Flight Attendant Resume Examples

The career of a Flight Attendant is seen as glamorous. You get to travel all around the world, look fashionable and meet interesting people. The pay and benefits are also very good! But it can be a highly competitive job. It’s a good thing we have prepared a solid Flight Attendant resume sample for you to use as a reference. To get your foot inside the interview door requires a Flight Attendant resume that is several thousand miles above everyone else.

We’ve also included detailed write-ups on key sections on your Flight Attendant resume. Just like pilots don’t take chances by flying a plane without thorough inspection, you should always make sure you have the details covered before submitting your resume.

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Flight Attendant Resume Sample

Antonia S. Smith

Address:             1457 Webster St, Alamo Square, San Francisco, CA
Phone:              (415) 569-7423
Email:              [email protected]
Current job:  Flight Attendant, American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX


FAA Certified Flight Attendant with 7 years experience in the airline industry and more than 10 years experience in customer service related work. Certified in CPR and AED with consistently high scores in customer service evaluation has the expertise, laser focus and ideal disposition to manage potentially precarious situations.  


  • 7 years work experience as Flight Attendant
  • Bachelor of Science degree, Psychology
  • Certified; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Certified, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Certified, Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Certified, MS Office
  • Bilingual; French, Level 10
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent disposition
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to handle pressure situations
  • Analytical
  • Creative Thinker
  • Highly organized

Work Experience

Flight Attendant, 2016 to Present
American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attends pre-flight briefings.
  • Verifies if all supplies of refreshments, food and emergency equipment are in order and complete.
  • Greets passengers upon entry.
  • Checks if all hand carry luggage are stored properly.
  • Reminds passengers on use of computers and other gadgets.
  • Demonstrates the proper use of emergency equipment.
  • Ensures that all passengers are in their seats prior to take off and landing.
  • Verifies if all seat belts are securely fastened.
  • Serves food and beverages as scheduled.
  • Assists passengers with special needs including the elderly and young children.
  • Reassures passengers during times of turbulence.
  • Performs first aid to passengers whenever necessary.

Flight Attendant, 2016 to 2016
Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attended pre-flight briefings.
  • Greeted passengers upon entry.
  • Lent assistance to passengers with disabilities.
  • Conducted inspection on storage of all hand carried luggage.
  • Educated passengers on use of computers and other devices while on flight.
  • Served food and beverages on schedule.
  • Answered passengers’ questions related to flight, airline and airport procedures.
  • Reassured passengers during times of turbulence.
  • Performed first aid to passengers whenever necessary.
  • Ensured all passengers are on their seats prior to take off and landing.
  • Demonstrated use of emergency equipment.

Front Desk Officer, 2017 – 2016
Chancellor Hotel, Union Street, San Franciso

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Welcomed guests and helps them register in the hotel.
  • Provided information on hotel services.
  • Provided information on community activities.
  • Arranged tour accommodations and reservations.
  • Attended to customers’ complaints and concerns.
  • Verified customer’s credit and method of payment.
  • Coordinated with housekeeping if rooms are ready for guests.
  • Handled hotel reservations.
  • Facilitated payment of accounts.
  • Balanced cash accounts.


San Francisco State University
Bachelor of Science, Psychology
San Francisco, CA
2016 – 2017, 3.4 GPA

Balboa High School
High School Diploma
San Francisco, CA
1997 – 2016, 3.2 GPA


  • Certified; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Certified, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Certified, Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Bilingual; French, Level 10

Personal information

  • Married
  • Date of birth 04/10/84
  • Hobbies include cooking, reading, painting

Resume Writing Tips for Flight Attendant

A Flight Attendant hardly rests her feet. She is always on the move. You should always use action words or verbs in your Flight Attendant resume. You will notice we used a good number of the most sought- after action words in our Flight Attendant resume sample. These include:

  • Attends
  • Greets
  • Checks
  • Verifies
  • Performs
  • Conducts
  • Welcomes
  • Coordinates
  • Provides
  • Arranges

In your Flight Attendant resume experience section, try to be as detailed as possible. Include responsibilities which are considered traditional work for Flight Attendants such as greeting passengers, serving food and demonstrating safety equipment.

But also include responsibilities that may not be automatically associated with Flight Attendants. As we indicated in our Flight Attendant resume sample, these responsibilities could include reassuring passengers on safety during times of turbulence. This is usually the job of the pilot who does the assurance through the airplane communication system. Another one would be checking inventory of supplies and equipment.

You should also include work experience in related occupations. The job of a Flight Attendant requires plenty of passenger engagement. If you have had previous work as a hotel receptionist, customer service agent or ticketing agent, you should indicate these jobs in your Flight Attendant resume.

What to Write in a Flight Attendant Resume Objective

As a Flight Attendant, you will have to undergo training at the Airline’s head office or main training center. This is a prerequisite to receive certification from the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA.

If you are already certified by the FAA, place this front and center in your resume objective. FAA certification will place you ahead of candidates who are not yet certified. You should also indicate other types of certifications you received as long as these are related to the job of a Flight Attendant.

It is also important to highlight your experience. Hiring managers love to see numbers so state the number of years experience you have had as a Flight Attendant and in the customer service industry.

Lastly, identify at least 3 relatable soft skills for the job. In our Flight Attendant resume objective we used expertise, laser focus and pleasant disposition.

What to Write in a Flight Attendant Resume Skills Section

If you did not finish college, do not fret. There are airlines that accept applications for Flight Attendant even without a college diploma. However, it will be an advantage if you have a college degree.

Otherwise, highlight the skills, trainings and certifications you received to qualify you as a Flight Attendant.

  • Educational Attainment; indicate the highest level of education you achieved. If you finished up to high school, state the inclusive years. If not, include your GED score. 
  • Certifications; top of the list is FAA certification. When a Hiring Manager sees this, he or she will assume you had been trained by a previous airline. This will reduce the amount of training time for you. It will make the airline feel more secure that you are ready to take the floor as a Flight Attendant. 
  • Additional Trainings; any type of additional training you received in support of your pursuit of a career as a Flight Attendant will help. Among the courses you could take are: Customer Service, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillator (AED), First Aid and Patient Care. 
  • Language Skills; it will be a definite plus in your Flight Attendant resume if you are proficient in a second language. 
  • Excellent People Skills; you will deal with a wide variety of personalities onboard a plane for up to 16 hours. You should know how to adjust to the nuances of each passenger. 
  • Excellent Communication Skills; if you are an international Flight Attendant, you will be dealing with different nationalities. You will have to find ways to get past the language, cultural and social barriers that hinder communication. 
  • Ability to handle pressure; the job of a Flight Attendant can be a high pressure one. In addition to managing uncooperative or belligerent passengers, there are also children or infants who may not have taken well to flying. The job will fall on you to mitigate the situation before it affects the other passengers.

Flight Attendant Job Seeking Tips

Demand for flight attendants go hand-in-hand with the growth of the economy. If the economy is robust and people have disposable income saved up for travel, then you should expect more job openings to materialize.

However, if the economy is on a downturn and people have difficulties holding down jobs, maintaining daily expenses and paying off loans then you should expect less demand for flight attendants.

Another thing to remember is that if an airline lays- off flight attendants who are union members, they are mandated to rehire them first before getting new hires. If you do not have much experience in the industry, you may have a better chance landing a job opening at a smaller, budget airline.

But always work on improving your strengths by taking relevant courses, trainings and seminars. Build up your Flight Attendant resume skills section while waiting for a job opening.

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