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Are you a bus driver that’s interested in writing your resume? Start the process by adding the most relevant skills you have learned and used in the last years. Also showcase your achievements and explain why the company should choose you over a different candidate. In this article, we have prepared a bus driver resume example that explains what you can put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections.

Make sure to also check the job interview tips and learn how to get the job fast.

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Bus Driver Resume Example

Cedric Rodriguez

Address:               203 E Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL
Phone:                   813-229-8500
Email:                    [email protected]
Current job:       Tour Bus Driver at Hyde Park Travel


To obtain employment as a Bus Driver at one of the country’s most reputable travel agencies and to contribute my outstanding skills and driving experience to the provision of an exceptionally great and safe travel experience for my passengers.


  1. Vast experience in driving tour buses all over Tampa, Florida
  2. Possess a clean driving record with no history of driving violations
  3. Superb driving skills with the ability to get to destinations in a timely manner without sacrificing safety and security
  4. Adequate mechanic skills to deal with any bus problems that may arise
  5. Maintains a polite, courteous, and professional manner with all passengers
  6. Excellent knowledge of roads, routes, and destinations with expertise in all the non-congested routes and shortcuts with unique and interesting sights
  7. Possess an outgoing and dynamic personality capable of keeping tours lively and fun
  8. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  9. Willingness to work extra hours and render overtime
  10. Immensely flexible and quickly adapts to changes
  11. Superb team player and excellent independent worker
  12. Strong organization and time management skills
  13. Fluent in English and Spanish


Tour Bus Driver, 2017 – Present
Hyde Park Travel, Tampa, FL

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Drive bus passengers through various tourist spots in Florida
  • Assist passengers when loading or unloading any baggage, especially to and from the airport
  • Report bus malfunctions or other necessary repairs
  • Report incidents that may cause delays, such as heavy traffic, accidents, or any other transportation situation
  • Check the overall condition of the bus and examine tires, brakes, and other mechanisms of the bus to ensure it is in proper working order
  • Comply with traffic regulations in order to operate bus in the safest manner possible
  • Pick up and drop off passengers at the set time and location
  • Keep bus interior and exterior clean
  • Maintain knowledge of first-aid procedures

Bus Driver, 2017 – 2015
Anywhere Tours of Florida, Tampa, FL

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducted bus tours for numerous tourists through several scenic routes in Florida
  • Helped passengers with the unloading and loading of any baggage
  • Checked the overall condition of the bus regularly to ensure everything is in working order
  • Reported bus malfunctions and conditions that needed repair
  • Complied with traffic and safety regulations all throughout the drive
  • Picked up and dropped off passengers with unfailing compliance to the agreed time and location
  • Maintained bus interior and exterior in a commendably clean condition

Bus Driver, 2015 – 2017
Barracuda Travels, LLC, Tampa, FL

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Transported passengers safely to designated destinations in a timely manner
  • Maintained a friendly and courteous manner with all passengers
  • Operated bus tours in accordance with all laws and regulations while following the travel company’s policies
  • Maintained the bus’ appearance
  • Performed miscellaneous job-related duties as directed


Hillsborough High School, Tampa, Florida
High School Diploma
2011 – 2015, 3.5 GPA

Valid Florida Commercial Driver’s License (with Passenger Endorsement)


  1. First Aid and other Basic Life Support Courses
  2. Three Day Sales Seminar
  3. Volunteered with American Red Cross, Tampa Bay Charter


Advice for Your Bus Driver Job Interview

Securing the position you want will require more than just checking out and copying bus driver resume templates. There are several other preparations that should be taken care of. Here are some other tips that will guide you on what else is absolutely necessary to get that job:

Write an Impressive Bus Driver Resume 

Looking at a template is one thing; creating an absolutely impressive resume is another. Use the template to guide you, but do not let it limit what you can do to create a resume that will catch your future employer’s attention. Update your resume with your most recent work experiences and latest trainings you have undertaken. Proofread the document, and keep your eyes peeled for any blunder that may be your downfall. Grammatical, spelling, and formatting mistakes are so common; make your resume shine more brightly with its error-free pages. Lastly, do not forget to draw attention to your qualifications that make you particularly suited for the job.

Get to Know Your Prospective Company

It is always a great idea to know everything you possibly can about the travel company you want to work for. When did the company start operating? Who founded it? What travel routes or destinations do the bus tours include? What type of tourists does the company cater to? What policies and philosophies does the company stand for? Knowledge of these things will really help you in the interview session and will make a great impact on your interviewer. Being aware of these things shows just how interested and passionate you are about working for the company. Plus, it will only take a moment of your time to enter a few keystrokes on your personal computer or smartphone and do the research. For an even more comprehensive study, you could always get to know the company from someone who already works there.

Build and Maintain a Clean Record Both Offline and Online

Before you set out for the interview, it is crucial to know just where your record stands. For your offline record, which might include traffic violations, tickets, and citations, it is a matter of simple recall. Try to remember if you have violated any major traffic rule or regulation recently and whether it is major enough to be a hindrance to getting this job. As for your online reputation, you might want to check your various social media accounts, and see if you have posted anything that might scare the recruiters away. If you find any controversial content, then this is the right time for you to restrict public access to those. Once you are confident that your record is solid and clean enough, you are almost good to go!

Do Mock Interviews with a Friend or Family Member

To be an exceptional candidate, you must go the extra mile and make exceptional preparations. One thing you can do to ensure that you have a smooth interview is to practice answering the questions beforehand. Request a peer or family member to help you with this particular deed; it will be quite helpful to hear feedback and suggestions from him or her on how to improve your overall performance. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What do you do to ensure you get your passengers to their destinations on time without sacrificing safety?
  • Are you willing to work in shifts and odd hours?
  • When a passenger insults or criticizes your driving skills, what do you do to stay calm and composed?
  • Have you ever caused a driving accident while you were working?
  • How do you relate with your passengers in general?

You might also be given the option to make your own inquiries at the end of the interview. Refrain from asking about how much you will be paid or how the compensation packages look like. These are questions that are better held off until you are actually offered the position. Here are the questions you can ask instead:

  • What kind of support for professional growth does the company offer?
  • Will I be expected to do major bus repairs myself?
  • How and how often will I be evaluated as a bus driver?

Project a Professional Image

For the interview, you might want to wear something more business-like than the standard jeans, t-shirts, or sneakers. You are not required to appear in a business suit, but it would be nice if you could dress in either slacks, dress shirts, or any other attire suitable for such a meeting.

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