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Are you ready to move up? Becoming a Senior Accountant is no easy task. CPA? Check. MBA? Check? However, it’s not enough to have academic credentials. This position has decision-making responsibilities. Experience is very important. You should prove these skills in your Senior Accountant resume. This is a high-paying job. Unfortunately, openings might be few. Companies do their best to keep their Senior Accountants. So if there is an opening, your resume must be ready.

Is it? Are you confident that it can get you the job?

We have a Senior Accountant resume sample that will let you stay a step ahead of the rest. Like an Income Statement, your strengths will be greater than your flaws. Your resume will tell the recruiter, hiring you will yield good ROI!

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Senior Accountant Resume SampleSenior Accountant Resume Sample

Leonard P. Simpson
CPA License No: 03-97845

Address:           1214 Forest Hills Drive, Rochester, MN
Phone:                (507) 971 3471
Email:                  [email protected]
Current job:      Senior Accountant; Peabody Food Concepts, Inc., Rochester, MN


Senior Accountant with a valid CPA license and an MBA from Crossroads College seeks to utilize his more than 10 years experience and expertise as the new Chief Accountant of Lorenzo Food Group Corporation. I have acquired skills, connections, experience, and the ideal attributes to manage your company’s needs in different accounting areas such as tax accounting, external or internal auditing, account management, and analysis of Financial Statements among others.


  • Certified Public Accountant; valid license.
  • Master’s of Business Administration – Crossroads College, 2015.
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting.
  • Member; Minnesota Association of Public Accountants
  • Accounting Proficiencies – Tax Accounting, External/Internal Auditing, Inventory Management, Financial Analysis, and Account Management
  • Knowledgeable – QuickBooks, FreshBooks, SQL, and ERP systems.
  • Well-organized
  • Professional conduct at work
  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent understanding of Business

Work Experience

Senior Accountant, 2020 to Present
Peabody Food Concepts, Inc., Rochester, MN.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Presides over account reconciliations; makes sure all supporting documents are in order, reviews all account entries then prepares a summary of recommendations.
  • Leads and oversees the closing responsibilities of the accounting team; performance of all key tasks must be done within the prescribed time-frame.
  • Periodically reviews all accounting guidelines, policies, and procedures; introduces amendments as necessary for the purpose of improving accuracy, risk control, and for timely reporting.
  • Performs both internal and external audits; provides complete, comprehensive reporting to all company managers, officers, and directors.
  • Prepares Financial Statements of the company; conducts comprehensive analysis including recommendations for streamlining costs and funding revenue generating programs.

Senior Accountant, 2017 to 2020
Wilhelm Resource Processing Specialists; Rochester, MN.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reviewed, evaluated, and ran audits on the company’s existing accounting workflows; motivated to constantly improve accuracy and timeliness of record-keeping and reporting.
  • Instituted checks and balances to make sure the routing of information remained efficient between the auditors, accounting teams, and finance officers.
  • Coordinated with the accounting department for the purpose of ensuring the consistent precision of all operating systems, accounting networks, and processes.
  • Collaborated with the IT department during the implementation of change management policies.
  • Communicated with representatives of the internal and external auditing committees to foster strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Senior Accountant, 2015 to 2017
Revelation Point Property Developers, Rochester, MN

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducted research on property trends and developments, prepared project feasibility studies that covered market analysis and financial projections.
  • Prepared the company’s Financial Statements; discussed historical performance and provided a summary of recommendations designed to improve profitability.
  • Studied pricing strategies and commission rate schedules of the company; endeavoured to keep the company competitive in the industry, maintain the best agents, without compromising profitability.
  • Attended to the company’s tax obligations; reporting, review of statements, documentation, and reconciliation.
  • Prepared monthly, quarterly, and annual forecasts for the company including the budget for the year.


Master’s Degree
Business Administration
Crossroads College
Rochester, MN
2011 to 2015

Bachelor Degree
Crossroads College
Rochester, MN
2007 to 2011

High School
Mayo High School
Rochester, MN
2003 to 2007


  • Passed CPA Examination administered by Minnesota State Board of Public Accountancy, 2015

Personal information

  • Status: Married with 1 child
  • Date of Birth: 27 October 1983
  • Hobbies include chess, coin-collection, and snowboarding

Senior Accountant Skills List

You’ve done the work. You’ve put in the time. You feel you’re ready to move up. Is your Senior Accountant skills list enough to get you the job? It’s more than just reviewing numbers. You have to analyze them. The Senior Accountant makes key decisions. The company wants you to help them make sense of the numbers. Are your skills worth the big bucks?

  • Education.You’ll need a college degree. Accounting is a given. However, if you have a business-related degree, you’ll be fine. Economics is another good course. It will give you a good background in business. Just remember, you will have to take the CPA exam. Therefore, it will be better to go for an accounting degree. Some jobs will require a Master’s Degree. In our sample resume for Senior Accountant, Leonard has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or MBA. If you want to apply for decision-making positions, you should invest in higher education.
  • Certifications.To get this job, you must be a CPA. This stands for Certified Public Accountant. Top- level positions in accounting only hire CPAs. One reason is the ability to conduct audits. If you do an external audit, the Financial Statements (FS) have to be signed by a CPA. Another task for CPAs is when the company needs to get their taxes in order. Accounts must be reconciled. Reporting must conform to tax regulations. The filing must be done properly. Tax auditing is an important job for a Senior Accountant.
  • Computers.Accountants work with spreadsheets. Excel will not be enough. There are different kinds of programs that can run various accounting tasks. You can do payroll and basic bookkeeping. Some programs handle inventory management. Sure, these tasks can be done by an assistant. However, it pays to know how these programs work. If you need something done, you can run the program yourself. This is very important especially for confidential data.
  • Team Player.When you started out, you worked with a Senior Accountant. Nothing has changed. As a Senior Accountant, you will work with a team. You should be a team player.  Know their roles. Get familiar with their tasks. You have to make sure everyone is on the same page. Deadlines have to be met. Stay on top of their work. Get involved if you have to. You should have great communication skills. It is important to be a good listener. Likewise, you have to clearly articulate your instructions.

Senior Accountant Resume Objective

Before writing your Senior Accountant resume objective, review the job post. The key details should be on your objective statement. This is why this is an important section. Recruiters will see what you can do.

In our sample resume objective for Senior Accountant, we led off with Leonard’s qualifications. Having a CPA is a must. The MBA is a key differentiator. Not many will have both hard skills. Whether the job requires it or not, an MBA will be a big plus.

We didn’t get specific on the other details. Knowledge of computers is a given. Since you have to earn your stripes for this position, it is assumed you know the best programs. Besides, these tasks will be handled by your team.

What is important is to give a rundown of your proficiencies. We identified tax accounting and auditing work as some of Leonard’s key strengths.

Again, review the job post. It would say what specific skills are needed for the job.

Senior Accountant Resume Format

The chronological is the best Senior Accountant resume format you can use. Why? Because it will highlight your experience and showcase your skills at the same time.

With the chronological, you start out with your current employment. If unemployed, use the most recent one. List 5 to 8 job responsibilities. These tasks have to be relevant to the job post. If you have achievements, list them as well. Work your way back to your earliest relevant job.

How long should your resume be?

Long experience is a given. Thus, you can include your experiences as an Accountant. This will show your growth. If you have more than 10 years experience, it is perfectly fine to exceed one page for your resume.

In our sample resume template for Senior Accountant, we placed Work Experience in the middle:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Personal Information

In this setup, the other sections can give your Work Experience more support. You also have the option to place Certification before Work Experience. This will shine the spotlight on your CPA license.

Take note that your CPA license number should be included as part of the Contact Information section. Get this out of the way as soon as you can. The recruiter will make you a priority.

Entry Level Senior Accountant

What if you don’t have experience? What can an entry level Senior Level Accountant hope for? You still have a chance of getting the job.

First, you can’t be a Senior Accountant unless you are an Accountant. Thus, you have relevant experience. List down the tasks that are similar to what a Senior Accountant does.

Second, what are your special skills? For sure you know accounting software. List them down. How about networking software? This is important because you may have to set up accounting systems.

Third, if you have a CPA, for sure, some companies will consider your resume. Look for jobs that accept entry level Senior Accountants. You will have a better chance of getting the job. It may not pay as well. However, you will get the experience you need.

Senior Accountant Resume Writing Tips

Senior Accountants are never careless! Numbers are important in business. One mistake can be very costly. The same can be said for your resume. Like a ledger, you must carefully review the entries. Take the time to read our Senior Accountant resume writing tips.

  1. No Errors! – Errors in spelling and grammar are costly. It shows carelessness. The recruiter will know you didn’t review your resume. And there are software programs you can use. It should be easy enough. However, you didn’t think much of it. That’s what the recruiter will likewise think about your resume.
  2. Mix It Up – Being great with numbers is important. So are having the right attributes. Cite examples of how you led your team. Give accounts of how you made the process better.

Remember, this is a competitive job. You can’t assume that just because you have the skills, the job is yours. The resume is your first point- of- contact. Make sure you create a good impression.

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