Cover Letter for a College Student Applying for a University Position

Cover Letter for a College Student Applying for a University Position

Writing a cover letter for a student applying for a job position in his university presents a few unique challenges. For one, he would be competing with other students some of who may have better academic records. Second, the college may have a specific profile for the job. It is possible that the school would have sent private invitations to a select group of students to apply for this position. The purpose of the job post would be to acquire more candidates should some of the pre-selected students decline the job or show no interest.

Thus, it may be beneficial to your application if you approach it with a frame of mind that you were among those bypassed for the position. The content of your cover letter would have more emotion and stronger intent of your desire to be hired for the job. Colleges would have access to your academic records. If you were not granted an invite, chances are your records did not impress or merit consideration. Often what it may come down to is who wants it the most. Your cover letter may give you an advantage.

In the opening paragraph state your current attainment in school, organizational affiliations and other associations which may be of relevance to the position. It is also important to indicate how you came across the job advertisement.

Organizations want o track the performance of various media. The objective of the opening paragraph is to get the recipient’s attention right away.

The body may take two paragraphs because you have to go into detail on your experience. Grades only tell one part of the story. Grades measure the academic parameters but it will not give an accurate reading of your ability to manage responsibility or projects. The college would want to know your expertise, experience and other competencies that make you a cut above the rest.

If you’ve gone through an internship program, write about your experiences and how it has made you better. If you’ve had additional training and certification in related courses explain how these are relevant to the job position. Finally, if you’ve had summer jobs in prominent companies describe in detail why you went through this and how it has made you better.

For your concluding remarks, reiterate your belief that you are the best candidate for the job because of your experience and qualifications. But never, under any circumstances belittle the other candidates.

Cover Letter For Student Template & Sample

Matthew Smith
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number
E-mail Address

September 1, 2015

Mr. Louis Jordan
Chair, College of Economics
ABC University
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Jordan,

I am currently enrolled as an incoming 4th year student in the University under the College of Economics. Recently, I read in our college newsletter that your office is looking for a research assistant. To this regard, kindly accept this letter to formalize my intent to apply for the position of research assistant.

Research has always been one of my strengths. I believe it is because of my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and my unrelenting drive to find answers to questions that most people would leave unattended to. In the field of Economics, research is an important tool to uncover the needs of an industry or to find the answers that could help stimulate the growth of certain sectors. My passion for research was enhanced during my study of Econometrics which became the backbone of my thesis on Australia’s informal sector.

Over the last two summers, I have spent my free-time working as an apprentice in the research division of DLR Stock Brokerage and Consultants. During my apprenticeship, I was fortunate to undergo training with Dr. Vasily Petrov, the leading proponent of Behavioral Analysis in market research.

I am confident that my research experience in combination with my passion, dedication and commitment to this highly specialized field will greatly contribute to the success of the College of Economics.

Thank you very much for this opportunity and I remain hopeful that my application shall merit your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Matthew Smith