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Can you work both ends of app development? If so, get your Full Stack Developer resume ready. This position is very much in demand. Apps are becoming a way of life and work. There is definitely growth potential in this career. However, you have to be sure you have the right skills. Many developers say they can do front and back end development.

To be clear, front end means developing the look and feel of an app or site. In contrast, back end refers to managing the communication between the database and the browser.

In our Full Stack Developer resume sample, we will show you how to prove you are qualified for the job. It is about presenting your skills clearly. Think of it as your own job.

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Full Stack Developer Skills List

Do you want to land the job? Your Full Stack Developer skills list must be “stacked” with technical know-how. Software apps are created by teams. There are front end and back end developers. Companies expect you to help manage the front and back end. Likewise, you must have a keen understanding of site architecture.

  • Education.

    A 4-year course in Computer Science will be a big plus. You can take other IT-related programs. However, CS is sought after because of the subject’s wider area coverage.

    The skills of a Full Stack Developer has many applications. Other than app development, you may be asked to look into the network and system security.

  • Certification.

    As a Full Stack Developer, it is expected that you know a lot of programming languages. You don’t have to be an expert in every single language. You can be an expert in one. For example, Javascript is the most used language. You can achieve expert level status here. Then, study the other languages. In our sample resume for Full Stack Developer, Colin studied Javascript, HTML, and CSS even before going to college. In college, he learned the other languages.

  • Excellent Analyst.

    Apps are created to provide solutions. The key to finding solutions is identifying problems. A Full Stack Developer must be an excellent analyst. You should be able to understand the pain points of the clients and come up with potential solutions. Your analysis should cover both ends of app development. You have to cover User Interaction and technical support.

  • Attention to Detail.

    One setback can be costly. You must be meticulous in your approach. This is why it is crucial to work closely with your team.As the Full Stack Developer, you should be on top of the work of the other developers. Make sure nothing was overlooked. Testing must be done to check for potential flaws.

  • Patience.

    It takes time to develop software. From design to testing to final turnover, the entire process could take weeks or months. A client will have a timetable. Despite problems, you must have patience. Stay cool. Keep focused. Trust in your team. Go over the entire process to be sure.

Full Stack Developer Resume Objective

Your Full Stack Developer resume objective must not be fancy. It must be straight to the point. Recruiters only have one question:

“Why should we hire you?”

How should you write your objective statement?

First, check the job post. What are the specifics? What types of apps will be made? What languages are required? What is the preferred minimum experience? These details should be noted in your objective.

In our sample resume objective for Full Stack Developer, we gave a rundown of all the languages Colin knew. We framed it with his experience. 12 years is a long time in this business!

Make sure to give the recruiter an idea of your approach to the job. For Colin, we emphasized his ability to work with a team.

Full Stack Developer Resume Format

You have 2 choices for your Full Stack Developer resume format. First, the Chronological. Use this format if you have a good experience. This is what we did in our sample resume format for Full Stack Developer.

Your second choice is the Functional. This format is ideal if you have a good number of skills. Could we have used this for Colin? Yes, because he knows a lot of programming languages.

However, we went with the Chronological. Why? For the reason that it will be easier for the recruiter to read.

Recruiters prefer the Chronological. This format makes it easy to follow the growth of the candidate. Because you start out from your current status, the recruiter will see where you are right now.

The Chronological also allows the first 3 sections to support the last 3 sections. Take a look at how we arranged the resume:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Personal Information

We could have moved “Certification” before “Work Experience”. However, the skills were already stated in the “Objective” and “Skills” sections.

Entry Level Full Stack Developer Resume

An entry level Full Stack Developer resume may not look like a first-timer’s resume. The truth is, many companies will look for those with experience. Before you can become a Full Stack Developer, you might have to put in some years in the front and back end.

Here are some tips you can consider if you have an entry level Full Stack Developer resume:

  • Get certified in a programming language.
  • Try to land a job as a front-end developer.
  • Get some experience as a back-end developer.
  • Learn the popular languages for front and back-end work.
  • Be familiar with website design and site architecture.
  • Learn database storage and network security.
  • Apply for jobs that accept entry level resumes.

Some companies require a minimum of 7 years experience as a Full Stack Developer.

Full Stack Developer Resume Writing Tips

Developers run tests on their programs. The idea is to identify flaws. Do the same thing with your resume. Take a few seconds to read out Full Stack Developer resume writing tips:

  • Avoid Mistakes – Errors in spelling and grammar are signs of a sloppy developer. Review your resume over and over again. Use software programs to run quality checks.
  • Make It Easy to Understand – Think about it as Recruiter’s Experience. The resume must be easy to read and understand for the recruiter. You need to specialize in the best language for resume writing. This language is called “Simple Language”.

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