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How Many Previous Jobs Should You Mention On A Resume?

When it comes to listing the number of jobs you’ve had in your resume, more isn’t necessarily better and less might not be enough. The right number comes down to one thing: relevance. How relevant is your previous job to the position you’re applying for? With that mind, deciding on how many jobs should be

Resume writing tips

How To List Self-Employment On A Resume

It used to be the case that when a recruiter would see “Self-Employed” on a resume, the thought balloon might read “Couldn’t get a job”. Such might not be the case anymore. Becoming self-employed can be perceived as having “initiative”, “entrepreneurial”, “confident”, “resourceful”, and having leadership qualities. All of these are many sought-after soft skills

Resume writing tips
action verbs for resume

Action Verbs For Resume

Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes every day. While they only scan and not read them through, the job can be tiring and cumbersome if recruiters come across the same words and phrases all the time. “Handle.” “Responsible.” “Led.” “Manage.” “Assist.” Seeing these verbs on a resume day in and day out makes work feel

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best resume font and styles

The Best Font Size And Styles For Your Resume

When writing a resume, you have to cover all the bases. Every section can influence the recruiter’s decision to invite you to a job interview. All key information must be provided and written in complete detail. You have to run a spelling and grammar check because these types of mistakes are unforgivable with recruiters. If

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How To List References On A Resume

How To List References On A Resume

Human Resources may want to validate the information in your resume. To do this, they may request for references. The list of references includes the names of people HR may contact to verify your skills and accomplishments. They may contact only one person or everyone on the list. Therefore, it is important that the people

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resume summary of qualifications

How To Write The Summary Of Qualifications For A Resume

Hiring managers don’t spend a lot of time reviewing resumes. They receive hundreds of applications every day. They go through as many candidates as possible. Recruiters will look for skills and experiences that are needed for the job. Therefore if you want to get noticed right away, you should include a summary of qualifications on

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good resume objective

Good Resume Objective – How To Write one and Why it’s Important

To put one foot inside the interview door, you need a solid resume, and more importantly a good resume objective. A frequent questions recruiters ask is: “Why should we hire you?” To answer that question, you need to know how to write an objective statement that can sum up all the strongest points of your

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get employer attention

5 ways to attract a potential employer with your resume

A resume is the portrait of the job applicant’s work and academic profile. If we consider 2 job applicants: it should be noted that both follow different career ambition & growth paths, even when they are applying for the same job. One of the essential things is to build a resume that is unique and one

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