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Are you a working in the human resources department as a recruiter but this time found yourself in need to search for a new job, instead of searching for candidates? That means it’s time to write your resume and focus on the skills you’ve learned in the last years. Also emphasis the achievements you’ve had at the previous job.

Below you’ll find a good recruiter resume example that will serve you as inspiration for understanding what to put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. You are surely familiar with how less time recruiters spend on a resume, so make sure to make yours very attractive.

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Recruiter Resume Sample

Anderson Bilson, BS, MBA

Address:                    5501 R C Josh Birmingham Parkway, Charlotte, NC
Phone:                         (704) 359-9572
Email:                           [email protected]
Current job:              Head Recruiter NetApp, Research Triangle Park, NC


To seek employment as an Recruiter at one of the leading companies in the state of North Carolina and to devote my skills to a company that will appreciate and recognize my expertise.


  1. Expertise in selecting the best candidate for the job within the company
  2. Impressive recruitment abilities with consideration to quality hiring and cheap costs
  3. Proficiency in training selected applicants in their new field of work
  4. Strong network of executives in multiple fields and industries
  5. Good communication skills
  6. Excellent organizational skills
  7. Exceptional critical and analytical skills
  8. Good leadership skill
  9. Great interpersonal skills
  10. Ability to work harmoniously with the rest of the team
  11. Positive outlook
  12. Fluency in English, Spanish and French
  13. Proficiency in MS Office Applications


Head Recruiter, 2020-present
NetApp, Research Triangle Park, NC

Duties and Responsibilities

  • In charge of recruiting new employees working within the company
  • Studies and investigates the education, work experience and personality of the candidates
  • Informs interested applicants regarding job vacancies with the use of media boards, company magazines and newsletters, staff meetings, and intranet connections
  • Trains the successful candidate in performing his new job in a short span of time
  • Searches for new applicants for the recently vacated position
  • Supervises the employment activities of junior Recruiters

Senior Recruiter/ Assistant Head – Recruitment Department, 2017-2020
Cisco, Research Triangle Park, NC

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted the head of the recruitment department in conducting several conscriptions
  • Posted and advertised job vacancies as needed through different mediums – print, audio, virtual.
  • Toured the different Cisco branches in search of the appropriate company employee who will fit the job opening
  • Interviewed shortlisted job applicants
  • Selected and hired the employees for the job openings after careful consideration of their interview, education, experience, trainings attended, etc.
  • Trained the new employees for their new field of work

Junior Recruiter, 2015-2017
SAS Institute, Cary, NC

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted the Senior Recruiters in hiring in-house employees for new job openings
  • Aided the Head Recruiters in touring the country in search of new workers from SAS institute satellite offices
  • Collated and gathered resumes and CVs of applicants and presented them to the Senior Recruiters for their consideration
  • Coordinated the interview times of selected applicants and provided the interviewers with the needed documents
  • Processed the documentations needed for hiring applicants
  • Assisted the Senior Recruiters in looking for other employees to fill in the job opening left by the recently-recruited employee


Masters, Duke University, Durham, NC
Master’s in Business Administration (Social Entrepreneurship)
2017-2016, 3.5 GPA

College, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
Bachelors of Science in Business and Enterprise Management
2016-2017, 3.2 GPA

Manteo High School, Manteo, NC
High School Diploma
1987-1991, 3.5 GPA


  1. Economics
  2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  3. Social Entrepreneurship
  4. Quantitative Analysis
  5. Statistics
  6. Accounting
  7. Marketing
  8. Strategy
  9. Finance
  10. Management Communications
  11. Operations Management
  12. Leadership and Ethics

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, with two daughters
  • Date of Birth: May 22, 1969
  • Interests: playing beach volleyball and reading self-improvement books

Advice for Your Recruiter Job Interview

As an Recruiter, you need to have an eye for who is the most ideal person for the job and who is not. By now, you should already know if you are particularly suited to and capable enough for this profession. But knowing that won’t be enough. To get the post, you need to convince your potential employers of your great value as their future Recruiter. Here are some techniques to get you started:

Proofread your Recruiter Resume

Take note of spelling and grammatical errors, as these can make or break your chances of getting hired. It would also be better if you put in your own personal touches to the document. Turn that template into your very own tailored and customized resume.

Look Professional

If there ever is an occasion when you absolutely need to look your best, it is on the day of your interview. If you are planning to leave a great and lasting impression, you can start by attending the interview in a clean and crisp business or semi-formal attire. Looking tidy during the dialogue will definitely be a plus as you attempt to sell yourself as a highly organized and competent employee, one that the company will be a fool to reject.

Be Ready with the Questions

There are tons of questions that a prospective employer can ask. If you want to come up with the best answer, you need to rehearse and practice your responses to the possible questions time and time again. Here are some queries you might want to think about:

  • What makes Recruiting better than External Recruiting?
  • What skills do you possess that make you a better Recruiter than all the others?
  • In general, what qualifications and abilities do you always look for in an applicant?
  • How do you work with the limited pool of candidates in Recruitment?
  • Recruitment is said to promote resistance to change. How do you deal with that problem within the organization?
  • How do you work with the short time period given to train your new recruit?

After answering all his queries, you too can ask some questions. Here are some concerns you can raise:

  • Will I be given the opportunity to tour other company branches in order to find the best among the pool of candidates?
  • Will I be given access to the records of all the employees of the company?
  • Who do I get to work with in the Recruitment Department?
  • What mediums do I get to use with regard to promoting the employment openings?

Show Your Gratitude

Saying thank you is a simple and polite way to show your gratitude to the interviewer. You can either send a thank you note or an e-mail. This will not only allow you to express your gratefulness for being given a chance to interview, but it will also refresh your name in the recruiter’s mind. Who knows? Maybe that tiny thank you note is all the recruiter needs to make the final decision of picking you over thousands of other applicants.

Be Positive

Being shortlisted means he thinks that you are qualified for the job. Even if there are applicants who are equally qualified for the job, you just can’t count yourself out of the running. You might not be a graduate of an Ivy League University, but you might have some skills and experiences that make you heads higher than the other Recruiters from the candidate pool. You don’t know it, but the odds might be in your favour.

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