Aerospace Engineer Resume Sample

Are you an aerospace engineer on the look for a new job? It means you are interested to write your resume. Focus on highlighting the skills you have learned in the last years and also on the achievements you’ve had at your previous role. The following aerospace engineer resume will show you what to put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections.

You will also find some tips and advice you should consider for the job interview. We’ll also explain how to format your resume to attract more attention and have higher chances to get the job.

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Aerospace Engineer Resume Sample

Henry Rackley

Address:              302 N 125th Street, Seattle, WA 98133
Phone:                  (206) 363-3911
Email:                    [email protected]
Current job:        Aerospace Engineer at Boeing


To advance my career as an aerospace engineer at the biggest airplane manufacturing company in the United States.  I hope to obtain a managerial or supervisory position at the Boeing Company.


  1. Strong leadership skills
  2. Highly motivated and resourceful
  3. Perform quality work while meeting deadlines
  4. Able to work independently or collaboratively
  5. Proficient in Simulink, AutoCAD, MathCAD, TMR Tool
  6. Years of experience in design structure on commercial aircraft
  7. Extreme attention to detail
  8. Ability to organize and prioritize workload effectively
  9. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  10. Flexible and adaptable to change
  11. Experience in project planning and documentation
  12. Wide knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment and computer software and hardware

Work Experience

Aerodynamic Engineer, 2016 to Present
Boeing, Everett, WA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist with the design and analysis of Boeing commercial airplanes
  • Assist in the design of aerodynamic surfaces for optimal vehicle performance
  • Calculate and present airplane performance capabilities
  • Assist with certification and qualification process of Boeing commercial planes
  • Define market requirements to support the development of new models
  • Perform requirements and design verification and traceability analysis
  • Participate in design reviews and problem reporting
  • Work with mechanical, electronics and software design disciplines

Aerospace Program Manager/Project Engineer, 2012-2016
Zodiac Aerospace, Redmond, WA 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Proposal and contract development
  • Detailed schedule and budget monitoring
  • Product design and documentation
  • Risk management
  • Detailed budget monitoring
  • Status reporting
  • Gave presentations to executive management
  • Manufactured program planning

Aerospace Engineer Intern, 2011-2012
Zodiac Aerospace, Redmond, WA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Troubleshoot aircraft systems to resolve complex issues
  • Analyzed project proposals regarding aeronautical products
  • Created specifications and drawings on parts for many commercial aircraft systems
  • Design structural modifications of aircrafts
  • Help improve equipment navigation


Masters of Aerospace Engineering, University of Washington
2007-2011, 3.4 GPA

College, University of Washington
Bachelors of Science, Aeronautics & Astronautics
2003-2007, 3.8 GPA

Inglemoor High School
High School Diploma
1999-2003, 3.6 GPA


  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Structural Vibrations
  3. Atmospheric Flight Mechanics
  4. Orbital and Space Flight Mechanics
  5. Gas Dynamics
  6. Aircraft Design
  7. Propulsion
  8. Aerospace Heat Transfer
  9. Systems Engineering
  10. Compressible Fluid Mechanics
  11. Space Power Systems
  12. Mathematical Foundations of Systems Theory
  13. Physics of Fusion Plasmas

How to pass a Aerospace Engineering Job Interview

Most likely they will ask you some basic theoretical questions dealing with your engineering knowledge. It is a great idea to review the fundamental ideas and concepts of aerospace engineering so you will be prepared for any questions that come your way dealing with this topic. 

Research The Company And Their Industry

It is important to know about the company you are applying to. They may question you how you would be a great fit for their company and the company’s core values. It is a good idea to know the background of the company to show your interviewer that you would fit perfectly into their company and already have background knowledge about it. They may ask your questions related to their field and what they do. Knowing the company will also help you to come up with some excellent questions that you may want to ask them during the interview process.

Dress Professionally 

It is a good idea to dress in a way that is professional and will impress your interviewer. Dress to impress! For men, a suit with a tie would be appropriate, while women can wear a suit skirt with a coordinated blouse. It is a good idea to have a clean look with not too much jewelry or wear a strong cologne or perfume.

Most popular job interview questions for aerospace engineers

You should always think about what types of questions they will ask you ahead of time and practice them.  That way, you are prepared when it comes up.  Here is a list of questions you may come across during your interview:

  • Why do you want to be an engineer?
  • Give us an example where you use logical and rational thinking to solve a problem at work?
  • What are the main areas in aviation?
  • What do you understand by aerodynamics/performance analysis?
  • Explain about stress analysis.
  • What interested you about this job position?
  • What do you feel are your biggest weaknesses?  How about strengths?
  • What previous projects have you worked on and what was your role in them?
  • What is the testing done in aerospace engineering?
  • What qualities do you think you have that make you a perfect fit for this position and the company?
  • What are the different fields of aerospace?
  • What are your best skills for this aerospace job?
  • What makes you the best candidate for this position?
  • Are you a team player? How so?

After they are done asking you questions, you should also ask them questions that have been on your mind.  Here are some questions you can ask them at the end of the interview:

  • What is a typical day here as an engineer?
  • Is there a lot of room to grow your career here?
  • How easily are new ideas implemented here?
  • How does the company keep track of production and quality of its employees?
  • How are salary increases determined? 

Follow Up

You most likely won’t hear from the interviewer for a week or later when you apply for an engineer position. However, it is a good idea to stay in contact with your interviewer. One way of doing this is to e-mail them or send them a note thanking them for their time. You should not wait too long for the interview to do this. This can be a way for the interviewer to remember you. Good luck.

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