Registered Nurse Resume Examples

When you want to work in the healthcare industry, hiring managers will only look for the best candidates for the job. This means you should submit a Registered Nurse resume that best represents your value to the hospital, clinic or healthcare organization.

It can be a challenge writing an attention-grabbing resume especially for a position that requires technical, fundamental expertise combined with a right-fit personality. That is why we have created a Registered Nurse resume sample that will cure whatever ills your application.

Registered nurses are the real-life Florence Nightingale. They perform tasks most people couldn’t do in their own homes. But they do so not only because it is a job but it is a profession. They approach their work with honor and dignity; no complaints about the long hours and unforgiving shifting schedules. If you want to land a job as a Registered Nurse, you must be ready to dedicate your life for others. You will notice in our Registered Nurse resume sample that we included technical skills with the ideal soft skills or personality attributes.

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Registered Nurse Resume Sample

Meredith E. Baxter

Address:             1253 Grosse Pointe, Detroit, MI
Phone:              (231) 478-9632
Email:               [email protected]
Current job:    Registered Nurse; Troy General Hospital, Detroit, MI


Career-driven, dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse with over 10 years experience providing expert health care to a wide variety of patients. Looking to leverage my experience and high level skill sets to effectively fill in a nursing position in an established hospital.


  • 10+ years work experience as Registered Nurse
  • Bachelor of Science degree; Nursing
  • Passed, National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-Rx)
  • Licensed; Registered Nurse
  • Certified; Nursing Assistant
  • Certified; Medical Billing and Coding
  • Certified; Medical Transcription
  • Certified; Nurses Notes
  • Certification, Electronic Health Record
  • Certification, Electronic Medical Record
  • Certification, Epic Tech
  • Member, American Association of Critical Care Nurses
  • Member, Emergency Nurses Association
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Calm under pressure
  • Analytical
  • Excellent people skills
  • Pleasant disposition
  • Highly organized
  • Punctual

Work Experience

Registered Nurse, 2016 to Present
Troy General Hospital, Detroit, MI

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervised a staff of 20 nurses.
  • Updates records of up to 200 patients every day.
  • Coordinates regularly with physicians and other healthcare professionals to introduce improvements in existing patient care programs.
  • Observes and records patients’ conditions and changes in behaviour.
  • Administers medication as scheduled by attending physicians.
  • Undertakes treatment and rehabilitation programs for patients.
  • Checks the inventory levels of medicines and equipment.
  • Maintains a clean, healthy and hygienic environment.
  • Ensures patients are given their meals as scheduled.
  • Discusses treatment with physicians.
  • Reviews patient status and gives analysis to attending physician.

Registered Nurse, 2012 to 2013
AMC Children’s Hospital, Detroit, MI

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervised staff of 10 nurses.
  • Managed nursing activities covering 350 patients.
  • Regularly evaluated the medical condition of patients.
  • Conceptualized activities that create a positive and fun environment for children.
  • Ensured children are fed on time.
  • Administered medication and rehabilitation treatment for children.
  • Responded to questions from parents regarding status of children in the absence of the attending physician.
  • Coordinated with physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Maintained a clean, healthy and hygienic environment for children.
  • Checked stock levels of food, equipment and other supplies.

Registered Nurse, 2017 – 2017
Michigan Medical Center; Detroit, MI

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervised staff of 10 nurses in the Emergency Room.
  • Assisted doctors and other patient care professionals in attending to patients.
  • Provided initial status condition report to family and friends of patient.
  • Coordinated regularly with doctors, staff nurses and healthcare professionals.
  • Verified statements of account and other billing documents of patients.
  • Ensured patients are fed according to schedule.
  • Maintained a clean, healthy and hygienic environment.
  • Assisted physicians in performing procedures such as for dialysis.
  • Prepared patients before operation or procedure.
  • Reviewed patient status and gave analysis to attending physician.


College of Nursing
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Detroit, MI
2016-2017; 3.8 GPA

Loyola High School
High School Diploma
Detroit, MI
1997-2016, 3.4 GPA


  • Passed, National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-Rx)
  • Licensed; Registered Nurse
  • Certified; Nursing Assistant
  • Certified; Medical Billing and Coding
  • Certified; Medical Transcription
  • Certified; Nurses Notes
  • Certified, Electronic Health Record
  • Certified, Electronic Medical Record
  • Certified, Epic Tech
  • Certified; MS Office

Personal information

  • Married
  • DOB 04/10/84
  • Hobbies include reading, cooking, sewing

Resume Writing Tips for Registered Nurse

In the health and patient care industry, hiring goes through a different process than most professions. When it comes to selecting candidates for a vacant Registered Nurse position, all resumes fall on the table of the Nursing Manager or a top level Nursing Director. The Hiring Manager only gets his or her hands on the resumes once these have been vetted by the Nursing Manager or Nursing Director.

What do hospitals want to see in your Registered Nurse resume? As you can see in the Registered Nurse resume sample, they want to see as much detail as possible. Put in numbers to substantiate the importance of your duties and responsibilities. If you managed a staff of nurses, indicate the number and let the Nursing Manager know how many rooms or patients you handled.

A Registered Nurse is not just someone who visits patients, gives medicine and stays at the nurses’ station when there is nothing to do. As a Registered Nurse, there is always something to do! This is why in our Registered Nurse resume sample we emphasized the use of action words or verbs such as:

  • Supervise
  • Update
  • Check
  • Coordinate
  • Administer
  • Manage
  • Undertake
  • Provide
  • Verify
  • Ensure
  • Assist

Although it is to be expected that you should know basic nursing duties and responsibilities, do not be tempted to just cut and paste your qualifications. Be detailed as possible about your experiences and what you have done for your current and previous employers.

What to Write in a Registered Nurse Resume Objective

Right away you should let the potential employer know that you are a licensed and certified Registered Nurse. Include this in the first half of your Registered Nurse resume objective. If the Nursing Manager does not see proof that you are certified as a Registered Nurse, your resume might just be filed for future consideration.

You should also inform the Nursing Manager of your tenure as a Registered Nurse. Numbers are always encouraging especially if they attest to your level of experience. Even if your tenure is fewer than 5 years, having a set figure attached to your experience will be appreciated by the Nursing Manager or Hiring Manager.

Don’t forget to put soft skills; these are personality traits or attributes that best define your attitude or approach toward the nursing profession. In out Registered Nurse resume objective, we chose career- driven, dedicated and compassionate.

What to Write in a Registered Nurse Resume Skills Section

An ideal Registered Nurse is not just someone who took Nursing as a specialization in college. He or she should have undergone training and certification in other areas that are crucial to the profession.

In addition, a Registered Nurse should have the personality and disposition to carry out his or her duties in the best interest of the patients and the employer.

Educational Attainment; having a bachelor or associate degree in Nursing or a related field is always an advantage but is not necessary. You can take up courses on nursing and receive your certification as a Registered Nurse if you pass the licensing exam. It is important however, to have completed high school education or at the very least have a GED score.

Certifications; if you took other courses such as for Nursing Assistant or for relevant skills like Medical Transcription and Medical Billing and Coding include these details on your Registered Nurse resume skills section. Nurses are sometimes asked to do transcription work; specifically Nurses’ Notes and billing and coding duties.

Computer Skills; hospitals and clinics have been making the transition to automated forms of processes in order to speed up transactions and to reduce human error. You should indicate in your resume if you have taken courses in popular programs such as Epic Tech.

Honors, Awards and Citations; it will always be to your advantage if you can present proof of academic or professional excellence. For the potential employer, these distinctions not only show intelligence and ability but also strength of character.

Ability to Stay Calm during Pressure Situations; when you are dealing with something as fragile as human life, always expect the unexpected. As a Registered Nurse you should always keep your wits during pressure situations so you can think your way through.

Critical Thinking Skills; when a patient goes through complications after a procedure, the scene could easily explode into chaos. As the Registered Nurse, you may have to act on your own if the attending physician is unavailable. Having Critical Thinking skills will help you navigate through difficult situations and find the best courses of action.

Registered Nurse Job Seeking Tips

The employment market for Registered Nurses could be a tough one. It’s not enough that you apply for job posts published in local newspapers. You have to take a more proactive approach in landing that job. Here are a few tips for you to consider:

  • Call the Human Resources departments of hospitals and clinics and inquire if there are vacancies for Registered Nurses. Sometimes these hospitals and clinics do not post job openings so you may have to take the chance.
  • Utilize your connections. If people in your network are connected with hospitals or organizations in the healthcare industry, ask them if they know of openings or vacancies. The role of the Registered Nurse is critical in health and patient care. Hospitals and clinics may prefer to relay their needs to their employees, one or a few may be part of your contacts list.
  • Go online. There are online job platforms you can sign up and look for work. Many hospitals and clinics also use these services to find talent. Among the best are Monster, CareerBuilder and NursingJobs.

If the calls for interviews are slow do not fret and make your available time as productive as possible. Do volunteer work, offer your services at nearby clinics or take additional courses to spruce up your skill levels.

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