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Administrative Assistant Resume

Interested in reading an Administrative Assistant resume sample before crafting your own? Great! In this post, you’ll find a resume example for the Administrative Assistant job position. We’ll also cover the job description, qualifications, responsibilities and objectives.

The title of Administrative Assistant covers a broad scope of responsibilities. There is a fine line distinguishing the work of an Administrative Assistant from a secretary as both designations focus on rendering support services to the organization.  But while there are similarities in the work that they do, an Administrative Assistant is acknowledged to carry a higher responsibility.

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Administrative Assistant Resume SampleTatiana M. Wayne

Address:            5150 Wyoming Street
Phone:                (501) 123-4567
Email:                  [email protected]
Current job:      Administrative Assistant at DRBlake Marketing Associates



To consistently contribute to the success of the organization by implementing my skill set and eventually build a long-term career with the company.


  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Fluent in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian
  • 3 years experience in managing Customer Support
  • 3 years experience in managing Content Marketing campaign
  • Prolific writer; regular contributor to major business websites
  • 2 years experience in preparing market studies
  • 2 years experience in managing social media accounts
  • Keen understanding of legal terminologies
  • Highly organized
  • Punctual
  • Great ability to work with a team

Work Experience

Administrative Assistant, 2012 to Present

DRBlake Marketing Associates, New York City, New York


  • Filter e-mail
  • Confirm appointments and meetings
  • Manage calendar of activities
  • Review content marketing materials
  • Review social media activities
  • Review data on operating budget
  • Preside over Quarterly Business Review  
  • Supervise digital marketing activities
  • Prepare, review and discuss findings of all collated reports from the website and social media analytics
  • Oversee customer support for the Hispanic market

Executive Assistant, 2008 to 2012

Oakley and Anderson Law Office, Portland, Oregon


  • Filter e-mail
  • Manage calendar of activities
  • Take down dictation at meetings
  • Transcribe audio from legal proceedings to text format
  • Phone handling
  • Confirm appointments and meetings
  • Legal research


University of Oregon

School of Law
Eugene Oregon
2006 – 2008

College, George Fox University
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
Newberg, Oregon
2002 – 2006, 3.6 GPA

West Linn High School
High School Diploma
West Linn, Oregon
1998 – 2002, 3.5 GPA


  • Foreign Language; Level 8 – Spanish
  • Foreign Language; Level 8 –  Italian
  • Foreign Language; Level 4 – French
  • Advanced Writing
  • Transcription
  • CRM Administration
  • MS Office
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Personal information

  • Married with 2 children
  • DOB 12/02/85
  • Hobbies include traveling, music, cooking

Administrative Assistant Job Description


Administrative Assistant

Hopefully, our Administrative Assistant resume sample has helped you write a better and more relevant resume. We’ve provided the following job description to give you a more detailed idea of what could be expected from an Administrative Assistant.

Generally, an Administrative Assistant conducts clerical work. These include the usual responsibilities such as filing, typing, taking dictation and notes during meetings and phone handling.

But the specific duties of an Administrative Assistant will vary depending on the industry. In the legal field, an Administrative Assistant may be required to have a background in Law in order to understand the terminologies.

One of the responsibilities is transcription. It is very important for the Administrative Assistant to transcribe audio clearly into text format because in legal parlance, a mistake in punctuation, spelling, and terminology can affect the context of the message.

In the field of Accounting, an Administrative Assistant would have a different job description. Accounting processes are highly structured to minimize mistakes. For tasks such as payroll preparation and benefits management, it is very important to collect and organize data.

For an Administrative Assistant in Accounting, he or she must be proficient and accurate in data entry, calculating for paid hours and updating benefits payable. Therefore, an ideal candidate should have fast typing skills, well – versed in spreadsheet and accounting software and detail oriented.

In the field of Publishing, the Administrative Assistant should have a background in English or Writing. They are often asked to proofread or edit articles before these are published. The ideal candidate should also be proficient in research, keyword usage, and social media.

Thus, an Administrative Assistant should have skills that are relevant to the industry he or she is interested in offering their services to.

Administrative Assistant Ideal Job Qualifications

If you plan to become an Administrative Assistant you should possess the following qualifications for the job:

  • Organized. As an Administrative Assistant, you will often find yourself managing several tasks. Each task will have their own timelines and work specifications. To become an effective Administrative Assistant, you should be able to allocate enough time with each task in order to meet the deadline without compromising the quality of work
  • Detail – Oriented. The scope of work assigned to an Administrative Assistant may sometimes be referred to as “Non- Essential” but only because these are not the related to the core business. Nonetheless, these remain essential to the success of the company. Sometimes the smallest mistakes can lead to the biggest problems.
  • Great Communication Skills. Effective communication is a two – way street; not only should you be great at relaying instructions and providing feedback but you should also be a great listener.
  • Great Time Management Skills. As an Administrative Assistant, you will have to work with deadlines. To become effective, you must be efficient with your time.
  • Responsible. The best Administrative Assistant is one who is responsible enough to manage every task and project with a sense of duty and commitment. It doesn’t matter if the task is great or small; the Administrative Assistant will get it done as expected.

Administrative Assistant Job Duties

As discussed, while each industry may have specific functions for their Administrative Assistant, here is a summary of duties that cover their general scope of work:

  • Phone Handling
  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment Setting
  • E-mail Filtering
  • Correspondence
  • Social Media Management
  • Spreadsheet Creation
  • Preparation of Presentation Materials
  • Research
  • File Management

These skills are general requirements for an Administrative Assistant. You can always improve on them by taking courses. But the most important asset is confidence. Your title may read “Assistant” but the effective performance of your functions will significantly contribute to the success of the organization.   

That’s it. If you haven’t already, use our Administrative Assistant resume sample to write a solid resume that will help you land the position you’ve always wanted.

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