Database Management
1996-2015, 3.1 GPA

Thousand Oaks High School, Thousand Oaks, CA
High School Diploma
1992-1996, 3.6 GPA


  1. Internet Administration
  2. Productivity Software
  3. Project Management
  4. Network Administration
  5. Advanced Network Security
  6. Knowledge of various coding languages including SQL, Java, C#, HTML, Python

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, with three children
  • Date of Birth:   January 16, 1978
  • Hobbies:  watching movies, reading motivational books, travelling and cooking.

Advice for a SQL Developer Job Interview

Everyone needs to prepare for an interview. Although am sure you have heard this countless times, you will do well to take heed and practice it if you want to emerge as the best person in the interview. Many interviewees have freaked out on the day of the interview simply because they were not prepared for it. You will even appear confident when you show up on the day of the interview fully prepared. The following tips will help you out in your preparation.

Research the Firm

You should have at your fingertips important information about the company. Such information could be related to any recent news about them, upcoming events and what kind of products and services they sell. With the age that we are living in, it is now quite easy to find out anything you want about an individual or company. Use the social media, magazines and websites to gather this information. Next, get to know about the person who will be interviewing you. What are his likes, dislikes, hobbies and any special interests? This will help you to understand what form of interview he might decide to adopt so that you can prepare your answers according to his style.

Practice Answering Questions

Before your hour or reckoning, you should have prepared on the various questions you expect to be asked. As a tip, you should even go one step further and practice answering them aloud in front of a mirror so that you get the confidence to speak in front of the panel. Bear in mind that you should also prepare for any unexpected questions the interviewer might choose to fire your way. Here are some questions you should prepare for in advance:

  • What are your expectations for this job?
  • What challenges did you encounter in your past job? How did you solve them?
  • What are your weaknesses and how do you compensate for them?
  • How often did you have to deal with database failures in your previous jobs?
  • What do you prefer and why.  MySQL or MS-SQL?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next six years?
  • What have you learned from your past mistakes that will be instrumental in this job?

Practice on Relevant Questions to Ask 

It is now common for an interviewee to be given a chance by the interviewer to ask questions. Before you get to the interview, decide which questions you want to ask beforehand. This will prevent you from freaking out when it is your turn to question the interviewer. Here is a list of relevant questions that you can ask:

  • Is there much traveling involved in this job?
  • What are the primary responsibilities of this job?
  • What is the most important quality that you are looking for?
  • Do you provide opportunities for ongoing training?
  • Do you do regular network upgrades?
  • How big is the network here and what kind of servers is it running on? 

Be Professional

Choose your best suit for the occasion. Although you don’t want to overdress, you should make sure that you are dressed to kill. Your first impression will spell for the company whether you can be taken seriously. Next, remember to carry all the relevant things e.g. a pen, notebook, and your resume. Finally, ensure that you arrive at the venue early enough so that you get enough time to settle before the interview finally gets underway.

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