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Unlike the telemarketer, an Inside Sales Agent is received with open phone receivers.  Sometimes referred to as an Inside Sales Representative, an ISA is not to be confused with a telemarketer. Many businesses across a wide variety of industries have shifted to the ISA model to hit their sales targets. Thus, the job is in demand and can offer you a financially rewarding career. First, you must win the job and that needs a really convincing Inside Sales Resume.

According to PayScale, the average salary of an Inside Sales Agent is $43,873 with the high-end estimated to be at $62,000. If you work as an Inside Sales Agent for the Wholesale and Manufacturing industries, the average salary per year is higher at $60,530. 

Make no mistake about it, the Inside Sales position is a growing profession. If you want to get started in this career, review our Inside Sales Resume Sample and submit one that will get the recruiter to buy what you’re selling – your skills and abilities.

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Inside Sales Resume Sample

Contact Information

Inside Sales Resume SampleName: Morris K. Williamson
Address: 3412 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 778 9978
Email: [email protected]

Current Job: Inside Sales Agent, Arcadia Property Developers, Seattle, WA

Objective Statement

Experienced Inside Sales Agent with 5 years in the real estate industry is keenly interested in joining your ISA team. I am an excellent negotiator with a proven ability to close the deal with high-end property buyers. From 2017 to present, I averaged $4.7 million in sales per year and my portfolio accounted for 21 % of the company’s total sales. I am confident that I can improve my performance with your company.

Strengths/Special Skills

  • Excellent communication skills – Articulate communicator and an intent listener.
  • Knowledgeable in the following software for Inside Sales – Bitrix 24, Zendesk Sell, Freshsales, and amoCRM.
  • Proven negotiator.
  • Ability to build rapport.
  • Ability to handle stressful situations.

Work Experience

Inside Sales Agent – 2017 to Present
Arcadia Property Developers; Seattle, WA


  • Arcadia develops commercial and residential properties for sale or lease arrangements. Among the accounts, I was responsible for include Sun King Residential Condominiums, Lakeview Terraces Subdivision, Arcadia Sun Port, and the Wellington Commercial.
  • Source potential sales opportunities through outbound and inbound calling, inbound lead follow-up, and email marketing channels.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the company; identify and target high probability closure opportunities. My success rate is 87% from the period 2017 to the present.
  • Perform research and verify qualification on all generated leads; analyzed and created buyer profile, and systematically arranged priority targets based on favorable probability rankings.
  • Maintain and expand the database of closable prospects within a specific territory.

Inside Sales Representative – 2015 to 2017
Redmond and Sons Real Estate Agency; Seattle, WA


  • Create a buyer profile on high-end clients; the profile is based on demographics, income levels, occupation or company designation, marital status, and ownership of specific assets.
  • Conduct regular sales calls on generated leads; managed and operated the company’s predictive dialer system.
  • Produce analytical reports on the status of sales calls; perform an evaluation of the results and implement the necessary changes to improve call efficiency and connect rate. 
  • Contact existing clients for the purpose of generating additional sales or to receive referrals. 
  • Keep track of weekly performance and measure the numbers versus the agency’s established benchmarks. 


Bachelor Degree
Seattle Central College

Seattle, WA
2010 to 2014

High School
Ballard High School
Seattle, WA
2006 to 2010

How To Write A Good Inside Sales Resume

Salespeople are an indispensable part of the business. Without sales, the company will struggle to pay off expenses and may run down savings. The truth is, not every person who applies for a sales job can sell. For this reason, employers only want to hire the best candidates. You need a good Inside Sales Resume to be noticed.

1. Read the Job Ad Very Carefully

There are many job ads for Inside Sales agents posted every day. Before applying for one, read the job ad very carefully. If you get careless, you might get hired and it might be too late to realize you ended up with a telemarketing position instead of an Inside Sales Agent position.

Take note of the job description, the list of required skills, and the profile of the employer’s preferred candidate for the position. Write down these details on a piece of paper or on a spreadsheet. Find out if you are qualified for the position. 

If you are confident that you qualify for this, write a resume that is tailored to the needs of the company. 

  • In the skills list, prioritize the ones that are most important for the company.
  • In the work experience section, write your job description in a manner that fits the scope of the job. 
  • If the company prefers “single” candidates without children, and you are one of them, include a “Personal Information” section and state “Single” beside “Marital Status”.

2. Make the Resume an Example of Your Ability to Sell

The resume is your marketing toolkit. It is packaged in a way that highlights your strongest selling points to the recruiter. Thus, when writing your Inside Sales Resume, think of it as a sales pitch to the recruiter.

  • Keep it short but concise. 
  • Write in a conversational tone; make your resume easy to read and understand.
  • Use the right verbs to describe your scope of work. Strong-sounding verbs include “Conduct”, “Perform”, “Create”, “Negotiate”, “Organize”, and “Pursue”.

3. Show Off the Results of Your Work as an Inside Sales Rep 

If there is one thing that recruiters are sure to look for in your resume; it is results. What have you accomplished as an Inside Sales rep? How can you quantify your achievements in the job?

If you have accomplished some amazing tasks in your sales job, include them in your work experience section and make sure to validate these with accurate statistics.

4. Highlight Your Knowledge of Computer

Inside Sales agents are not confined in an office environment. They are not Field Sales representatives, but many companies allow them to work remotely. There are companies that designate Inside Sales agents for telecommuter work or Human Resources may outsource the job to freelancers. 

In short, the job offers a flexible working environment. It is important to be knowledgeable in programs and apps that are used to carry out the job. 

If you are familiar with the software programs listed in the job ad – great! If not, list the ones you are proficient in. Learning a new program is not difficult if you are already familiar with the functions. 

5. Use the Reverse Chronological Format

With the reverse-chronological format, you present information from the current year then moving back. It is applied to sections of your resume that involve a chronology of events or a timeline.

The reverse-chronological format works best for resumes that have impressive work experience. For example, if you have at least one year of work experience as an Inside Sales Agent without a period of unemployment exceeding 4 to 6 months. 

Inside Sales Resume Skills List

Can anyone become a selling machine? Or are good salespeople born and not made? One thing’s for sure – you need to have the right skills to become effective at selling. What abilities should be seen by recruiters on your Inside Sales resume skills list?

1. Communication

If you can’t articulate the benefits of your product – chances are you won’t get the customer interested. At the same time, if you can’t process why the client would need your product, you wouldn’t know how to present its strongest selling points.

Having great communication skills is important to get the ball rolling. The customer has decided to check out your company. This is an opportunity to ring up a sale in the cash register. 

Don’t drop the ball! 

How will the recruiter get an idea if you have good communication skills? 

Your resume!

  • As we mentioned earlier, write in a conversational tone.
  • Keep it well organized; use bullet points.
  • Highlight your strongest selling points at the top third of the resume – objective statement and the strengths/skills section.
  • No errors in spelling and grammar.

2. Comprehension

Product knowledge is very important for salespeople. Businesses that target other businesses as clients or B2B hire Inside Rep agents because to learn everything they can about their products. 

Candidates who struggle with comprehension cannot sell effectively or respond to questions with confidence. 

A recruiter will have an idea of your level of comprehension by reading your job description. How well do you know your job?

As we will explain next, it is important to give detailed job descriptions in your Work Experience section. 

3. Lead Generation

Although lead generation is a function of marketing, it pays to have lead generation skills as an Inside Sales Agent. 

Qualify the inquiries that you receive from potential customers. Try to create a Buyer’s Profile that you can use to formulate your approach. You may also use a referral system to qualify prospects.

4. Ability to Build Rapport

If you try to close the sale on the phone as soon as the prospect says “Hello?”, you will fail. Customers are more discerning. They want to be valued for who they are and not just for their money.

Good ISA’s have the ability to build a rapport with the prospect. A recruiter will know if you have this ability by reading your objective statement. 

Write an objective statement in your own “voice”. State your strongest qualifications – the ones that align with the demands of the job. Then, let the recruiter know why you applied for this position. 

5. Knowledge of Computers

A lot of sales work is done through the Internet via the use of computers and technological innovations. 

You don’t have to be an IT Specialist to be a solid ISA. Learn a few of the most popularly used software applications for sales and you should be fine. 

Among the key programs that you should be familiar with include:

  • Project Management – SalesForce or Asana
  • File-Sharing – DropBox
  • Communication – Skype
  • CRM – amoCRM

6. Ability to Handle Objections

“No” is the word that brings nightmares to many salespeople. 

The truly good Inside Sales reps know that “When the prospect says ‘No’, that’s when the sale begins!”

Your ability to handle objections won’t be known until the interview. In the meantime, include some instances that validate this soft skill in your job descriptions.

After-Sales Customer Management Skills

Once the sale has been completed, it does not mean the customer is put on the backburner. Becoming a good Inside Sales Agent means recognizing the value of building solid relationships with your customers. 

In your Work Experience section, include examples of how you maintained relationships with customers and how the effort resulted in more benefits for the company.

Inside Sales Agent Duties And Responsibilities For The Work Experience Section

What goes into the act of selling? Is selling a proprietary software program to an Oil and Gas company the same as selling insurance to a chain of restaurants? The objective may be the same – to close a sale. However, the process of closing the sale will be different. This is why the recruiter is interested in the duties and responsibilities described in your Inside Sales Agent work experience section.

How should you write the duties and responsibilities you managed as an Inside Sales Agent?

1. Differentiate Your Work Experiences – Did you work in an IT company selling proprietary software to industrial clients? Prior to that, did you sell insurance to restaurants?

If so, differentiate your work experiences in those jobs. Break down the sales process. What were the steps you took toward closing the sale? Keep your descriptions short but concise.

2. Give As Such Detail As Possible – When you give in-depth descriptions of your duties and responsibilities, it shows that you know the job really well. 

Going back to our previous example, as an ISA for a technology company, including the name of the software program; its special features and the number of copies you sold.

3. Tailor-Fit To The Position – Like every section of the resume, read the job ad before writing the duties and responsibilities of your Inside Sales Agent resume. 

Then, review your work history and tailor-fit the descriptions to what the job demands. It does not matter if you worked in a different industry. Find some commonality and similarities to show the recruiter you are capable of doing the job.

4. Share Your Accomplishments – As mentioned throughout the article, always find opportunities to share your accomplishments. For a sales job, accomplishments are what interests recruiters the most. 

Make sure you support your achievements with valid numbers. You need numbers to substantiate your claims or accomplishments. 

Entry-Level Inside Sales Resume

A sales position in the company is almost always considered an entry-level job. For many, sales is viewed as the “dirty work” not because it’s despicable but it’s a job not many want to do. Why? People are naturally afraid of getting rejected. It takes someone tough and resilient to be good at sales.

If you have an entry-level Inside Sales Agent resume, you can still be considered for the job.  

Here are a few tips on how to make your entry-level Inside Sales resume more interesting – and enticing – to the recruiter.

1. Include Informal Sales Experience – Did you sell merchandise “on the side” when you were still studying? Did you work as a freelance Inside Sales Agent? Did you apprentice as a sales agent?

These are all examples of informal sales experiences that still provide you the opportunity to hone your selling skills. Recruiters consider informal sales experiences as valid and you should include them in your resume.

2. Use the Functional Format – The Functional format focuses on your skills and abilities while downplaying your lack of work experience. 

Prepare a list of hard and soft skills that you have and place them after “Contact Information”.

This is how a Functional format will look like:

  • Contact Information
  • Strengths/Special Skills
  • Objective Statement
  • Education
  • Work Experience

3. Use the Resume Objective as Your Sales Pitch – Convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate for the job. Where to do it? Share your story in the resume objective section.

When writing the objective statement, find the answer to the question “Why should you hire me?” 

The answer will run down a list of your strongest points as an Inside Sales Agent. If aligned with the job requirements, you could receive an invitation for a job interview very soon!

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