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The job of a photographer is always in demand. Many events, publications, and companies are constantly looking for talented photographers with an eye for telling a story through pictures. If you’re thinking of applying for an opening, our Photographer resume sample could help you land the job. Photographers are needed in a wide variety of industries. Compelling images captured with high resolution are crucial to the success of a company’s marketing and promotional program.

Great photographs are also sought after to chronicle important events in people’s lives. To become a successful photographer requires a combination of technical expertise, experience, and passion.

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Photographer Resume Sample

Photographer Resume SampleHenry L. Sullivan

          1549 Yarrow Point, King County, Washington
Phone:                (206) 224-5698
Email:                  [email protected]
Current job:      Photographer; GMA Graphics Professionals, Spokane, Washington


To be able to capture the most important moments in an event whereby the collective portfolio presents a very compelling story through the magic and power of digital photography.


  • 10+ years experience as a Professional Photographer
  • 5+ years experience in Freelance Photography
  • Associate Degree Holder, Digital Photography
  • A keen eye for aesthetics
  • Technically and fundamentally competent in Digital Photography
  • Experienced with photography software
  • Understands color, balance, lines, texture, and use of space
  • Experienced in action, still life, black and white and color photography
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Artistically creative
  • Pleasing personality
  • Excellent disposition
  • Goal – oriented
  • Highly organized
  • Punctual

Work Experience

Photographer, 2020 to present
Photographer; GMA Graphics Professionals, Spokane, Washington

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Takes photos of images required for clients’ promotional materials that would be used for digital and traditional marketing
  • Conceptualizes settings for required images
  • Collaborates closely with Graphics design and Marketing teams
  • Pre-edits and edits images as needed or upon request
  • Re-sizes photographs
  • Manages shoot sites
  • Liaisons with suppliers, contractors, and associates directly involved with the production shoot
  • Organizes and oversees all equipment needed for the shoot
  • Develops the budget for the photography shoot
  • Maintains clean and safe working environment

Photographer, 2017 to 2020
Special Moments Events Coordinators, King County, Washington

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Takes photos of all scheduled events such as weddings, anniversaries and corporate gatherings
  • Conceptualizes settings for required images
  • Sets up all equipment at a photo shoot
  • Pre-edits and edits images as needed or upon request
  • Re-sizes photographs
  • Manages shoot sites
  • Liaisons with suppliers, contractors, and associates directly involved with the production shoot
  • Organizes and oversees all equipment needed for the shoot
  • Guides models and all participants throughout the shoot

Photographer, 2015 to 2017
Freelance Photographer; King County, Washington

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handled various accounts: fashion, food shots for restaurants, product endorsement shots, weddings, resort photography, marketing and promotional materials, family portraits and special interests
  • Negotiates directly with clients
  • Calculates and manages a budget for a photo shoot
  • Creates photography concepts for clients
  • Pre-edits and edits images as needed or upon request
  • Re-sizes photographs
  • Manages shoot sites
  • Liaisons with suppliers, contractors, and associates directly involved with the production shoot
  • Organizes and oversees all equipment needed for the shoot


Spokane Falls Community College
Associate Degree, Digital Photography
2011 to 2015

Spokane, Washington

Washington State University
Bachelor Degree, Creative Arts
2007 to 2011, 3.6 GPA
King County, Washington

Auburn Mountainview High School
High School Diploma
King County, Washington

2003 to 2007, 3.6 GPA


  • Associate Degree, Digital Photography
  • MS Office
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • ACDSee Pro 9
  • PhotoScape
  • IrfanView


What to Write in a Photographer Resume Objective

photographer resume
You simply cannot pick up a camera one day and decide to become a professional photographer. It takes training, dedication, education, creativity and an eye for capturing the most important moments in an event. Photography is a discipline that combines science and art.

It’s not enough that you know how to use a camera. You should also know when to use a camera.

The best photographers are able to tell the story of an event through pictures. While the average person takes those moments for granted, a professional photographer knows exactly when to shoot it. The images are powerful and compelling; the images are the by-product of technical expertise and intuition.

In your Photographer resume objective, you should state the purpose of your type of photography. Specifically, what do you hope to achieve for the client? When people hire photographers they just want memories to be captured but most have no clue on what the images stand for or represent.

Your Photographer resume objective should make them see the value of your services. It may place them in a different perspective when it comes to photography.

What to Write in a Photographer Resume Skills Section

The job of a photographer does not constrain him or her within the confines of four walls. You will be on the field most of the time covering different events and working with people from a wide range of industries. The interests, motifs, objectives, and concepts will vary periodically that you should have the ability to adapt to all the different scenarios.

Here is a list of qualifications that should appear in your Photographer resume skills section:

  • Specialized training in photography; if you have an associate degree or certification in a field of photography that will validate your status as a trained professional.
  • Proficiency in photography software; photography has fully embraced technology. There are many software programs that are used for photo-editing which are important to enhance specific requirements for the images.
  • An inclination toward the arts; photography is an art form and this needs creativity. If you have other talents in the arts such as music or painting, this will further validate the creative aspects of your photography.
  • Business savvy; as a photographer, you will deal with clients directly. You will be tasked to discuss the elements of the shoot to justify the budget. You should know how to negotiate with clients and orient them on the details of the shoot.
  • Attention to detail; re-shoots are very expensive. You should have an eye to detail and make sure everything is in place before commencing with the shoot.
  • Ability to work with people; team members, clients, associates, and suppliers.
  • Updated on the latest photographic equipment, methods, and programs.
  • Highly organized with managing the requirements of the shoot.
  • Exhibits great patience during photography sessions.
  • Punctual when meeting clients and deadlines.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Ability to find or source credible contractors and suppliers.
  • Experienced in different forms of photography: action, still, black and white or digital.
  • Worked with various types of industry: fashion, food retail, entertainment, special interests and sports among others.

Photographers are not just tasked with capturing images. There is great significance with the images they capture. It could mean the difference between a successful or failed advertising campaign. The images could also encapsulate the magnitude of an event. It is a job which bears a lot of importance for the businesses or people who hire photographers. Your Photographer resume skills section must cover as much ground as it can.

What to Write and Not to Write in the Photographer Resume Experience Section

Clients want to see diversity in your experience as a photographer. If you have handled many projects in your career as a photographer, include them in your Photographer resume experience section.

You should even include freelance work. Photographers are known for accepting freelance work during their startup days because it builds up their portfolio. In fact, you should include a link to your online portfolio if this is available. You should also ask your clients to provide testimony on their experience working with you.

Your Photographer resume experience should also go into detail on the various tasks and responsibilities you handled throughout your career. There are very specific tasks that are expected of a photographer such as photo-editing, cropping and managing the photo shoot. But there are tasks that are not part of the usual scope of work.

These may include liaising with associates, contractors, and suppliers or conceptualizing the photo shoot because this is usually the domain of the Project Manager or Creative Director.

You do not have to include apprenticeship programs unless these are with prominent photographers or have a measure of relevance in your career.
Our sample includes the most important details you need to be noticed by your client or prospective employer. Make sure to review our sections on how to compose your objective, skills, and experience. The suggestions will definitely encourage the client to give your resume more interested looks.

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