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The life of a stewardess is always on the move. If you’ve recently decided that it’s time for a job change, you should start that by writing a resume that attracts attention. In this article, we’ll show you a stewardess resume example that you can use as a reference for when writing yours. Learn what you can put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Make sure to check our tips for the job interview and discover what you can do to get the job faster.

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Stewardess Resume Sample

Bridget Anne Larson

Address:               6339 N. Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone:                   954.958.3996
Email:                    [email protected]
Current job:        Stewardess at American Airlines


To seek employment in an airline industry as a stewardess, where I can realize my future goal of becoming a commendable flight service director and where my hospitality and customer service skills will be put to ultimate use.


  1. Expertise in performing pre-flight education prior to take-off
  2. Expertise in attending to passenger needs and requests
  3. Expertise in providing first aid to passengers with minor injuries or health problems
  4. Proficiency in demonstrating the use of safety equipment
  5. Proficiency in assisting customers with special requirements
  6. Proficiency with airline emergency protocols
  7. Knowledge of airline safety rules and regulation
  8. Excellent communicator
  9. Proficiency in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, and French
  10. Ability to pacify even the most irate of passengers
  11. Courteousness and cheerful disposition


Stewardess, 2016-present

American Airlines, Miami, FL

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts pre-flight preparations for passengers
  • Demonstrates emergency protocols to passengers
  • Attends to the needs and requests of customers
  • Provides food and beverage to clients
  • Assists the pilot and assistant pilot with their needs
  • Ensures the adequacy of stock of customer needs
  • Administers first aid as needed
  • Ensures the cleanliness of the airplane prior to take-off and after arrival

Stewardess, 2017-2016

Executive Airlines, Miami, FL

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Briefed passengers with rules and regulations prior to take off
  • Demonstrated the use of emergency equipment in case of disaster
  • Attended to the requests of customers
  • Attended to the special needs of disabled, aged or solo child passengers
  • Served food and refreshments to passengers
  • Provided first aid as needed
  • Ensured adequacy of supplies prior to take off
  • Warranted the cleanliness of the plane before departure and after arrival

Stewardess, 2015-2017

Spirit Airlines, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Demonstrated the use of in-flight equipment to passengers
  • Attended to the needs of customers
  • Served foods and beverages to clients
  • Performed first aid procedures as needed
  • Attended to the needs of the pilot and assistant pilot
  • Ensured adequacy of supplies in the plane
  • Ensured the cleanliness of plane before departure and after arrival


The Airline Academy, Daytona Beach FL
Flight Attendant and Customer Service Program, 2017
College, Florida International University – Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University Park, Miami Dade FL

Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management, Minor in Tourism and Travel Management
2016-2017, 2.9 GPA

Miami Beach High SchoolMiami Beach, FL
High School Diploma
1997-1991, 3.1 GPA


  1. International Tourism
  2. Destinations and Cultures
  3. Fundamentals of Management in the Hospitality Industry
  4. Hospitality Facilities Management
  5. Hospitality Property Management
  6. Hospitality Marketing Strategy
  7. Hospitality Information Technology
  8. Leadership in the Hospitality Industry
  9. Operations Control

Personal information

  • Date of Birth: Married with one son
  • Birthdate: September 2, 1989
  • Hobbies include travelling, watching movies and shopping

Advice for Your Stewardess Job Interview

The competition for stewardess jobs is stiff, and you need more than just an impressive Stewardess resume to land the job. Here are tricks on how you can rise to the occasion during your interview.

Be Knowledgeable about the Company

It is important to be well-versed with the foundations of airline and hospitality service above all else. Some employers believe that a person who is knowledgeable about the basics is better than somebody who is updated with all the trends. The interviewer may ask you about the corporation, such as basic information and statistics. By knowing the basics of the company you can answer these questions – and a lot more.

Show Up Well Dressed

A neat and pleasing personality is among the indispensable ingredients to a successful outcome of your entire job hunting process. Appear desirable with a neatly-styled hair, a decent pair of shoes, and a stunning corporate outfit. How you dress and carry yourself during the interview can greatly affect not only your confidence but the interviewer’s impression of you.

Study the Answers to Important Questions

Like in any other big event, preparation is always vital. It is a must for you to study the answers to the following questions and make sure you deliver them with spontaneity and sheer confidence.

  • Why did you decide to join us? Why do you want to leave your current employer?
  • What trainings and seminars have you attended to improve your skills as a stewardess?
  • How do you deal with dissatisfied and disgruntled passengers?
  • How would you explain to a non-English speaking passenger that he can only move to another seat after the plane has taken off?
  • How extensive is your knowledge on first aid? What injuries or conditions have you attended to as a stewardess?
  • Have you been faced with a situation wherein you had to weigh the welfare of a single passenger vs. the safety of the rest of the people in the flight? How did you pull through it?
  • What special skills do you have that you think can greatly contribute to the growth of the company?

After his questions, now it is time for you to turn the tables and ask the interviewer. Here are some inquiries you can raise after the interview portion is through.

  • What are the typical work hours of a stewardess for this airline company?
  • What destinations does the airline fly to most?
  • How often will I be assigned to international flights?
  • What is the stewardess to passenger ratio per flight?

Drop a “Thank You” Note

It takes approximately one to two weeks before the hiring process is completed. While waiting for the good news, business experts recommend applicants to send a “thank you” note or e-mail to the employer. It shows one’s professionalism, and can act as a follow-up message as well.

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