NET Developer Resume Examples

NET Developers build websites that allow businesses to capitalize on the opportunities available on the Internet. Despite the growth of the Internet, fewer than 50% of businesses have websites. This means there is a demand for NET Developers over the next few years. Make sure your NET Developer resume can leave a good impression on the client or company.

Gone are the days where the website was just an online brochure. Today’s websites are faster, more functional, and mobile-responsive. You need to possess more skills to expand your value proposition. In addition to building websites, you must know how to manage them as well. We have built a solid NET Developer resume sample that you can use as a “mockup” for your own. Read the sections carefully so that you will know the correct approach when presenting your qualifications.

If you have an entry-level NET Developer resume, we will show you how to land the job even if you don’t have enough experience.

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NET Developer Resume Sample

Maynard Q. Gray

Address:            08961 N 57th Avenue, Glendale, AZ
Phone:                (623) 745 9785
Email:              [email protected]
Current job:     NET Developer; CreaTEC LLC, Phoenix, AZ

Objective :

Experienced NET Developer; knowledgeable with various applications: Microsoft, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript, mobile-responsive design, and systems networking is interested in becoming the Senior NET Developer for RA Technological Systems. As an entrepreneur, I have a great perspective on the role of websites in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. You can see the websites that I have done at www.graywebsitedesigns/

Skills :

  • 10 years of experience as NET Developer
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript.
  • Familiar with Magenta, C+, C++, and Python.
  • Experience creating high-level, fast, and mobile-responsive websites/
  • Entrepreneur; founder of Gray Website Designs.
  • Ability to manage websites – Oversee networking systems, data security, and protection.
  • Team-oriented; collaborated with graphic designers, backend programmers, digital marketers, content marketers, and marketing agencies.
  • Meticulous; strictly follows testing protocols and QA systems prior to the turnover of the website to the client.

Duties and Responsibilities

NET Developer; 2015 to Present
CreaTEC, LLC; Phoenix, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designs and develops User Interface for web applications using JavaScript, Microsoft, and HTML5.
  • Closely collaborates with backend development team; applies knowledge of Net Web API’s.
  • Provides assistance and guidance to the frontend development team specifically on UI design and management best practices.
  • Conducts testing protocols to evaluate the level of mobile responsiveness, download speed, and overall functionality of the website.
  • Performs regular audits to check on website data security, outdated applications and programs, and site functionality.

NET Developer; 2015 to 2015
Medusa Business Solutions; Glendale, AZ.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Met with the company’s clients; developed the design framework for the respective websites by collating information on the clients; business goals and objectives.
  • Conducted comprehensive research covering the industry, target market, and financial costs for the purpose of creating a budget for the project.
  • Presented clients with a series of mock-ups for the website.
  • Designed and developed high-quality websites using Microsoft, C+, and JavaScript.
  • Closely collaborated with marketing and the software application development teams to ensure the website functions according to client expectations.

NET Developer/Founder; 2017 to Present
Gray Website Designs; Glendale, AZ

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gray Website Designs is a company that I founded in my college years as a way to sharpen my design skills and as well as to develop an understanding of the business side of the process.
  • Gray Website Designs has created a total of 140 websites that are all mobile-responsive.
  • As the NET Developer, I handled the design and coding of the websites.
    Collaborated with Digital Marketer and SEO Professional to optimize the websites.
  • Signed up 44 websites on the company’s WordPress Care Package.


Glendale Community College
Associate Degree, Computer Science
Glendale, AZ
2013 to 2015

Glendale High School
High School Diploma
Billings, MT
2015 to 2016


  • Certified- JavaScript, HTML5, and Microsoft; Computer Learning Center, 2015

NET Developer Skills For a Resume

Have you built a website using a free template from the Internet? You could include it on your NET Developer skills list, it won’t qualify you as a NET Developer, although it could be a start.

Building a website and its applications requires proper training. You are tasked with the responsibility of setting up a client’s business on the Internet. It should function in a way that will help the business meet its goals.

  • Education. Although there are self-taught NET Developers, getting the proper education will be a big plus. In our sample resume for a NET Developer, Maynard has a degree in Computer Science.

    Companies prefer candidates who have a solid background on the technical and fundamental aspects of web design and programming. For them, it means shorter training time and lower risks of making costly mistakes.

  • Certification. You don’t have to be certified as a NET Developer. However, you should build up your competency on the most popular web design and/or programming software.

    For example, HTML5 is a programming language that has gained popularity over the years. It has different features compared to other languages such as JavaScript or SQL.

    By learning HTML5 and getting certified, you will be able to handle the requirements of your client or employer. At the same time, try to learn other languages and programs as well.

  • Mobile-Responsiveness. More than 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. It is important to have a good understanding of designing mobile responsive websites and applications.

    For a website to rank high, it should adhere to the search engine’s algorithm. Mobile responsiveness is a ranking factor. You have to make sure your designs can set up properly on mobile devices regardless of screen size.

  • Collaboration. As a NET Developer, you may find yourself working with a team. In many cases, designing websites and applications require a team effort.

    To get the project done, everyone must work together. You should have the ability to work with other skills. Be ready and willing to assist or lend your expertise to back-end and front-end developers. You may have to collaborate with graphic designers, digital marketers, and SEO practitioners.

  • Business Acumen. Having a keen understanding of how business works is always an advantage. It will be easier to translate the goals and objectives of the client into web-based or app-based solutions if you have a deep knowledge of the different areas of business.

NET Developer Resume Objectives

The best kind of NET Developer resume objective is one that is direct and straightforward. Simply show the employer you have the requisite skills for the job then throw in details that can differentiate you from everyone else.

A job post for a NET Developer will usually include the programming languages and software that are needed for the job. Take note of these programs. If you have the skills, place them front and center in your objective statement.

The “difference maker” with Maynard is his background as an entrepreneur. It will show the employer that he has an idea of how business works since Maynard runs one.

Many NET Developers start out as freelancers. If you have a sample of your designs, include the link in your resume. Other than Contact Information, the resume objective is another good section to include the website link.

NET Developer Resume Format

You can go with the Chronological or the Functional as your NET Developer resume format. If you have at least 2 years experience and do not have an unemployment gap in excess of 4 months, use the Chronological. Recruiters prefer this format because it is easier to follow.

When using the Chronological, organize your Work Experience by leading off with your current or most recent employment. Include at least 5 responsibilities or accomplishments you did for your employer.

Follow our sample resume template for a NET Developer which uses the Chronological format:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Strengths
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Personal Information

Entry Level NET Developer Resume

For an entry-level NET Developer resume, it would be best to use the Functional format. We are assuming that you don’t have enough experience for the job. With the Functional format, you are focusing on your technical or hard skills.

In contrast to the Chronological, the format of the Functional will re-arrange the sections of your resume in this manner:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Strengths
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Information

The probability of landing the job is higher if you go for job openings that specifically state that the position is only for entry-level NET Developers or that “No Experience” is required.

If the job market is tight, consider becoming a freelance NET Developer for the time being. As a freelancer, you will gain experience, improve your skills, and of course, get paid.

NET Developer Resume Writing Tips

A high ranking website is all about providing great User Experience. It should be easy to read, navigable, and functional. Use the same approach when writing your resume. Here are a few helpful NET Developer resume writing tips:

  1. Write in Clear Language – The job may be technical but then again, it is about translating code into readable language. Do the same with your resume. Make sure the Hiring Manager can understand its content.
  2. Avoid Spelling and Grammar Errors – If you are sloppy with your resume, what more with the job? Review your resume constantly. Run it through a spelling and grammar-checking program to be sure.

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