Attorney Resume Sample

An attorney is someone who is authorized to practice law in any of the jurisdiction and perform the civil and criminal legal functions on the client’s behalf. The best way to land a good job is that your resume should catch the eye of the recruiter. Below, you can find an attorney resume example that you can use to get some ideas for understanding what to put on the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities.

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Attorney Resume Sample

Gibson Vincet

Address:             2016, Baird Street, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30084
Phone:                  (404) 331 – 5465
Email:                   [email protected]
Current job:       Associate Attorney: June 2015 to Present, Kolger and Young, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303


I am a highly accomplished attorney with a proven record of relevant industry experience. I am interested to work for a company which will give me enough exposure and space to grow along with the company. I am good at managing teams and have been licensed to work in the states of Georgia and Florida.


  1.  Plus years of experience in securities law specifically encompassing areas like regulations and litigation.
  2. Relevant industry experience in the field
  3. A proven as well as experienced manager and a great team player
  4. Respond to the evolving securities laws and regulations quickly and accurately
  5. Knowledge of the credit facilities, bond offerings, hedging, credit agreements and several other financial instruments.
  6. Expertise in the preparation of witnesses comprehensibly for deposition in the federal cases
  7. Licensed to practice law in the states of Florida and Georgia


Associate Attorney: June 2015 to Present, Kolger and Young, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

Work Duties and Responsibilities

  •   To represent the regulated entities, public companies, and individuals in all the phases of a trial, both local and federal
  •    To provide legal services and advice with respect to securities regulations
  •    To review, draft and negotiate contracts for the clients
  •    To file claims, defend those claims and also respond to all the regulatory inquiries
  •    To research and interpret the rules, statutes, regulations and the decisions taken by the regulatory bodies.
  •    To examine and analyze the data before advising the clients
  •     To prepare the memoranda which includes the results of the investigations and the next step to be taken strategically
  •    Coordination of legal tasks and the projects in connection with the internal projects

Supervisor: Androme LLC, 8626 North Avenue, Stone Mountain, Georgia, from May 2015 to June 2015

Work Duties and Responsibilities

  •    To draft legal criteria for the counsel so that he can advise clients on the securities that are asset backed
  •    To review legal opinions of the outside counsel and accordingly deliver comprehensive presentations
  •    To assist in making drafts and filing of the reports and regulatory disclosures
  •    To evaluate the legal adequacy of the rights provision, transaction documents, notices and bankruptcy clauses
  •     To support directors, executive officers and the controlling stockholder advisors.


Clarkmore School of Law, University of Atlanta,
May 2015
GPA – 3.9
Activities: Social Chair, Editor, Federal Careers Club and Law review

Tallahassee State University , Florida, 32311
B.A, Art History
May 2016,
GPA 3.7

Grover Cavs Humanities High, Florida, 32822
HS Diploma
June 1997
GPA – 3.4


  1. Juris Doctor Degree from an accredited law school
  2. 3 years of full-time study or 4 years of evening class studies in a law school
  3. A bachelor degree is a must

Personal information

  • Civil Status – Married with 1 Child
  • Birthday – 22nd April 1981
  • Interest – Gardening, Reading Books

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