Delivery Driver Resume Examples

It is very important to show in your Delivery Driver resume that you have the key attributes to get the job done right. Driving for businesses that need daily deliveries; sometimes to crosstown or interstate locations, is no easy task. But if you don’t mind the long hours and the physically demanding work, read on! We’ll help you craft a resume that will get you hired in no time!

One of the biggest mistake you can make is to submit a generic-looking resume. Recruiters value the contents of your application because the information you provide will be the bases for their decision to hire you. We have prepared a Delivery Driver resume example you can use as reference.

Please take the time to read the following sections so you can have a better understanding of how to approach the resume writing process:.

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Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Delivery Driver Resume
Anthony D. Petilla

Address:            42 T Meadow Lane, Sunset Village, Madison, WI
Phone:                (608) 497 2374
Email:                [email protected]
Current job:    Delivery Driver; Artisan Cheese Company, Madison WI

Objective :

Professionally licensed driver with more than 10 years experience driving light trucks and delivery vans that weigh under 26,000 pounds. Physically fit with good eyesight, possess excellent memory and blessed with a keen sense of direction. I don’t mind the long hours that come with distance driving and I enjoy interacting with people.

Skills :

  • Professionally licensed commercial driver.
  • Valid Class “B” commercial driver’s license.
  • Highly experienced; more than 10 years on the job.
  • Experience handling paperwork; preparing, handling and filing documentation.
  • Physically fit; handled food products, construction materials, furniture and gym equipment.
  • Good vision; I do wear anti-glare glasses for night driving.
  • Excellent disposition; I enjoy working with and meeting people. .
  • Punctual; I have never been late at work and have consistently met delivery schedules the past 10 years.

Work Experience

Delivery Driver, 2020 – Present
Artisan Cheese Company, Madison, WI.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assists loading of products in refrigerated van.
  • Confirms delivery schedule by cross checking loaded items with invoices.
  • Conducts routine inspection on light trucks and refrigerated vans to ensure road worthiness.
  • Performs minor trouble shooting on light trucks and refrigerated vans including refrigeration units.
  • Coordinates delivery with inventory managers, stock men and other people authorized by the client.
  • Acts as preliminary contact person for any complaints or concerns raised by clients on the the delivery of products.
  • Carries out overnight, interstate deliveries.

Delivery Driver, 2017-2020
Extreme Fitness Gym Equipment, Inc., Madison, WI.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helped in dismantling gym equipment and packaging in crates and boxes.
  • Ensured all equipment documents including warrant, guaranty and assembly instructions are inside the crates or boxes.
  • Assisted in loading and arranging all packages in the back of the light truck.
  • Delivered items to various locations in Wisconsin covering residential and commercial clients.
  • Handled unloading procedures in destination point.
  • Worked closely with client in identifying all parts and going over assembly instructions.
  • Conducted daily mechanical check up of truck’s driving condition.

Delivery Driver; 2015 – 2017
Cross Country Movers, Inc, Madison, WI

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducted preliminary site inspection with client to finalize size of truck, items to be moved and transportation schedule.
  • Coordinated loading procedures with site foreman and contracted lifters.
  • Organized arrangement of all furnitures and breakable items in the back of the light truck.
  • Prepared and cross checked list of items for transport with client.
  • Handled interstate delivery of furnitures, household items and other fixtures.
  • Assisted in unloading of all items.
  • Supervised arrangement of furniture in the destination point upon advice of the client.
  • Inspected deliveries with client to ensure there are no damages to furniture and equipment.
  • Checked trucks for potential mechanical problems.


High School
Madison West High School


  • Professionally licensed Class “B” Commercial Driver; 2015.

Delivery Driver Resume Sample 2

 Nathan S. Frisch 

Address:                   516 N Michigan Avenue, Manton, MI 49663
Phone:                        (231) 824-3060
Email:                          [email protected]
Current job:             Package Delivery Driver at UPS


To be a part of one of the largest delivery and logistics firms in the state and to learn more about the delivery business and industry to broaden my experience and grow professionally.


  1. Dedicated and hardworking
  2. Knowledge of practical physics, which allows for efficient movement and lifting of delivery items
  3. Ability to work under pressure and through long hours
  4. Outgoing and personable
  5. Knowledge in Microsoft Excel and Word
  6. A great team player
  7. Good communication skills
  8. A great eye for details
  9. Excellent customer service abilities
  10. Good at handling different kinds of people
  11. Ability to multitask
  12. Goal-oriented and well-organized
  13. Ability to lift heavy boxes
  14. Ability to work even in harsh weather conditions
  15. Proficiency in using GPS equipment
  16. Good memory skills


Package Delivery Driver (Part-time), 2017-present
UPS, Traverse City, MI


  • Handle packages and deliver these to homes and offices quickly; write down these packages in a log sheet for reporting; get signatures of the addressees
  • Pick up documents or other packages from clients in different locations; load these to the vehicle; and write them down in a log sheet
  • Operate a vehicle equipped with a standard transmission in a safe manner at all times
  • Keep the vehicle clean in and out; and report to the manager or supervisor if there is any maintenance problem
  • Comply with the company guidelines in terms of security, appearance guidelines, and company-provided uniform
  • Create delivery reports and other documents required for appraisal
  • Work closely with shipping and receiving unit for a smooth delivery process
  • Participate in team meetings and other workshops conducted and arranged by the company
  • Do other tasks related to delivery and pick-up of documents and packages.

Courier, 2015-2017
Fedex, Detroit, MI


  • Kept track of daily shipping manifests
  • Prepared routes for next day deliveries
  • Organized weekly team meetings
  • Delivered high-priced items
  • Filed weekly reports for lost items

Delivery Boy, 2013-2015
Domino’s Pizza, Manton, MI


  • Delivered pizza orders within a fixed period of time
  • Produced the bill to the customer and collected the payment
  • Handed over collected payment to the store manager
  • Studied the fastest ways in getting around the city
  • Explained offers and processes of the store to the customers
  • Ran errands and did other tasks assigned by the supervisor from time to time


Manton High School
High School Diploma


  1. Home Delivery Program
  2. Logistics Training Course
  3. Freight Transport

Delivery Driver Resume Skills List

Delivery Driver Resume Sample

By definition, a Delivery Driver is a person who can handle vehicles such as light trucks and different types of vans that weigh in below 26,000 pounds. But it is not purely physical work. You will be asked to do limited administrative work as well as some customer service. Therefore your Delivery Driver skills list must show a great deal of diversity.

  • Education

    Many delivery drivers did not complete or even attend college. But if you did go to high school it would be to your benefit to present a diploma or your GED score. High educational attainment is not a prerequisite for most employers. However it is important to have some level of formal educational structure to convince employers you have experience taking instruction.

  • License

    You cannot work as a Delivery Driver if you are not professionally licensed. Your license should be for Class “B” which qualifies you as a driver for commercial and industrial purposes.

  • Physically Fit

    Not only will you assist in the dismantling, loading, unloading and assembly of heavy objects but you maybe asked to do long distance driving which can be very taxing on the body. Good eyesight is a must. As you may have noticed in the Skills section of our Delivery Driver sample resume, the applicant Anthony disclosed that he wears anti-glare glasses at night. This is important to allay fears that you may have vision problems.

  • Administrative Skills

    Some companies will ask you to be responsible for all documentation. This includes issuing invoices, delivery receipts, inspection reports as well as preparing customer service complaints. In some cases, you have to work closely with Purchasing and Accounting departments to monitor correct documentation and delivery of items.

  • Pleasant Disposition

    You will be regularly interacting with different customers and not all of the encounters will be pleasant especially if there are complaints in the delivery. You should remain composed at all times even if you are fatigued from the long drive and stay focused on arriving at a resolution.

  • Punctual

    Time is money. Even with applications like Waze which can inform you of traffic, there are factors you cannot control that can cause delays such as unfavorable changes in weather conditions. Always be on time at work so you can go over pre-delivery procedures and assess driving conditions before heading out on the road.

This is not only taxing physically but the work may take its toll on you emotionally if there are frequent long distance drives that will keep you from family for extended periods. Emotionally stability is a big concern for may companies that need delivery drivers.

Delivery Driver Resume Objective

Being professionally licensed as a commercial or industrial driver is a must to qualify as a Delivery Driver. But many employers are more concerned with your character and personality. Highlight your best personality attributes in your Delivery Driver resume objective.

In our Delivery Driver resume example, Anthony may have led off with his license and experience but clearly emphasized his soft skills more. Attributes like being physically fit, possessing excellent memory and blessed with keen sense of direction are sought after by companies that want to ensure prompt deliveries.

Anthony gave them a good idea on who he was as a person when he stated he did not mind long distance driving and enjoyed interacting with people. As a Delivery Driver, you have to win the trust of your employer to manage their products and services and the relationship with customers.

Delivery Driver Resume Format

When preparing your application, use the Reverse Chronological type for your Delivery Driver resume format.

We demonstrated the Reverse Chronological format in our Delivery Driver resume template which is structured as follows:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Licenses
  • Personal Information

Most employers want to find out your experience in handling light trucks and managing deliveries. It is understood that in this type of work, tenure is never assured.

You could be working 6 months at a time per job contract. You don’t have to indicate the inclusive dates but likewise, you don’t have to hide or downplay lack of tenure either.

For hiring managers, the best thing about coming across resumes that use the Reverse Chronological format is it makes reviewing content so much easier.

Entry Level Delivery Driver Resume

If you are starting out as a Delivery Driver then you should use the Functional format instead of the Reverse Chronological to draw attention away from work experience and toward qualifications.

Using the Functional Format, your Delivery Driver resume would be arranged as follows:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Licenses
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Information

Focus on your objective statement and indicate to the employer how important the job is for you. Don’t write it from the perspective of someone who needs a job but from a person who is eager to build a career with the company.

Delivery Driver Resume Writing Tips

When mapping out your delivery route, the basic law of distance in Geometry holds true: “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” The same goes for your Delivery Driver resume: Focus on the key responsibilities of your job but keep it concise and to the point.

To sum up your job description, you will be asked to drive from point A to point B which is the destination point. It is an important task that seems simple in execution but involves other responsibilities the employer may ask of you.

Make sure you itemize the different work that was assigned to you by your various employers to show you have more to offer the company than just great driving skills.

Advice for Driver Delivery Job Interviews

To get a better shot at being selected from among platoons of applicants, you will need to invest your time and effort in preparing for the job interview. Here are some tips designed to help you go through the job interview process well enough to make a wonderful and lasting impression:

Come to the Interview on Time

Since you are applying for a job that requires a strong commitment to being punctual, you should set off on the right foot by being on time for the interview appointment. Arriving on time is one of the best strategies to show great courtesy to your interviewer and respect for the company’s time and resources. Make ample allowance for traffic jams and other unexpected events. If you are not familiar with the route to the venue, then map it out ahead of time to avoid getting lost and wasting valuable time on the day of the interview. It would even be better if you plan to arrive a few minutes early; this will give you a chance to recheck your appearance and compose yourself. 

Be Presentable

It is vital for you to look your best on your interview day. Set your worries aside. As long as you bring wisdom and practicality with you on the shopping trip, investing on a decent dress shirt and pants need not rob you of your life savings. You could even limit your search to your own closets for suitable alternatives. What is most important is you keep your look neat and presentable. Also, remember to take good care of your health; looking good won’t matter much if you spend the whole interview sneezing and/or coughing in your interviewer’s face.

Research and Rehearse

Apart from keeping in mind all the aspects of your job, try to expand your knowledge on the industry. Conduct your own research about the best practices and current trends in driving delivery jobs, particularly in relation to the products that the company distributes. The interviewer may ask you a thing or two about these to gauge your interest in and passion for the industry you will be working in.

Days before the interview, encourage your brain cells to think up great responses to the typical interview questions that may be asked. Once you have thought of the winning answers, write them down, and decide on the best way to deliver them. Here are some of the questions that the interviewer may ask:

  • Why should we hire you from among many applicants? What sets you apart from your peers?
  • What part of your work challenges you the most?
  • Did you ever handle a package that was reported lost?  What did you do?
  • Did you ever lose a package that was worth more than $10,000?
  • Which component of your work are you most proud of?
  • How do you handle demanding and difficult customers?
  • Do you have work limitations regarding traveling to or being assigned in other places?
  • What are your future plans?

Ask Your Own Questions

If you are given the chance to ask questions, do so politely. You may concentrate on several business-related issues first, like work schedules and company policies. You can ask about compensation packages later – when you are already at the final stage of the selection process. 

Improve Your Resume

Thanks to your well-organized and flawless driver delivery job resume, it is possible to impress your future employer even before setting foot in the interview room. So how do you create such a resume? Take inspiration from various driver delivery resume examples available on this website. Emphasize your strongest attributes, and provide clear objectives. Aim for comprehensiveness, but try to be brief in your wordings. Any reader is sure to be bored by a very long narrative of what you have been doing.

Do Follow-up

Inquire on the progress of your application, but exercise utmost politeness in making calls. Make it brief so that people won’t get annoyed. Also, don’t forget to thank the company for the opportunity to interview.

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