College Student Resume – Tips For Getting An Internship Or Job

Assuming work experience is not the juiced up content of your resume, students who are seeking for an internship needs to understand that this is not a limitation, but a way for them to gain the experience they need to take on a larger leap of faith in terms of their professional future, and possibly get a full-time job for the longer run.

Internships can be compared to as the off-season game for athletes. This sometimes determines the level of learning students gained during their stint as interns. Furthermore, an internship is a good avenue for students to discover themselves as well as learning what their capabilities are in a professional environment.

When employers find an internship experience of your CV, it tells them how eager you are to expand your career horizons and how serious you are to your goals. This also means that you are not wasting your time on non-career related curricular activities that do not really equate to future stability. Furthermore, it suggests what skills you have professionally and shows your ability to balance work while in school. The next fundamental step in this article is to determine how to strategize your resume to properly book an internship job.

Here are three tips:

1. The basics of writing a resume for an internship application

Writing a resume may seem like a handful task. But with proper guidance, starting and actually finishing them will help you get started when looking for an internship. Here are the basics

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  • Cover LetterEvery good resume includes a powerful and commanding cover letter. This is the first paper the employers will look at, that will sometimes determine whether you made an impression to them or not. It is important to include your accomplishments and skills, as well as highlighting the key factors about you, with concise explanations for employers to be intrigued with your resume that will look at it.
  • Word playIt is important for resumes to have action words when describing their credentials. This is one way to highlight your skills in an engaging using an active voice. Words such as facilitated, managed, spearheaded, and operated are examples of good action words to include in your resume.
    Streamlined listing
  • Streamlined listingEmployers want to know your experiences inside the classroom, and not just the outside. Because you are applying for an internship, and there’s a possibility that your work experience is not bulky enough to be main focal point of your resume, it is advisable to highlight your best school features. Showcase what you have learned in the courses you took, some commendable projects, and other related experiences that will help you score an internship.
  • Extracurricular activitiesBeing in school does not mean you dedicate all your studying life in a classroom setup, this also means staying active outside your academic life such as joining extracurricular activities to learn more and gain fruitful experiences. Whether you’re an athlete or you are part of the outdoor club, include that in your resume. Furthermore, if you have volunteer experience, include that as well.


Apart from these three essential and basic examples, it is important to brainstorm what you have and streamline it in an organized fashion. Make sure to proofread your content to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

2. How to make an internship resume

Before writing your resume, you should be knowledgeable of the important facts you have to put in there rather than piling all your experiences and end up with 5-pages of unimportant facts.
Cover all your bases
When writing a resume, it is important to know the important details you should include:

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  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Objective
  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies
  • Skills
  • Personal information

These are the important content that should be part of your resume. In addition, you should also limit the number of pages in your resume to 2, printed in an A4 paper.
Tailored and brief content

There are different ways to impress employers both as an intern and as a professional. If you’re pursuing a creative path, make sure your internship is both and crafty. If you are working in the field of business, ensure your resume in tailored for a corporate setup. It is important to look for a structure to follow when you start writing your resume. If you are having trouble, there are websites that will help you with your conundrums:

Furthermore, keep your descriptions brief and avoid unnecessary details that won’t benefit you.
Look for support

When you finish your first draft, print a few copies and show it to your peers. Ask them what they think and consider their suggestion. It is advisable to show them to people who actually have internship experience so you will have a grasp of what they went through to get the internship.

3. Making the “yes” section

With hundreds of applications companies receive daily, they just usually skim them for about 20 to 30 seconds. After this, their human resource department usually divides them to two sections: the yes pile and the no pile. This means the first page should generate enough buzz for you to make an impression.

Positivity to command attention

While skimming applications, resumes are received to screen you and not to select you. Once you’re in the yes pile, they will contact you where you will have to go through series of other screenings such as examinations to evaluate your qualities and competencies. This means, your cover letter should be positive enough to actually command attention.

The benefit of who you know

Of course what you know is important, but who you know won’t hurt to get your chances on a positive note. It is important to include who you know that will be vital to at least score a meeting with your future internship employer.

Avoiding errors

Always and always ensure your resume is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Employers do not like seeing them in your resume. After all, if you are successful in sticking to the 2-page rule, proofreading them won’t be hard. This means, always edit before sending your resume.
Standing out

Since your cover letter will be the first page the employers will see before your resume. Make sure it has enough details to make an impression and command attention. It is vital for your resume to be perfectly constructed with all the important highlights about you. In your cover letter, ensure your important details are there especially you contact information such as your e-mail, cellphone number, address, and school.

These resume tips will help college students to make a resume that will benefit them because a good internship will make a greater impression when you start working in the professional world. Make sure you write and edit your resume that will get you positive chances to securing an appointment with them. After the appointment, it is all you – what you do and how you perform in the interview is based on how confident you are to take on the challenge of starting an internship.

Lastly, be reminded that you should always take your internships seriously because this is an important step that may dictate how your future will become.

Steven Mehler is an experienced writer, blogger, SEO specialist and social psychologist that works as an editor at a local newspaper and a freelance writer. Steven also runs his own content agency and is writing a book. He has a long-term experience in writing articles based on blogging, marketing, SEO and social psychology.

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