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The Best Places To Submit Your Resume Online

The Best Places To Submit Your Resume Online

You’ve taken the time to write your resume; edited it countless times and had it evaluated by reputable resource persons. You’ve cross-checked it against the lists we presented on common mistakes and causes of rejection. You are confident with its content and aesthetics.

Now if you want to find a job fast, your attention shifts to the next stage: Where to submit your resume.

Similar to its length, its destination point and mode of delivery are also subject to 2 schools of thought: Market Saturation and Target Setting.

Market Saturation

With market saturation, you are hedging your chances on probabilities; it becomes a game of numbers. When you cast your net to a larger ocean of fish, you increase the probability of making a catch.

You believe there is no such thing as a bad place to post. Every post represents opportunity. The more recruiters or companies see your resume the higher the probability of being considered.

If you plan to saturate the market, use online services such as ResumeRabbit. The website can distribute your resume to 89 career web sites and community job boards.

Market Saturation carries the risk of diluting your brand. Recruiters can tell if your resume was customized or crafted from an assembly line. As discussed in Chapter 7, recruiters can view this as having lack of thought and effort. If you use resume distribution services, you will not be able to do follow ups via phone or e-mail.

Target Setting

With target setting, you customize your resume to a specific industry. It’s a case of casting a larger net into a smaller number of fishes to increase the probability of making a catch.

Target setting also allows you to be more discrete with your job search. By identifying which sites and services you use, you have a measure of control of who can see your resume.

This reduces the risk of your current employer finding out your plans of jumping ship. The consequences of being caught while under contract can be far- reaching.

Here are 15 of the best online sites to submit your resume. As you will see, there are unique advantages to each service. Some cater to specific industries. Review the offerings of the websites and assess which ones fit your objectives.

1. LinkedIn.

How important is LinkedIn? A 2017 survey showed that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and qualify candidates but only 36% of all applicants have an active account.

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site with 450 Million members as of 2016. It is estimated that there are 2 people signing up for LinkedIn every second.

Here are a few ways to maximize LinkedIn in your pursuit of your dream job:

  • Use your LinkedIn headline which is located below your name to launch your branded value proposition.
  • Follow your target companies.
  • Blog about your interest, expertise and knowledge on the industry you are targeting.
  • Ask your first degree contact to introduce you to an industry professional you’d like to meet from his or her network.

2. Indeed.com

In 2016, Indeed.com supplanted Monster.com as the world’s number 1 ranked jobsite. Indeed.com generates 180 million unique visitors per month, available in more than 50 countries and 28 languages.

  • Advanced Search Function – Includes Boolean which is the headhunter’s approach to recruitment and you can run searches by salary or geographic location.
  • Jobs Alert Function – Reduces the need to regular search for job opportunities.
  • Research Feature – Gives job seekers important data on trends, job postings per capita, market competition and industry employment trends.
  • Resume Posting – Your resume can be searched by potential employers.

3. SimplyHired.com

SimplyHired.com is a search engine for jobs and offers a quick and easy way to review a voluminous data base of listings. SimplyHired claims it has over 30 million unique visitors per month but its advantage over Indeed.com is that the recruiter can see the user’s LinkedIn connections to each job.

  • Search for jobs in your area by using your zip code on its local job search feature.
  • You can view job openings at your friends’ companies at Facebook.
  • You can find job postings from companies located around the world.
  • If you want to have an idea of how much the position you are applying for pays, use SimplyHired’s salary calculator.

4. Monster.com

Monster.com is one of the oldest online job boards. It offers listings in 50 countries from North America, Europe and Asia. Monster.com sells services to companies and recruiters looking to find suitable employment candidates.

  • There are separate sections for job seekers and potential employees.
  • You can block your resume from being seen by specific companies such as your current employer.

5. GlassDoor.com

GlassDoor.com is a unique online jobsite. It provides insights on what it’s like working for other companies. If you want to get more information, you must fill out a questionnaire which includes details on your current job.

GlassDoor.com claims it has salary information on about 160,000 companies in its data base which were collected from 2.5 million user reports.

  • Features written reviews from former employees.
  • You can get inputs on interview questions.
  • You can find out if you have connections to targeted companies through your own network.

6. Idealist.org

Idealist.org is the world’s largest online job board for non-profit work. It has reportedly around 1 million registered users. The site is funded by the support from various foundations, donations and fees charged to US based organizations who list at the site.

  • Listing of volunteer opportunities.
  • Listing of events related to non- profit work.

7. Internships.com

As we discussed in Chapter 7, gaps or lack of work experience can hinder your chances of moving along the hiring process. Jobsites such as Internships.com offer you to find opportunities to transition to new careers via internships.

Internships.com allow companies to post internships in order to access its membership data base. The site caters to the US market where there are a reported 60,000 postings from 25,000 companies distributed among 8,800 cities.

  • Features paid, unpaid, full and part- time internships.
  • “Who?” button allows you to see which one of your Facebook friends is connected to a targeted company.

8. USAJobs.gov

This is the US government’s official site for available federal jobs. There are thousands of jobs listed from the Department of Defense to the Department of Transportation. You can apply directly onsite.

Provides information on eligibility and compensation.

You can find data on current benefits including vacation time, transportation subsidies, insurance and availability of child care.

9. The Wall Street Journal Career Site

The Wall Street Journal is a popular, well- circulated and respected publication. Its career site offers free content for people who are interested to find jobs and those who want to get ahead in their chosen occupations.

  • Career site includes a link to its financial jobs website, FINS which is now part of eFinancialCareers.
  • Includes a link to its “At Work” blog which features more career-relevant content.
  • Features links to other publications for additional content on job and career.

10. Dice.com

If your expertise is technology and engineering, Dice.com is the job board for you. There are an estimated 86,000 jobs available on the site including career advice and relevant news.

  • Set up alerts for jobs that feature your skills.
  • Talent communities will give you opportunities to connect with other tech professionals.
  • If you’re starting your job hunt, Dice’s Career ToolKit could be a valuable resource.
  • Skills Center will help you understand some of the terminologies used in some of the job postings.

11. CareerBuilder.com

CareerBuilder is one of the most popular job sites and functions like a career aggregator. It collects job openings from newspaper placements which gives the site a new dimension unlike other aggregator sites that only focus on community billboards.

  • Scans resumes to match with potential employers.
  • Job seeker can visit the Home Page and see how many times interested companies have viewed his or her resume.
  • You can see search terms prospective employers used to find your resume.
  • “Quick Apply” button makes it easy to apply for a job from a desk top or mobile gadget.

12. Beyond.com

Beyond.com gives its users a central location to find over a million job opportunities. You also have access to both original and curated content on career advice from over 1,400 sources.

Beyond manages over a hundred job sites.

Companies are given free access to its large data base of resumes.

Highlights featured companies that are hiring through its services.

13. Behance.net

Creative professionals such as graphic designers, UX/UI designers, digital artists, photographers, fashion designers and architects are best served by BeHance.com.

BeHance offers you a large community where job listings are integrated into the site. This makes it easier and faster for you to apply and send your portfolio whenever there is an opening.

  • Site allows other artists and professionals to view and evaluate your portfolio.
  • Hosts portfolios and projects from other parts of the world so you can expand the coverage and demographic of your network.
  • There is an open API or Application Programming Interface to allow programmers to showcase their development skills.

14. Mediabistro.com

MediaBistro is the best online jobsite for writers, journalists, bloggers, copywriters and editors. This jobsite hosts various seminars and in-person courses on topics such as social media, journalism and copy editing. These classes are conducted by professionals who are experts in the fields you are interested in.

  • Offers certification classes in magazine writing, digital project management and digital marketing.
  • Provides a freelance market place for those who want to start out on small projects.
  • Does not provide a social component; you cannot connect or follow anyone.

15. Github.com

If you’re interested in jobs related to engineering, software development and anything tech- related, you should upload your resume to GitHub.

At GitHub, you can interact with developers and learn more about their projects, tools and techniques. GitHub has features that allow you to create a solid, professional-looking resume.

  • Programming tools are available for developers.
  • Provides a link to your GitHub profile.

In addition to these job sites, there are other avenues to take your resume.

First, consider your current network. Check your list of contacts in your e-mail and social media and identify those who are decision- makers, owners or influencers in their companies.

Give them a courtesy call and invite them for coffee or lunch. Inform them of your purpose so they can be prepared. If they say “yes”, there is a good probability they have an opening you can consider.

Second, get referrals. You can get referrals or recommendations from people in your network or from previous clients and associates. Identify clients whom you are 100% confident were happy with your performance. They will gladly help you filter your resume.

Third, attend networking conventions. Trade shows, job fairs and other networking events are great venues for finding potential employers. Always carry a calling card, a hard copy of your resume and your portfolio.

Fourth, talk to head hunting services. These companies have established linkages with many reputable clients worldwide. The fees can be expensive but they can help you customize your search for the ideal employer.

Take a dynamic approach to submitting your resume. There is more than one way to find a job. Just like you were creative and introspective in composing your resume, you should be strategic and purposeful in its distribution.

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