Cover Letter For An Academic Position – Template & Sample

Cover Letter For An Academic Position – Template & Sample

When applying for a position in the academe, the basic structure remains the same but there will be subtle changes in tone and content. People who work in academic institutions generally want more detail. They are after all used to reading through volumes of manuscripts and documents. Academicians naturally ask questions as they are reviewing documents. The objective is to assess if the document provides the answers to these questions as he moves along.

Your first paragraph will be longer than the standard or basic cover letter. More detail is required specifically on why you decided to apply to their organization. By nature, academicians are inquisitive and curious. They would like to take a deep dive on the reasons or factors which initiated or influenced your decision to push through with the application.

Again, a referral or a recommendation would greatly benefit your application. Academicians are more conservative in their approach. Including a referral in good standing with the institution or with the recipient will push your application further ahead.

Unlike the basic cover letterbasic cover letter, when applying for a position in an academic institution, you have to dig deeper and present more details. This is not to imply that you should open up the content of your application but expound on the general elements of your strengths. You should still identify no more than three (3) key milestones in your career. The reason for this is so that the recipient will not lose the message. The academe will surely focus on your attainment, certifications and other evidence of higher learning. These institutions have a standard to uphold. In fact, these are among the first details the recipient will look for.

You should also inject more emotion and feeling in your content. For example, if you have opted to discuss your experience at a specific institution, include the feelings you went through. Aside from detailing “The Why” of your experience, share how you felt during that period in your career. Did you enjoy working with the students? What did you learn from them? What do you believe they learned from you? What did you hope to accomplish and did you achieve it?

For you concluding remarks always assume the recipient has read your cover letter and will proceed on an evaluation. Never read like you are over-confident, arrogant or appear to be more knowledgeable than everyone. Especially with the academe, you have to remain respectful.

Cover Letter For An Academic Position Template

Matthew Smith
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September 1, 2015

Mr. Louis Jordan
Chair, College of Economics
ABC University
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Dear Mr. Jordan,

ABC University is widely regarded as the best institution for developing the most innovative business minds in the country. The University’s reputation is supported by the number of prominent personalities who have chaired our country’s most respected governing bodies and spearheaded the most successful private corporations. When I learned through a close friend, Dr. Thomas Valentine who chairs the Sciences Department that there was an opening for a professor in Industrial Economics, I simply had to seize the opportunity to apply for the position.

Shortly after getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from YYZ University in 1995, I worked for two years as an Industry and Market Researcher in ABD Banking. From there, I took my Masters in Economics from the prestigious London School of Economics after which I worked for the Virgin Group of Companies until 2015. I came back to Australia in 2016 and obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from YYZ University. In 2015, I started my own management consultancy firm, MLS Global Consultants which provides business development services to private business and government entities.

Throughout my experience, I have learned how to best apply the theories of Economics in their most effective ways and generate highly productive results. My goal is to be able to share these with your students and hope to introduce a new and exciting approach in understanding Public Finance and its value for business. Industrial Economics is not just about laws but how these are drafted and implemented into practice. With the growing economy of Australia, the future of our country will be in the hands of our universities’ young men and women. I hope to contribute in fulfilling their destiny.

I am confident that my experience and wealth of knowledge amassed from similarly fine institutions will merit favorable consideration in filling the University position.

Thank you very much for this opportunity and I remain steadfast in my respect and admiration for your institution and what it represents.

Yours sincerely,
Matthew Smith