Cover Letter Sample For A Part-Time Job

Cover Letter Sample For A Part-Time Job

Openings for part-time jobs can be competitive. Most people who work 9-to-5 often find themselves not earning enough to sustain their lifestyle. And there are those who because of life circumstances can only afford to allocate limited time for work. These include people with disabilities, health issues and single parents. You may be surprised that landing a part-time job can be a difficult as a full time job.

In the first paragraph, state how you found out about the opening for part-time jobs. Human Resources are keen in accumulating data on which recruitment method reaches out to more candidates. It also gives them an idea of the behavioral nuances of the applicant. People who find out about job placements online are regarded as tech dependent while those who use broadsheets are traditionalists. Not that they are not tech savvy, but that they continue to find value and therefore still patronize traditional media.

In the body of your letter, go through a brief description of your work history or experience. HR Managers want to know your immediate qualifications and the reasons why you are interested in part-time work. Some candidates with health issues often hesitate to indicate this for fear of being disqualified.

But hiding crucial information will never have benefit. HR Managers scrutinize the details in your cover letter. Eventually the truth will turn up and it will have negative repercussions on your application. Keep in mind that even part-time employees undergo health screening.

If there is one thing HR Managers value is honesty. Being truthful is a strong statement of being trustworthy. The same goes if you are presently employed. State the reasons why you are interested in the part-time job. Include your current work schedule and other arrangements with your present employer. Companies are wary about hiring people who are still under contract with other companies. There are provisions in the work contract which may pass liability unto the new employer. You have to clear this out in your cover letter right away.

If you do have health issues, make sure you have secured the necessary clearances to apply for a part-time job. Indicate this in your cover letter and attach a copy of the medical clearance in your application. State why the part-time job appeals to you and how it will benefit the company.

In your closing, always express appreciation for the opportunity to work a part-time job. Remain optimistic on your chances of being hired.

Cover Letter Template For A Part-Time Job

Matthew Smith
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number
E-mail Address

September 1, 2015

Mr. Louis Jordan
Human Resources
ABC Management Consultants
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Jordan,

I came across the advertisement in yesterday’s issue of The Daily Mirror which indicated the availability of part-time jobs in your company. ABC Management Consultants is widely regarded as the best property development firm in the country. Your reputation in providing top notch services in property evaluation and research remains unparalleled in the industry.

From 2015 to 2017 I was a market researcher for Jones-Browne Property Developers and Consultants. I was promoted to Lead Researcher in 2015 and spearheaded research projects that were funded by the city government. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I had to stop working full-time for Jones-Browne in 2017. While in recovery, I continued to keep track of developments in the property sector and was retained by Jones-Browne on a retainer arrangement.

I have been cleared by my doctors to go back to regular work but only on a part-time basis. I would like to explore the opportunity of working with your esteemed company much of whom I have heard about since I started my career in real estate. I am hoping that this small step will lead to bigger and greater things in the future.

Thank you very much and I hope my application merits your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Matthew Smith

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