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Animators are able to bend and shape technology to create unbelievable graphics. They create special effects, smooth-moving characters on video games and movies. If you want an outlet for your creativity that has no boundaries, let’s prepare your Animator resume. To get the job, give your resume more thought and purpose. It has to resonate with the employer. Your skills should fit the company’s needs. Unless the employer sees value in your application, you will not be hired.

Do you want to know what skills should show in your resume? Are you on the fence about the resume objective? We have created a sample that you can use as a reference to capture the interest of the employer.

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Animator Resume Sample
Animator Resume Sample

Lucas G. Green

Address:           7220 Peterson Lane, Rochester, MN
Phone:              (507) 766 3141
Email:               [email protected]
Current job:    3D Animator; Mind Meld Digital Agency, Rochester, MN


Animator with 6 years experience providing 3D animation graphics and renderings is interested in becoming the new 3D Animator for TriOx Media Animator’s film and special effects department. Likewise, I have experience on the business-side with my freelance company, Green Screen. Therefore, I have a great perspective to create based on the needs of the client. My experience and technical skills are complemented by my key attributes: patience, dedication, and commitment.


  • Bachelor Degree – Computer Graphics Design
  • Certification Courses – Interactive Animation and Film Animation
  • Founder –
  • 6 years experience in the capacity of a private employee
  • 8 years experience in the capacity of entrepreneur/Creative Director
  • Proficient in design software – Dreamweaver, Creative Suite, Studio Max, and Maya.
  • Started out as a traditional artist specializing in charcoal and watercolor.
  • Patient
  • Detail-oriented
  • Client-engaged

Work Experience

3D Animator; 2020 to Present
Mind Meld Digital Agency; Rochester, MN

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develops captivating 3D animated designs, characters, and time-based visuals that comply with the storyboard or campaign strategy created by the agency.
  • Collaborates closely with the writing team to develop ideas and design concepts that conform to the needs of the client.
  • Creates sample designs, design drafts, and character mock-ups; presents these concepts to clients and members of the agency’s creative team and gets involved in the discussion.
  • Conducts research on the client’s business, the industry, and endeavors to align ideas and concepts with designs and graphics.
  • Updates logos, branded proprietary characters, and designs of existing clients.
  • Improves performance and functionality of core digital characters used in video games, cartoons, and other animation.

3D Animator; 2017 to 2020
Ezekiel Sports Concepts; Rochester, MN.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Worked closely with the agency’s animation, creative design, and marketing departments for the purpose of developing concepts and ideas for video game applications.
  • Introduced and created video game characters by starting out with rough sketches using traditional art techniques such as pencil, charcoal, and ink.
  • Transposed rough sketches into 3D renderings using the company’s proprietary animation software. Additional animation software used included Dreamweaver and Maya.
  • Participated in motion capture activities featuring professional athletes and paid actors; the movements were used as reference points for various video games.
  • Conducted frequent tests on the performance of every video game with a special focus on the transitions of each character.

Founder/Creative Director, 2015 to 2017
Green Screen Animated Ventures, LLC; Rochester, MN.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Founded Green Screen as a Junior College Student for the purposes of gaining experience, developing a network, and generating income.
  • Designed, programmed, and managed the company’s website.
  • Managed the company as a freelancer; handled all accounts but eventually hired 1 Animator for every 3 clients.
  • Presided over all preliminary meetings with clients and the presentation of the design concepts.
  • Ran tests on all designs/concepts prior to the final submission of completed projects.
  • Accounts included the creation of video games, short 3D animated graphics for marketing, film special effects, video editing, and improvements on existing animation files.


Bachelor Degree
Computer Graphic Design
Rochester Community and Technical Collage
Rochester, MN
2011 to 2015

High School
John Marshall High School
Rochester, MN.
2007 to 2011


  • Film Animation – Rochester Community and Technical College; 2017
  • Interactive Animation – Rochester Community and Technical College; 2016

Animator Resume Skills List

You might be wondering what special skills are needed for a 3d animator resume? In order to decide what’s best to have in the Animator skills list, think about what kind of Animator do you want to be. An Animator for a video game is different from one for film special effects. Marketing agencies need Animators. Here are some skills that you can put in your resume:

  • Education

    Are there Animators with just a high school degree? Yes, but the career path is much steeper. As an Animator, you must have a strong foundation on theory. A diploma in a related course is a big plus. In our sample, Lucas has a degree in Computer Graphics Design.

  • Certification

    You don’t have to be licensed as an Animator. However, you can take specialized certification courses. For example, you can take courses in Interactive Animation if you want to focus on gaming. You can take up relevant courses as well. Scriptwriting will help you understand how stories are developed. Filmmaking will give you an idea of the movie-making process.

  • Computer Knowledge

    All designs are processed by computer programs. There are many computer graphics programs that you can use. Try to learn 3 to 4 programs. Even if the company has its own, it will be easier for you to learn if you are already familiar with different programs.

  • Traditional Art

    Creativity flows from mind to hand. You should be familiar with traditional drawing techniques. Most sketches are done by hand. That’s how you build on inspiration. If you look at the characters in many animated movies, most, if not all of them, started out as sketches.

  • Patience

    It takes a lot of time to complete animated projects. Have you seen the end credits of a Hollywood animated blockbuster? Thousands of names and agencies are scrolled on the screen. That’s how many people, including animators, are needed to complete a film. The same goes for video games. You should be patient as an Animator. If you rush, you will make mistakes.

Animator Resume Objective

Before writing the objective, review the job post. Animator jobs can be very specific. Are you an expert in 2D or 3D? Do you have more than 2 years experience? Have you done film animation? These are some of the questions that your objective statement should answer.

In our sample resume objective, we emphasized Lucas’ background in 3D animation. This is the requirement for the job post. Lucas confirms it in his purpose:

“To become the new 3D Animator for TriOx Media Animator’s film and special effects department”

We also used the resume objective to discuss Lucas’ background as an entrepreneur. The purposes are to drive up his experience and to show he understands the nature of the business. Also, it will encourage the company to visit Lucas’ website. This way, the recruiter will be able to see Lucas’ portfolio.

Animator Resume Format

Companies look for Animators with good experience. This is why you should use the chronological format for an Animator resume. This is the best format to use to shine the spotlight on your tenure.

Under this format, you start out with your current work experience. Be strategic when identifying your tasks. Make sure these are relevant to the job. Pick out no more than 8 tasks. Do your best to explain them in accurate detail. Let the employer know you know your job very well.

After writing down information on your latest or most recent job, move back to your earliest relevant experience.

Here’s how we’ve formatted the resume in our example:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Personal Information

Entry Level Animator Resume

There are lots of entry-level positions for Animators, all you need to get them, is a resume that impresses.

To improve your chances of landing a job, be more selective. Apply to jobs that don’t require experience. Some job posts state “Entry Level Animators”. Go for those kinds of job openings.

If the job market is tight, consider freelancing work. There are many online job sites you can use. They match clients with freelancers. The pay may not be as high but there are perks. You work from home and you control your schedule.

Animator Resume Writing Tips

To wrap things up, we recommend two more things:

  1. Set up a Website – Employers want to see what you can do. A resume should not include a portfolio. The best option is to set up a personal website. Include a page that highlights your best work as an Animator. Use the other pages to let the employer know more facts about you.
  2. Keep Your Resume Simple – Don’t animate your resume! There will be a time and place to demonstrate your skills. The resume is not it. Keep it simple. Recruiters like a resume that is organized and easy to read.

Make sure your resume is always updated. Whenever you learn a new skill or complete a project, add those details right away. It should not be hard. After all, you have our 3d Animator resume sample as your guide.

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